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  1. That, sir, is a nice "problem" to have! I don't believe you can take your OBC with you once you disembark, so don't worry too much about spending wisely...
  2. Oasis of the Seas, rendered in Minecraft. Yes, really... http://youtu.be/7itRLSeN3y8 Sorry if this isn't appropriate for the board, but this is too awesome not to share.
  3. Matt: I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that you just might favor Sabor.... just a little....
  4. Wow... I'm new to shopping for cruises, who gave that package?
  5. I'd love to board a ship on the east coast of the US, schmaybe Port Liberty, do a southern Caribbean trip, transit Panama Canal, Galapagos, then Hawaii, Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand, then swing north with ports of call in south east asia, Japan, Korea, China, head east for an Alaskan itinerary, then south along west coast of north america. Disembark in LA, then leisurely train ride on the Sunset Limited to New Orleans... to possibly board another RC cruise. But I haven't really thought this through...
  6. Off topic - but looking at your signature, it would appear that you really like Enchantment of the Seas! 3 times in one year? I'm jealous!
  7. Thanks for the write up! If they made you the benevolent despotic ruler of RCI, what cruises/itineraries would you put Quantum of the Seas on?
  8. @michelle - can you post a 'first impressions' round up of Quantum? We can give you a day or two for a full review.... ;-)
  9. Looking at this topic again; it's great to see so many people sharing their plans! We're closing in our on April 11, 2015 cruise on Oasis... and I can't wait!
  10. We're sailing on Oasis in April - my first cruise, too! I just booked a room at the Crowne Plaza. Free airport shuttle and $8 per person cruise port shuttle. Crowne Plaza Airport/Cruise port I booked through Hotels.com, but it appears that you can get the same price from their site or others.
  11. Hope your cruise was nothing less than awesome!
  12. My next cruise will be my first - Oasis OTS, April, 2015, Western Caribbean. Over 330 days out, and I'm already thinking we should book a cruise for 2016 while the BOGOHO offer is still on!
  13. Thanks! Heh... maybe I should try searching before posting....
  14. Our kids will be 17 and 15 when we cruise next year. I'm thinking one of the non-alcoholic drink packages may be in order - but I really have no idea what the packages cost or what sodas cost purchased a la carte.
  15. We're planning our first cruise in April, 2015 aboard Oasis. I'll have to remember to post back here, as I'm a notorious for taking pictures of my food.
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