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  1. If this was our 1st cruise I probably wouldn't go on another one. It makes me sad to say this as I have loved cruising with RC. The MDR scheduling was a huge disappointment. We attempted to reserve our time just as we had in our previous cruises but were unsuccessful. Either the website was down or IT told us that we couldn't reserve "at this time". Finally we were told to schedule dining by RC when we boarded. Once on board we learned we would have to schedule our dining times EVERY DAY. One of the things we liked about cruising was the ability to have "it all done" from dining to excursions, etc. We missed having the experience of getting to know our waiters as we did in the past. Waiting in line to schedule dining was a drag.. There were so many IT glitches with our reservations. Our children were de-linked with our reservation. This meant that we had to reschedule all of our entertainment so that we could go together. Of course some of the shows were totally sold out so we had to be on stand by. Oddly and thankfully our excursions were not affected. I don't understand the selection of CATS. Many were leaving mid-way and heard many negative comments about it from other passengers. Seems like there are so many better choices. There was a lack of poolside bar service, very little poolside live music, and generally a lack of activities around the ship. Finding tables in the Windjammer wasn't a problem, finding a clean one without dirty dishes was. There clearly wasn't enough staff in the Windjammer. On the positive, our stateroom attendant was top notch.
  2. We saw Chicago on the Allure last year. While it was extremely well done it was not family friendly. Royal Caribbean has had a history of being very family friendly. Needless to say, we are disappointed.
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