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  1. Thanks Bob, I look forward to reading more, enjoy your cruise. Peter
  2. Did you get double Crown and Anchor points for a grand suite?
  3. hopefully the concierge will be just as good on Voyager, and being RCI i think he will be Peter
  4. Thank you Bob, did you receive this email in response to questions you had asked or as the email sent as a courtesy? Thank you Peter
  5. G'day, I am booked for a grand suite on the Voyager of the Seas for a South Pacific cruise in Feb 2018, we are departing and returning to Sydney and I would love to hear from members of this forum that are Australian residents and have previously sailed in a Grand Suite. Many of the benefits listed on the RCI website are only for Oasis and Quantum class ships so I would love to know what benefits are given to Australian customers in Grand suites. I am not expecting to be treated like royalty, but have heard of free internet and ship tours etc, so many other sites tell you so many different things that are obviously not realistic but I hope that I can rely on this RCI dedicated forum to give only proven answers from experienced travellers.. ( keep in mind that we are sailing from Australia and are in a grand Suite on Voyager) Thank you Peter
  6. Don't get me wrong I love royal Caribbean and would never sail with any one else.
  7. I would like to ask why Royal Caribbean calls themselves Royal Caribbean International. Here in Australia we are constantly hearing about repricing cruises, and the royal IQ and other incentives, but whenever we try to get them we are told, 'they are only available in the USA'. or 'they are only available on certain ships" only one of those ships comes to Australia. Perhaps they should drop the international until they are able to offer the same services for all cruisers, cruising from all ports and all countries.
  8. I think I will be flying between cities I don't want be too worn out before even getting to the ship. Might have to just do the cruise, then come back next year and tour the US.
  9. I realize the distance, The US is very similar in size to Australia, we plan on stopping in Las Vegas for a couple of nights and maybe Flagstaff for a couple of nights. Just trying to decide whether to hire a car or take a coach, would like to do the drive. I figure that y'all drive on the other side of the road to us but I think seeing as I would have to get in the other sid eof teh car to drive it shouldn't be too hard to get used to. Peter
  10. G'day, I am thinking of taking Liberty out of Galveston and am just wondering, do most of you stay in Galveston or Houston or Austin, I am from Australia and don't know much about the states, Would love to fly to LA then make our way to Vegas and the Grand canyon then down to Galveston, is there an easy way to travel around the states other than flying. Does the Liberty have Water slides? Peter
  11. Next question....do we get a behind the scenes tour being a grand suite cruiser? Peter
  12. Do Grand Suite members get free internet? Peter
  13. By the way..... what is the coastal kitchen? Peter
  14. Thank you all for your responses, it looks like I have made the right choice, we usually book a deluxe balcony but this was a special for my wife for mother's day. I like the idea of full menu in room service and reserved seating etc Peter
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