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  1. Hi Can anyone tell me if the comedy show is different every night on Oasis or does it change ? The entertainment options have opened up. Yah !!
  2. Hi, Is the all access tour worth the $195 each. Sailing on Oasis ?? Thank you Ps.. I am a busy body who like to know how things work
  3. How much is acceptable for a your cabin steward for a 7 night cruise.
  4. Thanks, we are really looking forward to it. I feel like we might be a little rushed but we just want to see everything.....oh and I forgot to mention 2 days also in San Fran lol
  5. We are also doing an Alaska cruise with princess, New York, Las Vegas and Hawaii on the way home.. About 7 weeks in total.
  6. We are cruising in September on the Oasis of the sea. Ports are Falmouth,Cozumel and Labadee and three cruise days. We do love swimming and snorkelling and have done this is some amazing parts of the world. And we all like looking at markets and cultural areas. My question is what do you think are the definite do not miss !! Either on shore or whilst on the Oasis.
  7. Hello my name is Josie I live a few hours north of Sydney Australia. I have cruised with a few different lines now, however my first RC will be in September when we cruise the Oasis of the sea in the western Caribbean. I love the look and feel of this community.
  8. Thank you all very much. I am from Australia thus explaining the rent/ hire issue.
  9. Thank you, yes I meant rent a car. Where would we need to go to rent a car. The Airport maybe ??
  10. Hi, once we disembark at Fort Lauderdale we would like to go to Orlando and are thinking of hiring a car. Where or how would be the best place to hire a car from ? thanks for any assistance.
  11. Hi, so I am not sailing out until Sep 2015 ( my first RCL cruise ) when should i start looking for the excursions and entertainment ? ps.. love that i found this site :)
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