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  1. I went on my first ever cruise in December on Explorer of the Seas and because we had My Time Dining, gratuities had to be paid in advance. The only speciality restaurant I visited was Johnny Rocket's and the receipt had three lines; the specialty fee ($6.00), an added gratuity (58 cents) and a blank line for an additional tip. What is a person expected to do? I felt bad the built-in tip was only 58 cents so I added a couple of dollars on the additional tip line. I was confused and a bit annoyed because I paid, I thought, for gratuities before we sailed. I understand tips are necessary for alcohol, which I didn't have, but why is there a blank tip line when tips are (supposedly) prepaid and a built-in tip is already included on the bill? In specialty restaurants are you to pay an additional tip above the one automatically charged?
  2. Did Oasis really get the new high speed wifi as part of the refurbishment last October? If so, what is the cost?
  3. My wife and daughter are vegetarians and I was wondering if anyone had experience ordering vegetarian meals. We will be sailing on Explorer of the Seas in December. I know there is usually an option on the menu but are the chefs open to whipping up something off the menu?
  4. My wife and I along with our 18 year-old daughter will be sailing on Explorer of the Seas in December. Really looking forward to it but really feeling a little lost even after a lot of reading and web surfing. Here's a few things I'd love to know. Is the Seapass used exclusively for purchases or can individual credit cards be used? When are you charged for speciality restaurants? Before or after dining and is gratuity automatically added to the charge? My wife and daughter drink a lot of juices at meals. Are there a variety of juices to choose from in the non-speciality restaurants and is there a charge? Are there age limits to certain areas of the ship such as casinos? Is the Quest game a little to racy for my 18 year-old to observe? Would she be allowed in? Is there a favorite shuttle service from Orlando to Port Canaveral? Preciate it.
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