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  1. If you have a good TA, they should be able to reconcile this for you. It is quite possible you will need to wait until you board. Enjoy the cruise!
  2. Thanks for that info! We cancelled a cruise with an overseas flight,because shortly before the final payment was due, my wife had heart palpitations. They never pinned down the cause and they stopped after awhile. We wondered what might happen at 40,000 feet over the Atlantic.
  3. Good response. :) As mentioned, we do not generally use the loungers by the pool, but we do like to sit at the tables near the pool. What upsets us is smoking. A lot of ships allow smoking on the port side on pool deck but not on starboard side. Smokers will come to the starboard side and smoke if there are no loungers on the port side.
  4. How long were you away from the chair?
  5. What Gina said. I would fold the towel up and put it under the chair.
  6. The quickest way to get off the ship, is if you can carry your own luggage off. Possible delays have already been mentioned. If we were doing it, I would aim for 8:30. Then if you can get off by 8:00 you are ahead of the game. Good luck and have a great cruise!
  7. Personally, especially on an Oasis ship, we couldn't care less what order the ports are. B) There are probably a lot of valid reasons why it could make a difference, though.
  8. If you have a long distance to fly, what would happen if you had an attack while in the air? Ships medical facilities are very good urgent care centers. How long before you find out about an operation and how long do you have to decide?
  9. Still need to watch your scopes. Thanks for thinking of us!
  10. Curious to know what port stops there are on a trans-Pacific cruise (for stocking up on fresh fruit and beer). We spent 3 days in Sydney on our Australian cruise (Go Adelaide Crows!) and loved it. What we did not like was the flight both ways. We chose Qantas and it was no where near as good as advertised. A one way flight might be tolerable, though. This looks like a great idea!
  11. If someone has a private tour scheduled, that might be a problem. :)
  12. I agree with this assessment. Assuming you did due diligence before choosing this TA, communicate with him/her first. A good one will send emails and be available to answer questions.
  13. Looking at previous Compass' can be very misleading unless you take them with a grain of salt. They are good for seeing when venues are open, but acts change quickly, menus change, CDs change, even itineraries can change. They are really fun to look at, though. :)
  14. We like to read on cruises too and finding a quiet, comfortable spot to read has never been a problem. Seat overlooking the atrium, but several decks up can be good. The solarium idea is an excellent one if you want to be more by a pool.
  15. We aren't ones for lounging by the pool, but if there are no available loungers that do not have towels on them, and you know the seat has not been occupied for 20-30 minutes, it should be okay to set the towel aside. I would be interested in knowing what the experienced loungers think is an appropriate response if the person comes back to claim the lounger.
  16. Life is so much simpler if you just get the beer and wine package. :lol: :lol: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :lol: :lol:
  17. Oops, I didn't see the video either. I had checked their website and there was no info on there about it. Sounds like it is time to get a different TA.
  18. Did the Zumba Group ad say it was booked and had the entire ship? There are lots of group cruises and usually they will say if they have the entire ship booked. We were on one once, that the Oak Ridge Boys had advertised. If your TA is good, he/she, can find out. The ship might not have actually cancelled your cruise.
  19. That's a lot of drinking! I don't think we have ever had a bartender say we had to wait.
  20. Thanks! Right now I have Republic. It has been $10/month for unlimited wi-fi and cell but not data. I just upgraded to 1/2 GB for $17. I would need to upgrade my phone to get more and we do not get real good cell reception where we live.
  21. Does it matter who the provider is?
  22. It is definitely hectic! We pretty much always do the buffet in the Windjammer. MDR might have continental set up too.I imagine there are more options on an Oasis class ship. We will find out in Feb.!
  23. Well if you are going to have a drink package, you might as well use it. :)
  24. Yup, tried that. In that mode now. Like I said, no big deal.
  25. Thanks Doc, but it isn't there. No RSS fed symbol either. No biggy.
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