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  1. We are cruising on Jan 16 through Jan 24. There are NFL playoffs on Jan 16 and 17. It's our first cruise. Will we be able to see the NFL games somewhere on the boat?
  2. Thanks. So that looks like all the beers on that list would be included in the "Select" package since none are over $6.50 (except for the Chimay Blue). Correct?
  3. What beers are $7.00 and under and what beers are over $7.00. Is it all bottles? I am trying to figure out if the "Select Beverage Package" will work for me.
  4. The 2 adults purchased a drink package. Are you guys telling me that in addition to the $12.95 each per day for the 4 of us that I should be tipping the bar tender just so I can get a decent drink?
  5. I'm the trouble maker that started this mess. :-) I want to thank everyone for their posts. You have all given me allot to think about. Heading into this cruise I had no idea all of the hundreds of dollars I was going to end up paying beyond the initial cost. My only remotely similar vacation was to Riviera Maya to an all inclusive resort. I have always comments on how I could have gotten there, stayed buzzed and eaten myself into oblivion without paying a singe cent extra.
  6. It's our 1st cruise coming up. Are we really going to be charged $12.95 per day gratuity for our 10 year old and our 3 year old? I have read where you can opt out of gratuities if you want. Is it bad cruise ship etiquette to opt out of paying $26.00 per day gratuities for 2 young children?
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