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  1. Thank you all for the info! We had no choice but to fly in the day of sailing -- we live in Southern Indiana and are leaving out of Nashville, TN, and this was the only flight heading to Miami. We are using the birth certificate route, as we booked this cruise a little over a month ago -- far too short to guarantee the delivery of the passports. I have done the Online Check-In for the both of us and have printed our SetSail Passes and our luggage tags. Is this all I need from the website to board? We have government copies of our birth certificates. Thanks!
  2. We are arriving for our cruise on August 15-20 and are cruising on Empress of the Seas. We are flying into Miami Itnl from the mid-west. This is the first cruise we have ever taken and would like any information on Miami Port, the boarding process, what documents are needed at the port, etc. Thanks in advance!
  3. My boyfriend and I are cruising on the Empress of the Seas from August 15-20. We are scheduled to land in Miami at 12:14pm, will this leave us enough time to get to port? We will be taking an Uber from Miami Intl to port -- transportation is not offered for this cruise. This is our first cruise, so any helpful insiders are greatly appreciated! We have read mixed reviews on the ship and are a little hesitant.
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