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  1. There is a "work around" that does bring up Enchantment Sailings .... click on "Roll Calls" --- you'll see the list that you did a screen shot of..... then go up into the search bar and type in Enchantment..... that'll pull them up.
  2. I've noticed, it's as though the Vision Class ships were left off..... hmmm
  3. Playmakers on Oasis --- definitely Yes ..... We were able to grab some wings & beer while the Sunday Night Football game was playing on the screens in the Aqua Theatre (BTW, it was Ravens vs KC with, I believe the Ravens winning)
  4. Those that know me know that Grandeur will always be my favorite. I don't need the Bells & Whistles, I'm just glad to be on a ship....any ship. But in all honesty, I've never been able to truly chill on any other ship except Grandeur..... What I do find amusing is how folks refer to her as a "small" ship, yet, in 2016, when I took my wife on her first cruise..... to her, it was HUGE.... of course, she had nothing else to compare it to..... it's all about perspective and perception.
  5. Please add Jewel OTS --- 2/17/24. Thank You, Mark
  6. While, I've always been a fan of the paper Cruise Compass (Old School), we've really gotten used to using other means....for example, the touch screens near the elevators, the TV channel that has the scrolling list of events .... and, we found the app to be very helpful the last couple of sailings. Now, where I DID use the Cruise Compass was when it came to looking for the hours of operation for particular bars and restaurants. I seemed to use it more often for that.
  7. The Onion Ring Tower from Playmakers is insane
  8. I'm intrigued that the OP dropped this bomb and left .... sort of a "one and done" --- only one post, ever.
  9. Fortunately, like many others, I book everything through @michelle, so I know we'll be in great shape with this. Talk about a Bucket List itinerary
  10. I was looking at them on Friday.... it almost seems to be right in line with flying to San Juan.... maybe even cheaper.
  11. I was really shocked at my wife's reaction to this ..... I just mentioned it in passing, and her response, Ooooo, Bucket List item.... I honestly think we may be booking .... Here's where I'm completely lost on this ..... I'm completely blind on the trip down and trip back, what airline (I wish Southwest, but we know that's not happening) ..... where to stay before sailing..... lot's of moving parts that need figuring out. Also, being that this would be our first Group Cruise, is there a limit to the number of passengers that can be a part of the group? Things I just don't know. I'm going to need a lot of hand-holding on this one. Any and all insight would be greatly appreciated Mark
  12. The CDC (yeah, I know they have been derps on the COVID stuff) has the information that I am using and they show that the majority of people who smoke are probably also the people who can't afford to go on a cruise as well. That has to be the most asinine statement I've seen in a long time. Now, for reference, I don't smoke, however, my wife enjoys an e-cigarette .... and, don't forget those that enjoy a good cigar (not cheap). But to assume that smokers are poor, and can't afford to cruise, is pure BS.
  13. If they were in Hazmat suits, sounds like Covid to me .... the timing would've been right when things were ramping up.
  14. I know the feeling, being a Maryland native, I cringe every time I see "Maryland Style Crab Cakes" --- even on the ship .... when I ordered them last December, I think the words that came out of my mouth were something like "What The F^%$" when they arrived. The Old Bay Sauce was good, but the crab cake..... NOT Maryland Style in any way shape (well, it's round, so I guess that works) or form.
  15. @michelle is absolutely amazing ..... the loyalty runs deep.
  16. Going under the bridges is epic every single time.
  17. That's very interesting.... then we know Vision Class ships will fit, because, if memory serves me, the ships RC had going were Majesty and Empress.
  18. It seems to me this did happen to RC many years ago when Captain Otto Bang "bumped" into something off the coast of Italy. I want to say it happened in the early 2010's (he was the Captain of Navigator in 2009.) Not sure of the details only to know that he was "let go" due to the incident.
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