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  1. It's only Day 2 of my cruise and all I can say is the service is lack luster and disappointing. I'm a Diamond C&A member and Signature Casino Royale member. Since the "comeback" I've been on a cruise every month starting in October 2021 and have no less than one scheduled every month until September 2022. Sadly this trip on Symphony has been the worst of all my trips so far. I understand Royal is increasing the number of on board guests in increments but if your going to increase the guests, you need to increase the staff. Symphony is the first cruise where I can't get a seat at a show (which I had a reservation for), can't get quality service in the clubs and when you go to the bars directly the wait is long. The food in the main dining room has been sub par, even at Chops the steak had no flavor. It's only day 2. I've never been more ready to just go home. Worst cruise ever! Hopefully Royal Caribbean gets it together or I'll be forced to move on and cancel my future booking. Seriously it's that bad.
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