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  1. I can only remember the most aft stairway is just aft of mid-ship below the Viking Crown. It's not that big of a ship, so the walk isn't far.
  2. Put all of Congress on a cruise to nowhere and don't let them off until they repeal the Jones Act. I'd love to do New England - Montreal in the Fall -- something like that would be really fun.
  3. I just repriced a Baltic cruise in May...saved about $80 pp. I will know exactly when the new invoice comes. Update...we saved a total of $140 on our rebook...$70 pp
  4. There are a few creative #mscgrandiosa hashtags on Instagram that are fun to watch...
  5. Well...here's this...sorry if anyone takes issue with my mistrust of governments and health authorities...I understand...no ill will... Some of you may watch Don's Family Vacations on YT he can be a little entertaining, but is pretty infomrative...if you claim that this is isolated, I will have @CruisinForABruisin's reaction to my comment...
  6. I work in higher ed at an SEC school...I can tell you that the paranoia over having students on campus much less contact sports is incredible. The staff at the Athletic department are saying that even IF they start playing, they don't think they will get past game 2. Compare that with Hurtigruten, and then look at Aida and MSC. I understand MSC committed to paying medical bills for people who contract it on one of their ships. That's bold. At some point, everyone will just have to get on with it.
  7. It brings up what eats at me, which is...the reason behind the double standard affecting the cruise industry so disproportionately...is it pandering? Is it sensitivity to louder critics, the press, their Washington overlords? Combine it with the CDC director's reported admission that there is a financial incentive for hospitals to report cases...the unreasonable repatriation measures from the U.S., IMO. I could go on and on...
  8. One of the YouTube channels I watch (that gets it wrong a lot), so I won't mention the name spent 8 minutes on it, most of which was speculation click bait. I REALLY hope Empress is spared. Love that ship.
  9. I have been to Chops on these ships with rankings next to each: Enchantment -- #2 Brilliance -- #3 Allure --#5 Symphony -- #4 Empress -- #1 The common thread I see is that smaller ships seem to have been better in my experience. This isn't to say that it wasn't worth it on the Oasis class ships, it definitely was, but I had dining packages on those sailings. One way to get a really good value is to book lunch. The cost is about half.
  10. Kind of sickening...I love watching the beaching videos on YouTube, but not this...they are usually rust buckets, not beautifully maintained ships with personality whose end was premature.
  11. Wow bands or Seapass card? Eastern or Western Caribbean itineraries? How do you avoid the vendors just outside the port trying to get your business? Most efficient embarkation port? How many eggs are purchased for a typical 7 night sailing on an Oasis class ship? How many different specialty dining concepts does Royal Caribbean operate on all of its ships? When was the first adult water slide installed on a Royal Caribbean ship? Do you know the words to the Wash Your Hands song?
  12. At those numbers, if Empress calls and is at capacity, even she is too big to go there.
  13. Seems like if cruising ever resumes (I am beginning to wonder)...that the ports that welcome cruise ships will have a boom and the ones who don't will soon be jealous and then reverse their decisions. There is no way I would drive all the way to Key West for Sloppy Joes and a tour of Hemingway's house to see the six toed cats.
  14. The public is so bad at looking at the media's reporting critically...that is as damaging as the response and the virus itself. Why isn't mortality being reported with the spiking cases. I saw one social media comment from someone who says they are a doctor that the with the current numbers right now (I haven't seen it elsewhere yet for more credibility), this wouldn't even be listed as an epidemic in a normal situation much less a pandemic. This whole thing has just eroded more of my personal trust in media and government bureaucracies which were low to begin with. No, not low....I will say n
  15. Here's a list of questions: Have you seen the reports that actual infections are 20x the official numbers? Have you seen the death to reported infection ratio trend line? Isn't the death count a more useful statistic than infections? Have you had a cold or the flu? Are masks now required to prevent any illness from being transmitted? Is that realistic? How long before people claim to have a basic human right not to get sick? What if you have antibodies and carry a card exempting you from mask wearing? Is it anyone's business? Are humans social creatures?
  16. The only constants in this thing is that with every person, there is a differing opinion with everyone else. With every trusted (I don't trust any of them) news source saying one thing, there is another saying something different. The government is more interested in covering it's back side while it tries look like it's acting in the public interest. With every person who wants a vaccine, there is another who doesn't. To me, it boils down to "authorities" who keep changing the story trying to micromanage the outcome instead of letting the miracle of human biology take care of the issue. Living
  17. If they are limiting inventory, you can count on the low margin product to be limited. You can also count on bookings being cancelled on cruises that sail. You can count on prices going up. I don't see a way for them to recover lost revenue. I do see that they will seek not to lose money and sustain the company for the time when people and governments stop freaking out.
  18. Emma Cruises reported that the ships were leased by Pullmantur, and was not clear as to the ownership. I wonder if Royal was the lessor and all they need to do is convert them to a Royal model. I hope they come to North America, because I would love to sail on them.
  19. Articles like this tend to get buried....it is dated in late May It seems like no one with influence calls out CDC, Fauci and others...it all seems like it's either a game to them or they are saving face...the information consolidates snippets that have been out there since the beginning, and now with infections going up and death rates going down, my family may have to watch me bang my head against the wall. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/05/28/863944333/antibody-tests-point-to-lower-death-rate-for-the-coronavirus-than-first-thought?utm_campaign=npr&utm_source=tw
  20. For what it's worth, I found this petition on a group I follow...it was started earlier this evening and has a long way to go. If you are inclined, please sign and share. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/cdc-going-destroy-cruise-industry?fbclid=IwAR2TguDcOHEQNgbnWmRPs_fW4TdDaLF1kaV4rp_3BdoAIKjgJm_5oOzc48w
  21. Great post...^ Here's my opinion laced rant.... Everyone freaks out when the news reports infections, but never talk about the net effect in the same articles. The numbers I pulled this morning show the percentage of cases and deaths to population...I gather that there is more testing in the US than anywhere else....based on reports I've read (buried deep in main stream media, and easier to find with independent media)....numbers of cases are reported as being inflated for financial reasons such as if someone dies of a heart attack or accident and is infected, the death is attributed
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