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  1. How do I find out if my bid was submitted successfully? I never receive an email confirming submission. I don't want to send in twice.
  2. Are the lounges on the beach included or is this an extra charge? Can't find anywhere.
  3. I'm giving it till Sunday, that's a week before we sail. Thank you so much.
  4. Lovetocruise2002, by any chance do you still have the email address for the concierge? I need to contact them for my cruise on the 16th.
  5. Has anyone heard from marketing or the host regarding this cruise? I am booked and haven't gotten any information regarding the festivities that they are providing. Makes it a little difficult to plan dinners and entertainment-just saying.....
  6. I actually have one of these booked for Navigator the week of the 16th. You can have as many people that the bungalow accommodates, but you put it under one individual's name, otherwise you will get billed multiple times. The one I have is at Columbus Cove (it was far less expensive than the ones at Barefoot Beach for the Suites), but I was wondering if anyone had done these before and if they liked them. I know we have to take either the water taxi or tram to them, so we can't eat at the Suites bbq, but I was curious as to how they were. I haven't heard from our concierge yet, so I can't ask them. Any thoughts???
  7. I certainly hope some of this is ironed out before I sail on EOS in mid June, especially hope that the above mentioned host is no longer there. I have no idea what my tier level is, I was oping it would be on my last mailing from CR, but it wasn't. I know I reached the level of outside balcony room the last cruise, but have no idea what that will translate to. Not looking forward to the phone call I need to make before I go.
  8. Hi Matt,

    Do you happen to know if Enchantment has anything other than Windjammer open on embarkation? We are in a suite, but not Diamond level. I will have my 84 yr old Mom with me, and she has some difficulties maneuvering large crowds.


  9. Me as well. I had VOOM and was fine going that route. But I have an Android phone.
  10. I'm hoping I get to see Coco Cay in June. The last time I was there was the first year Sovereign was commissioned. At that time there was a hut and a beach and Coco Locos!!
  11. Lovetocruise2002-I think you misunderstood me. Our 1st stop out of Miami is Nassau. If the captain knows that they cannot make Coco Cay, will they extend our midnight departure to the next morning and then just cruise to nowhere until we head back to Miami??
  12. On Harmony this December, it was either 4,000or 4,500 points to earn a free balcony room. They're on select cruises or you can simply use the certificate as a $1,000 credit for the cruise of your choice. If my memory serves (which it often doesn't) we only had to earn 1,000 points to become Club Royale, but again, I'm not confident of that amount. I'm sure once they have any of your information they will fill up your inbox with messages of their promotions etc., especially if they are changing the program.
  13. On this same subject, if they know in advance that they cannot anchor in Coco Cay will they extend the stay at our first stop in Nassau? I am on a 3 night trip in June and don't think that the pier will be finished by then. Otherwise, what do they do?
  14. I've always had to book hair appts on board. Try to do this before the drill, they usually have the spa attendants grouped to make appts.
  15. Check out the new Baha Mar. It's gorgeous. Don't know if they have a visitor package, but maybe worth the phone call. They just fully opened to the public this month.
  16. I am on Harmony Dec 2nd in a GS and CK has never shown up on Cruise Planner. Do I need to call?
  17. Tammy Smith-I am responding to you since you said your husband is an attorney for Marriott. We are on the Harmony on Dec 2nd as part of the Marriott Owners group. All of our correspondence has to go through Marriott because we are part of a group package. By the time they released our booking numbers for RCCL, it was too late to do anything. I was wondering if your husband had any insight into what Marriott might be doing in response to the announcement that they will be going to these islands. We are in a difficult position because we used Vacation Club points as well as cash for our cruise. We planned for this well over 18 months ago and this is quite a large financial outlay for us. I do not want to sound heartless in voicing opposition to stopping at these islands, however I have already donated to the relief operations and after going through Irma ourselves, we were really looking forward to this cruise. I don't know how they expect people to tip generously or otherwise support these islands if they don't get off the ship at these ports, which I personally will not be doing even though we have a free shore excursion from Marriott at both San Juan and St. Martin.
  18. I don't understand how anyone can think that this is good news. These islands, especially Puerto Rico are still in dire straits. Yes, they need the tourism dollars, however they are really not ready to bring in 6,000 plus people, when they are still sending residents away. The latest news is that the locals are drinking contaminated water. How can RCCL think that this will not trickle into the food supply given to people on shore excursions and simple exploring the island? That is a liability for the cruise line and trust me, they will have issues and face liability for it. I live in S Florida and we are still having issues from Irma and it only hit here as a Cat 1. RCCL appears to be making decisions based on financial gain to make up for losses that they incurred. No one from the cruise line has contacted me or anyone else that I am aware of regarding my itinerary on Harmony Dec 2nd. If I could cancel and make RCCL pay for this and another cruise, believe me I would. In my opinion, this is with total disregard for the passengers traveling. I understand that an itinerary change is an inconvenience, but much better to be safe than sorry. Most likely my last trip on RCCL. My only hope is that representatives from RCCL troll this blog and reconsider this decision!! Health and safety of the passengers should be the primary concern-not financial gain!
  19. You can also check out sending an email as a text message and vice versa. You need to know the cell phone carrier of the recipient. Don't know the service provider, but you can google it.
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