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  1. WOW! That is a lot of cruising. Can you adopt a 61 year old woman? I would be willing to take dance lessons. LOL! I want to be you when I grow up.
  2. I would use a travel agent no matter what. Not only can they make the booking of flights/hotels/cruise easier, but they can also be there if anything goes wrong.
  3. Loved the railroad. When I went with my 82 year aunt and my siblings, we had split up who would do something with our aunt and who would do something independently. Most of the times we were together, like the the railroad. But while my husband and I did the biking, my siblings took my aunt on the helicopter ride to a glacier. I also think my aunt skipped a shore excursion or two because she has been to Alaska many times before. Have fun. Get input from your mom and kids. See what everyone's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices are.
  4. What would be the demographics of transatlantic cruises? Mostly the older generation?
  5. Thank you. I loved the photos and following along with the MDR menus.
  6. I totally agree with you, @Pooch. But my sister from Ohio and my sister from PA both love those warm water lobster tails. I keep telling them to come to NE if they want real lobsters. But they can eat the claws meat too!
  7. You can ask for your own table during traditional dining. I know my TA always ask what size table do we want to sit at (ie: How many strangers do we want to meet and eat with). But if you can't get it set up ahead of time, you can go to the MDR on embarkation day and ask about getting your own table. RCL is usually pretty accommodating when possible.
  8. Hi back. I have not been on Enchantment but I am wondering if you can get a better reply if you posted your questions on the Enchantment of the Seas Roll Calls. I noticed that there are several for Nov and Dec.
  9. IT is also possible that schedule times may pull him away from an activity that is running late. Definitely get the wifi package. Your 11 year old will thank me. LOL!
  10. Did you know you can track the status of your passport application? Just go here: https://passportstatus.state.gov/ I have been tracking mine. They say it will take 6 to 9 weeks. They also have the following advise: If you are traveling within two weeks and have not received your passport, please contact the National Passport Information Center at 1-877-487-2778 (or TDD/TTY 1-888-874-7793) with your application locator number. Your application locator number can be found at the site listed above. ======================================================================== Just relax for your first cruise. Make sure to book any shore excursions today. I would not recommend the UDP for your first cruise. Instead, try Chops + 1. Get your beverage packages (if you are going to get one) prior to sailing. Black Friday sales will start soon and you may be able to find a deal or two there. Have fun!!
  11. Mr. Vintage could have been my dad, too. He only flirted and tell jokes when Mom was not around.
  12. Shoot - after that second episode with the smoking, I would either be knocking on the neighbor's door to tell him to cut it out or call the front desk. One should not have to cut their time on their balcony or have to shut their balcony door. You have paid as much for your room as your neighbor. I hope you find relief soon.
  13. I used Google Maps to check out breakfast places. Since I am not from that area, I really can't advise you. This is what I found on Google Maps....
  14. Here is another recommendation - take a taxi to a bagel or breakfast shop. You can have a leisurely breakfast while you wait for your cousin to show up.
  15. Many many moons ago, I started with AAA. I loved my TA and I was able to just drop in to discuss changes. Fast forward thru the years with kids. Our only travel was to family members. Now I am an empty nester. For my cruises, I have been using my aunt, who only does cruises even though her company handles everything. I don't know what I will do once my aunt retires (she is in semi-retire state right now). Maybe go back to AAA or try out MEI. But I KNOW that I WON'T cruise without a TA!
  16. Now I may have missed the spots but I have only seen the stations when you are getting on or off a ship and on formal dining nights. They will also be taking pictures around the ships for special events - like for Alaska, I had my picture taken on the pool deck with a lumber jack.
  17. Here is an alternative I just read but I am not sure if it is true (ie: only 1 source). I read that instead of using Royal Up, either talk to your TA or RCL directly to see how much it would cost to upgrade. I read that this route can be cheaper than Royal Up. As anyone gone this route? Is it true? Does it work? Thanks in advance.
  18. Welcome to RCL's new math. Some of us have been bitten by RCL's new math. What happens is RCL will raise the price of something and then offer a discount. Several times, when I check the price of something on SALE, I find that I already have it at the reduce price or lower. So my advice is to book early and often. LOL! As long as you have not paid in full, you can take advance of repricing your cruise. For shore excursions and other extras, you can book, cancel, and rebook as often as you want. But just do the math to see if it is really cheaper. The only negative to rebooking the extras - your CC credit may take a month to show up. Have fun on your cruise.
  19. With your kids in that age, I won't worry about the outside temperatures for the waterslides. Kids will love it even if their lips go blue.
  20. As a grandmother of 5 small grandkids, I can understand why you don't have any time to yourself. And when you do have time for yourself, you just want to take a nap. LOL!
  21. Someone correct me if I am wrong. When I was on Allure of the Seas, I entered on Deck 5. This is the Royal Promenade deck. Along the Promenade, there will be dining kiosks set up. There are there only for embarkation day. I don't know if there were any in the MDR. I stopped looking for the kiosks after I had set up my dining reservations. There are also lots of staff around in that area that can answer any questions you have.
  22. Hi, I used the 3 day dining package back in June. Yes, you have to pick either Day 1 or Day 2. But once you are on board, either go to the nearest specialty restaurant or dining kiosk. There you can switch your courtesy booking to any day plus reserve your other 2 meals. Since I had an 11 am boarding time, I was able to get everything I wanted. But go prepared - knowing which restaurants and what days/times you want along with a plan B, plan C, and a plan Z.
  23. Oh yeah, you could also go the suite route and let your genie handle it. LOL!
  24. Some have purchase the specialty restaurants individually so that they could make reservations. Then they purchase a dining package. Once on board, they cancel their individual reservations and re-reserve using their dining package. Lots of trouble but good for those who need to dine at a certain time.
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