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  1. Years ago (after a Noro outbreak) we sailed on RCCL (can't remember which ship). The WJ buffet was there; however, you weren't allowed to serve yourself. They are servers to put the serving on your plate as you held it. This was also the first time that they started the hand sanitizer before entrance to the WJ (at least for us it was the first time). I think that they will possibly do this once cruising starts back. Some people complained (and some of the complainers were the ones who refused to use the hand sanitizer); however, I welcomed it so I didn't have to touch a serving handle that
  2. My TA did our L&S yesterday and it was already updated in my cruise planner this morning. I am completely shocked that it was changed that fast! Now I have to wait 513 days.......
  3. I cancelled my UBP then re-purchased it at a cheaper cost. I got my credit to my original cc 7 days. A few days later, I did the same thing for my VOOM internet package; however, I never did get my credit (over 15 days). So I message RCI from FaceBook with my concern that if my UBP was in 7 days and was way more money, that I should have gotten the VOOM back by now. I just ask them (nicely) to please just check on this as I was afraid that it may have fallen thru the cracks (for lack of a better term). They messaged me back in a couple of days later, apologized for responding late. They
  4. We get the insurance in case of illness and need to get home as that can be very costly. I have never had to use it thankfully, but just knowing I have it if needed is comforting. No one plans on getting ill or having a heart attack/stoke or etc, but it happens.
  5. We gave the go ahead to our TA to L&S our October New England-Canada cruise to October 2021. I also called Delta yesterday and got an eCredit as the flights for next October are not available yet. While I am happy that we lost no money this the L&S, I am sad that we won't be cruising this year.
  6. I feel the same - how many times is the flu vaccine wrong- almost every single year! It is still too early to know either way. I guess we are all on the fence and don't know which side is safe to fall over on
  7. We fly into EWR also in October and our final payment for us is July 10th. We decided this weekend that we plan on doing the L&S with everything still so "up in the air".
  8. They show Truly on the UBP picture on my cruise planner
  9. All this craziness is making is making my head explode too
  10. We did the North Bound on the Radiance and 3 day inland post cruise in July 2018 and LOVED every minute. We loved the Radiance. It's not a big ship but we loved the entire ship and all the windows. We also had AT&T signal the entire time. As a matter of fact, we had better AT&T cell reception on the ship that we have at our own house!
  11. Me too! We are still debating doing the L&S; however, I am cautiously leaning on keeping it and if RCI cancels then we get the FCC 125% for everything. It has my mind saying "Should we or Shouldn't we" over and over...Oh boy! However, the FCC is a huge headache so far for everyone that has/is going thru the process. I guess I will just have to go on my gut when the time comes to decide before our final payment on July 10th if we do the L&S or finish paying and possibly still do the L&S, or just ride it out. This stress doesn't help my "gray showing" either since we stil
  12. I figured as much! I'm still trying to hold out a little to make up our mind fully. If we L&S it will be with a different ship from the Adventure to the Freedom. I need to check out the Freedom and see what (if any) are the differences before making our final decision. Shew....I think a need a bourbon about now!
  13. So on the L&S does our already purchased UBP & VOOM transfer too? I figured it would but from reading above, I'm not so sure now.
  14. They may want the tests to use on the crew members not the passengers.
  15. I know, that is why we are watching it closely. Part of me wants to go on and shift it and part of me wants to hang on. My TA is looking into it today with our group (my TA is also in our cruising group) and try to decide our best plan of action. We got a great deal on our flight also (Delta first class round trip under $430 each) so if I cancel that for credit to use next year - I am sure I won't get that price again. Please "Rona" go away!!!
  16. Talked to my TA this weekend about the possibility of doing L&S for our October 8th New England -Canada cruise. We are doing to hold off for now and wait until just before final payment (7/10/20) to decide for sure. I really need a vacation; however, I do not want to be so restricted (wearing mask all the time) while on the cruise. Also, I am not sure if Canada will even be open for us.
  17. I'm pretty sure that we will be moving to next year too. We are going with friends so we will be deciding this weekend. While I am happy to have the option to move and keep pricing and all the same, I REALLY need a vacation.....
  18. We set up designated place and times for our Grandsons so that everyone was on the same page before our day got started. It worked well.
  19. Good to know! We fly into EWR on 10/7/20 (afternoon before cruise) and will be needing somewhere to stay. I like Embassy Suites so this is welcomed news for us. I hope that our cruise is still happening (New England-Canada 10/8/20). I will be so glad when we can at least start to plan and get excited about our cruise. This limbo is stressful....
  20. That is PERFECT! I may have to try and design us some!
  21. I cancelled our UBP on April 21st and repurchased it saving over $212. I got my CC credit on late Monday or early Tuesday. I was pleasantly surprised to receive it that soon. I'm sure those are handled differently that the FCC stuff is why but I wasn't expecting to receive it yet. Now if we just get to go because I really will need a vacation after all this craziness!
  22. I love all the planning that comes with a cruise; however, I have been holding back on our October 8th cruise just because everything is so up in the air. I did cancel and repurchase our UBP and saved over $212. We also got a great deal in November for our flights (1st class for $430 each round trip). I am more hopeful today as Kentucky is starting to open up stuff starting May 11th; however, time will tell...
  23. It has been 165 days since our NCL Getaway cruise Our Adventure of the Seas is in 161 days. Hoping that we can go now that they have removed the health restrictions. Hubby is healthy and fit but has a stint and A-Fib so we were afraid they wouldn't let us get on. We are waiting until final payment to decide what we are going to do. Lots of praying and all fingers and toes crossed!
  24. I wonder if they do that testing here as Hubby and I both had "something" (coughing for 2+ weeks and a one-day fever) back in February after we returned home for 7 days in Iceland. We both have wondered if we had a mild case of it.
  25. Prayers for negative testing! Good luck!
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