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  1. I leave May 5th on Ovation of the Seas( for 8 day Alaska) sister of Quantum. Since I am solo I have cabin 12631 which is a virtual balcony. Will post after cruise. 

    First trip to Alaska, First time Ovation, first time inside with virtual balcony. LOL!🙃

  2. Hi, just received email from Royal regarding $75.00 onboard credit remaining on my account. Booking number was the same as for Ovation of the Seas my current cruise but

    listed Anthem of the Seas sailing May2. Called customer service and they told me this was a promotional onboard credit and thats why I am not entitled to it on transferred cruise even though booking

    is the same. Why did Royal mess up by sending me an email for Anthem for May 2 when my booking shows Ovation May 5th?

  3. Wow! iluvwine 6 times. Do you live on West Coast? I live in Florida and 12 times to the Caribbean because I dont have to pay airfare. 

    I am looking forward to this cruise but disapointed  I needed to cancel my European travel plans for a second time. Hopefully next year will be better, but being 80 and traveling solo it might just be wishful thinking and planning LOL!🙂


  4. Hello folks I too am on this cruise (covid willing🙃) My first time on Anthem and TA. 78 year old widow from Gulf Coast in Fl, in  virtual on deck 11. I will be connecting with

    Voyager of the Seas in Copenhagen on May 15 for Baltic cruise, that's a first also. Had same itinerary for 2020 but we know how that went. Hoping that the ports are open

    when we sail. Just wondering if Royal will give us free testing in Southampton. I will make a decision in March on these 2 cruises would hate to cancel and go through the  trouble of 2020 again, but not worth the Baltic cruise if ports continue to be closed.

  5. I'm a member on another forum annnnd a few comments have indicated that some are canceling European cruises. I will wait until March to make

    decision on these 2 cruises. Hate to think about canceling after the hassle of 2020,  but dont want to be stuck in Europe either. My Voyager of the Seas cruise is port intensive and

    may decide to just cancel that one and come home when this one ends. 😑

  6. Hello, Not many posting on this TA. I'm on May 15th Voyager of the Seas Baltic out of Copenhagen after this ship docks so appreciated the magnets and clothesline info. Most of the other ships I've sailed have had clothesline in shower. Hilton Garden Inn at Heathrow has coin laundry so I will be clean for next leg of this trip.

    I am Sandra age 78 (solo) and resident of Punta Gorda little further South of Dunedin. I use a walker so will be limited on the port trips but thats okay love being on the ship.

    This is my first TA but have been to Europe on Land trips, although the ports on Baltic will be new except for Copenhagen. 😃

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