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  1. You should get an award for best directions ever seen. A million thanks!!!
  2. Hello InstaGator: My DH has looked at the Amazon links for the magnets, which hold 100 lbs. Our question is: How do you get them off the walls? Thanks!
  3. Costco pharmacy has generic meclazine tablets. Take one before you board and then use as directed.
  4. We did the July cruise years ago. We had a balcony. At all times, the sun was shining. Even with blackout shades, the room stayed light. Dress in layers. It will be cold when you get to the glaciers. Some of the towns will also be cool, while others will be warm. In the ship will be the same as anywhere else.
  5. Some things can be ridiculously priced. I suggest at a minimum: Meclizine or equivalent. Pepto Bismal Headache medicine Bandaid and any ointment Sunburn relief spray Sunscreen and chapstick
  6. Hopefully you were permitted to quarantine at home. Feel better
  7. We took our kids on cruises a few times before they were ever offered a child's menu. They declined, being old pros with calamari, soups and adult meals.
  8. Lots of CVS / Walgreens on International Drive in Orlando. You should be able to walk to a pharmacy for a proctered exam.
  9. Doing a TA soon. One of the folks on the message board suggested a Clothesline. We are planning a back pack trip to Europe upon disembarkation. Plan to wash my delicates by hand, and hopefully can wear a shirt more than once. In middle school we changed out our gym clothes once a week. Kinda will feel the same.
  10. You can let your new employer know you had already paid for a cruise before applying and accepting the job. Many will let you have the time off without pay or delay the start date. If you are exceptionally lucky, the new employer may advance your paid vacation time.
  11. We are on the same cruise. I found a few on the site Costco Travel uses, but did not book. Husband was concerned about canceling excursion if COVID-19 restrictions get nasty. We are the type who generally walk around (except if we are getting a rental car, but not for this trip). Found a website called visitsites.com, that was helpful for Cherbourg and Le Havre.
  12. I think going to Heathrow will be taking you out of the way. You can look at your options on Rome2Rio. I am a fan of the coach system, which is relatively simple. I think you can easily go from Southhampton to central London, and then take the Tube to your exact location. That was our original plan. We changed it to Isle of Wight for the weekend, then Salisbury, Bath and Bristol, followed by London. We take public transportation a lot.
  13. I like Bayside too. So close to the port. Take a waterboat tour and see the bay. If you are renting a car anyway to deal with your luggage (hidden in the trunk to avoid temptation), you may want to see what excursions are offered and be a DYI. I would suggest the Seaquarium on Key Biscayne or Jungle Gardens on Watson Island, both relatively close to the Port ofMiami.
  14. I don't think it will be canceled because Ulraine and Russia are both far away, but if fuel prices continue to increase, there may be a fuel surcharge. Department of State posts alerts when they think US citizens should not go to a country. You can get emails from them. Western Europe should be safe.
  15. Happy Days! Just saw on Lonely Planet that once disembarked in Southampton, the UK is no longer requiring a Covid-19 test 2 days after arrival. Effective date is February 11th.
  16. We are in our nomad portion of retirement, and this cruise is taking a slower than flight route to Europe where we will stay for awhile before starting a home base again, all COVID-19 willing. I love when I spot marine life. Have seen whales and dolphins hanging around the ship in Caribbean and Alaska. Did not think there would be much in an Atlantic crossing.
  17. Fort Lauderdale has very convenient port parking and it's the cheapest I know. Felt the car was safe.
  18. If you have an extra day and looking for an economical solution, why don't you book lodging in Cocoa Beach and rent a car, going one way from MCO to the Port. I think some of the lodging may have shuttles, and if so, you can drop the car off early. Obviously, the big attraction in Cape Canaveral is NASA, but of educational science is not your thing while on vacation, Cocoa Beach has a nice beach. I believe the very first Ron Jon's surf shop is there.
  19. I haven't done the excursion, but I am originally from Miami. You probably do not have time to go to the National Park, but if you rent a car, it is literally a straight drive to "Four Corners", which is where 8th Srreet (aka Calle Ocho-- historic Little Havana) meets up with Krome Avenue. From 8th you go straight west. There are a lot of air boat vendors. I think the closest is Cooperstown, which has been there before I was born. They have airboat rides and alligator shows. Don't forget to look for birds. You should have plenty of time to drop off your rental car at MIA. If you are driving on 8th Street to the airport instead of the expressways, I recommend getting Cuban Food. There are other Caribbean choices, but you can go classic like Versailles, but my favorite is La Carreta (the wagon wheel).
  20. Any luck with a 4 inch solar fan that plugs into an USB port? Helps circulate air for drying clothes.
  21. The cruise cancellations have got me thinking too. Since it is a repositioning cruise, they will eventually need to move the boat, so Plan B (choice 1) would be to go when they go. Choice 2 would be to go on another repositioning and choice 3 to fly over and then rebook on the way back another repositioning cruise. We are purposely not booking stays overseas that we cannot cancel.
  22. So I probably need to change to the dining section, but there is an Indian food menu in the MDR. What other menus are available?
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