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  1. On Explorer now through November 11th. There is a 10 Euro shuttle from many spots in Ravenna. Book lunch and dinners in Ravenna before you get here. Many are full and do not take walkins. Ship is awesome.
  2. We are on the Explorer now through November 11th. Ravenna is a nice stop for a night or two. Make lunch and dinner reservations before you get in town. Restaurants are full and may not take walkins. The 10€ shuttle was quick and efficient from the hotel to the ship - book now! The ship is great and the crew is super. Windjammer is the only crowded spot. Casino has been nice. Looking forward to welcoming everyone onboard.
  3. I really don't know of any to add. I would not stop at Nassau, if I was a decision maker.
  4. My wife, I and two buddies are on 4 Feb. My wife and I are staying on for a B2B. I did Serenade late last year and loved it. CAPT Stig is a great captain and very personable. Serenade is also the ship doing the world cruise starting in December. I enjoy all classes of ships and I'm sure everyone will have fun.
  5. Sometimes the offers are still good past the listed expiration dates. My wife has 2 cruises with expiration dates of 8 December that we could book for first quarter 2023, if we had the time (already have @ 8 booked for that time period). Generally, as long as the cruises are still listed in your clubroyaleoffers.com site - you can book them.
  6. 110 plus 2 more Friday/Saturday. Sailing days.
  7. We got a comped balcony a month after Wonder started sailing.
  8. We do a new Seapass because of credit card issues and not wanting to see each other's account statement.
  9. We used to ask for just new keys. The last three cruises we actually changed the names in the rooms with no problems at all. Just go to customer service once onboard and ask.
  10. Last year our yearly comped cruises did not show up until late April. The window should at least go for one year after the voucher shows up in Clubroyaleoffers.com
  11. Just off the Brilliance this morning. Had dinner all four nights in the MDR. Excellent service for our table of four. Ordered 2-3 rounds of drinks and they were delivered promptly. First time in @10 cruises that we ate in the MDR. Service 10/10, food 7/10. Average time to consume a meal @1 hour. Looking forward to the new menu.
  12. Not at all sarcastic. Not to disparage anyone, but RCL is in constant contact with all the host port Countries. Take it easy. I'm out of this conversation.
  13. The original poster stated that the customs officials were saying bad things about passengers, in Hebrew ,to see if the cruisers could understand them - disparagement. I think a business should look out for the interest of its customers. Working on international committees and living in the Middle East and Europe for years taught me that their Governments are VERY sensitive to perceptions of bias and unfairness. All cruise lines have Port Agreements with the various Countries. These agreements spell out specific rights and obligations not only for the ship, but also for the crew and passengers. I've seen a lot of people complain about bad treatment by RCL. Complaining, by RCL, to unfair or arbitrary practices is about the same. Saying that, know before you go, be respectful, and never "demand" fair treatment in a foreign Port.
  14. Agreed that RCL has no legal standing in this situation. However, if passengers/employees are routinely being disparaged and held up, then RCL should have an obligation to at least protest through diplomatic or other channels.
  15. Just checked into room 1104 on the Brilliance. Center most room on deck 10. Wonderful full view balcony and a fairly big room. Kinda like it.
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