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  1. We'll be on this one as well. Haven't made a decision yet as to excursions but can't wait to get out of the cold.
  2. 1 million dollars in small unmarked non-sequential bills.....now what excursion will you be on?
  3. Fingers crossed that the needle is moving closer to re-opening. Thanks for the update!
  4. Anyone know if this has been re-opened yet?
  5. Can I call him Stu? Or does he prefer Stuart?
  6. So what I'm reading is that the health questions don't really mean anything like: 1. Ram-a-lam-a-dingdong 2. Give peace a chance
  7. I believe its Bottom of the Seas, if memory serves me right
  8. This will be cruise number 2 for us, and it can't come soon enough! Anyone else on this sailing?
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