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  1. Whatever happened to the concert in Saint Petersburg, FL that offered a concert at $1,000 with a $980 discount to those who were willing to show proof of vaccination? Did the AG go after them? Not trying to stir any pots, genuinely curious. Seems if that was considered "legal" so too might the cruise line's approach.
  2. Crown & Anchor Society® Members Last updated June 28, 2021 We’re thrilled to welcome our valued Crown & Anchor® Society members back onboard! As we prepare to make new vacation memories at last, we want to share some great enhancements and a few updates to the Crown & Anchor Society program and benefits. Enhanced Benefits We’re excited to now offer our Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members additional beverage vouchers for drinks up to $13. Each day of the cruise, Diamond members receive four vouchers, Diamond Plus members receive five vouchers, and Pinnacle Club members receive six vouchers. These can be used at any bar, at any time, in the Diamond Lounge during Happy Hour or in our private destinations. Consider it happy hour all day long! With the new staggered arrivals appointment process, all guests need to pre-select a terminal arrival time. For our Pinnacle Club members, we created Flexible Arrival— a new benefit that gives you the freedom to check in up to one hour before or after your scheduled check-in time while the terminal is open. Reimagined Events & Access We’ve totally reimagined our behind-the-scenes entertainment tour. Members can now enjoy a MasterClass-type experience and get an insider’s view into the world of entertainment straight from the experts that bring the entire experience to life night after night. You won’t want to miss these workshops! Speaking of shows, we’ve enhanced our entertainment experience by giving our Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members priority access to seating in venues up to 45 minutes prior to showtime. This gives you ample time to select your preferred seating prior to opening the doors to all other guests. Lounge Access As We Resume Sailing Because of new health and physical distancing protocols, we have temporarily suspended access to Suite and Concierge lounges. These venues will operate with capacity limits and will only be available to guests staying in Suites. The Diamond Lounge will also operate with reduced capacity. Our health protocols will continue to change as public health conditions evolve. While we envision these temporary changes to be short-lived, they are dependent on health conditions and guidance from local authorities. On Oasis and Quantum Class ships, Pinnacle Club members will still be able to enjoy meals in Coastal Kitchen. However, to manage venue capacity, reservations are required and can only be made with the Maître d’ once onboard. Pinnacle Club members sailing on Oasis and Quantum Class ships will also receive a $25 dining voucher per member, per sailing to enjoy at any Specialty Restaurant of their choice. Frequently Asked Questions Q : Why are Crown & Anchor Society benefits changing? A : The pause in operations gave us the time to relook at the program and find ways to improve. We added exciting enhancements and also made some temporary adjustments that align with new health protocols. Q : How will the Crown & Anchor Society benefits change? A :  Most of your Crown & Anchor Society benefits remain the same. Some, such as the top tier event, private departure lounge, daily breakfast, and behind-the-scenes galley tours have been temporarily suspended. However, we intend to bring them back as soon as we receive the green light to do so. We also added a handful of new benefits such as Flexible Arrival for Pinnacle Club members, and additional daily beverage vouchers for Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members. We even reimagined the behind-the-scenes entertainment tour for an enhanced experience. To ensure compliance with health protocols and capacity limitations in some venues, access to the Suite and Concierge Lounges is temporarily limited to members staying in Suites. While the Diamond Lounge will also operate at a reduced capacity, we’re happy to welcome our members on a first come, first served basis. On Oasis and Quantum Class* ships, our Pinnacle Club members are welcome to make reservations at Coastal Kitchen once onboard. On these ships, these members will also receive a $25 dining voucher per member, per sailing to enjoy at any specialty restaurant. Voucher will be added to your SeaPass card. *Excludes Spectrum of the Seas® Q : How will the onboard events change? A : Based on new protocols, we had to adjust some events while still ensuring your full enjoyment: Meal with an Officer —This experience, for our Diamond Plus (340 points and above) and Pinnacle Club members, has evolved to a Champagne Toast with an Officer. This event will still take place in the Main Dining Room, but with new physical distancing protocols in place. Entertainment Tour — This tour has been reimagined, allowing our valued Diamond and above members to learn more about the amazing Royal Caribbean productions and entertainment team. Behind-the-Scenes Galley Tour — This benefit for our Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members has been temporarily suspended to ensure the health of our guests and crew. Priority Seating for Theaters and Shows — This benefit has evolved to priority access. Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members can enter the show venues up to 45 minutes before showtime to select their preferred seating. Daily Breakfast in Main Dining Room — This benefit for Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle members has been temporarily suspended. Departure Lounge with Continental Breakfast— This benefit has been suspended for all Crown & Anchor members as a result of the new departure process. Q : Will I still have Priority Check-In at embarkation? A : When we return to service, the embarkation process will be different. To manage the flow of guests and follow new health and safety protocols, guests will request a set arrival time in advance. For our valued Pinnacle Club members, we are introducing Flexible Arrival. While the terminal is open, Pinnacle Club members have the flexibility to check in up to one hour before or after their scheduled check-in time. Q : How will the daily happy hour be impacted? A : The Happy Hour in the Diamond Lounge will take place daily from 5 pm to 8 pm. Diamond and above members will now enjoy additional daily beverage vouchers to be used at any bar, at any time, in the Diamond Lounge during Happy Hour, or in our private destinations. Whether it’s sparkling water, sparking wine, or the drink of the day, you choose when and where to enjoy these beverages. The number of daily beverage coupons will increase as follows: Diamond — 4 beverage coupons loaded daily on SeaPass card Diamond Plus — 5 beverage coupons loaded daily on SeaPass card Pinnacle Club — 6 beverage coupons loaded daily on SeaPass card Diamond, Diamond Plus, and Pinnacle Club members will be able to redeem their complimentary beverage vouchers (for drinks valued up to $13) at any venue except Starbucks and Bionic Bar, at any time throughout the day. Q : Will I have access to the Diamond Lounge? A : Yes — Diamond, Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members can access the Diamond Lounge throughout the day. The Diamond Lounge capacity will be reduced to allow for physical distancing and sanitation. The lounge is open for regular hours, with Happy Hour daily from 5 pm to 8 pm. Guests will be admitted on a first come, first served basis. Q : Will I have access to the Suite and Concierge lounges? A : To manage venue capacity, access to the Concierge Club and Suite Lounge will be limited to members staying in Suites (Grand Suites and above). Q :  Will Pinnacle Club members still have access to the Suite Lounge and Coastal Kitchen on Oasis and Quantum class ships? A : On Oasis and Quantum Class* ships, Pinnacle Club members will still be able to enjoy meals in Coastal Kitchen. However, to manage venue capacity, reservations are required and can only be made with the Maître d’ once onboard. Pinnacle Club members on these ships will also receive a $25 dining voucher per member, per sailing to enjoy at any Specialty Restaurant of their choice. This voucher will be pre-loaded on their SeaPass card. *Excludes Spectrum of the Seas® Q : Will there be any changes to onboard amenities? A : Yes — due to new health protocols, deliveries to staterooms are limited to embarkation day only. For our Diamond Plus and Pinnacle Club members, food and beverage amenities will be waiting in your stateroom when you arrive. The Chef’s Choice amenity is temporarily suspended until further notice. Q : Will I still receive my onboard recognition? A : Yes, although some recognition events will change based on onboard protocols. Our Platinum, Emerald, and Diamond members will still receive pins in their stateroom. Diamond Plus members will receive both a pin and luggage tag. To celebrate our new Pinnacle Club members, our Loyalty Ambassador onboard will invite the new member and their immediate family to a special intimate recognition which will be filmed and broadcasted on Royal Caribbean TV. Members reaching 1,050 points and above will receive a Pinnacle Club milestone recognition letter in their staterooms. Our Loyalty Ambassador will reach out to arrange the delivery of a bottle of Domaine Chandon sparkling wine.
  3. Update dated June 28, 2021 https://www.royalcaribbean.com/crown-anchor-society/program-updates Few subtle changes as far as I can tell. More clearly defines various social media posts.
  4. The lamb shank in the MDR tends to be bigger. CK is all about lighter meals - that's its stated purpose. Here is the MDR Lamb Shank on different ships: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/8865-empress-73018-5-nights-inc-cuba/&do=findComment&comment=79730 https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/4990-freedom-ots-111117-8-nights-modified-western-caribbean/&do=findComment&comment=49531 https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/5068-anthem-112517-712-b2b/&do=findComment&comment=50308
  5. That's why I said "may". The call centers are working from that chart. That charts addresses all July and August sailings on all summer restart ships. Will Royal send word to the call centers today to modify this? Possibly. We don't know. What is very possible is that a phone agent may use the chart and the deadline of today. YMMV.
  6. I have a hard remembering the last time I ate in the MDR for dinner. As a solo cruiser I find the whole full service sit down dinner experience over the top for my needs but that is mostly because I cruise often, as much as 22 or more times per year. I'm not slamming the MDR and for someone who only cruisers a couple times a year I can understand the appeal of the MDR. However time and again when I am doing B2B or B3B cruises it's not unusual to see other frequent cruisers like me eating dinner in the WJ. I prefer the WJ because it is more efficient (in and out quickly) without long periods between courses staring at nothing like I have to do in the MDR. Solo dining is very different over cruising with someone. Having said all that I have eaten many WJ dinners on a variety of ships. Generally speaking 50% to 60% or so is the same each night such as breads or dinner rolls, salads, desserts and other dinner essentials. Typically there will be different proteins offered each night. I like this approach because I can eat healthier. I can make a salad and add whatever protein entree is the highlight that night. There are theme nights, usually. British theme nights usually has fish and chips, Mexican night has mexican food, American night is usually hamburgers and hot dogs but these are also available just about anytime and so on. Most ships do a different theme every night but there are "classics" available if that theme isn't your thing. When I'm home I don't make multi course gourmet meals every night. When I cruise alone I don't always need the full service experience. The exception would be ships with a Coastal Kitchen because that dinner service proceeds at a tempo to suit each guest. When solo in CK it generally proceeds much faster without long awkward (for a solo) pauses between courses.
  7. There may be a deadline to request a refund of today (June 30). https://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/General_Info/Suspension_CWC_Reference_Grid.pdf
  8. Post away... just want anyone who visits this thread to see it from this site and get it straight from the source.
  9. From an Anthem cruise: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/topic/17677-anthem-jan-5-2020-11-nights-southern-caribbean-recap/&do=findComment&comment=182472 I like it. It's not an entree that will leave you speechless or be the highlight of the entire cruise but I'll be ordering it again on an upcoming cruise.
  10. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/06/28/royal-caribbean-will-require-unvaccinated-guests-get-travel-insurance-cruises-florida
  11. Ovation has been staffed with a minimal crew while she was drifting around near Singapore. There likely would have been no food and beverage manager on board or other guest related positions. Now that she is in the US she will begin crewing up for the August restart. As more crew sign on and get vaccinated I'm betting they will begin attending to details in the app.
  12. Approved by Governor. https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2021/01194 Amendment 116138 is the bill submitted by Boyd that was attached as an amendment to bill 1194. Text of amendment 116138 here: https://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bill/2021/1194/Amendment/116138/HTML 1 Senate Amendment to House Amendment (672415) (with title 2 amendment) 3 4 Between lines 4 and 5 5 insert: 6 Section 17. Section 311.25, Florida Statutes, is created to 7 read: 8 311.25 Florida seaports; local ballot initiatives and 9 referendums.— 10 (1) With respect to any port that has received or is 11 eligible to apply for or receive state funding under this 12 chapter, a local ballot initiative or referendum may not 13 restrict maritime commerce in such a port, including, but not 14 limited to, restricting such commerce based on any of the 15 following: 16 (a) Vessel type, size, number, or capacity. 17 (b) Number, origin, nationality, embarkation, or 18 disembarkation of passengers or crew or their entry into this 19 state or any local jurisdiction. 20 (c) Source, type, loading, or unloading of cargo. 21 (d) Environmental or health records of a particular vessel 22 or vessel line. 23 (2) Any local ballot initiative or referendum that is in 24 conflict with subsection (1) and that was adopted before, on, or 25 after July 1, 2021, and any local law, charter amendment, 26 ordinance, resolution, regulation, or policy adopted in such an 27 initiative or referendum, is prohibited, void, and expressly 28 preempted to the state.
  13. @WAAAYTOOO makes a great point and why I have always purchased the DX (DBP) when in Sky Class. If I am heading the theater I don't want to have to route myself through the deck 17 SL to get a drink to carry all the way to the theater. It's much easier to go to the theater where there will be roaming servers and just order a drink. Repeat this idea over and over for a week and you had better be wearing very comfortable walking shoes for all the mileage you'll be putting on them always going to the SL. When I feel like a drink, I want a drink right there. I don't want to have to visit the deck 17 SL every time I feel like something, to be restricted to basic (cheap) wine or beer. I love Central Park at night and simply ordering a good drink from the Trellis Bar or Vintages beats having to go all the way to deck 17 to get a cheap glass of wine that's hard to get past my nose.
  14. Fingers crossed. Free drinks are good so no complaints about the old drink menu but... I like better stuff so the new drink offers work so much better for me.
  15. For Odyssey I can see it in the app under dining for my Odyssey cruises through November at least. It does vary by ship. For example my last Allure sailing had the filet on night 3 or something like that. For some reason all my Odyssey cruises have no CK dinner menu for night two but they show a dinner menu for the day of debarking which is weird but I'm not overly concerned about it. I think they just coded the days wrong. It will work itself out. Nothing earth shattering here, looks like a fairly normal CK dinner cruise menu. For Odyssey... Day One Day Two (three since they skipped a night) Day Three Day Four Day Five Day Six
  16. Sure, but it's mostly the same duty free type shopping including jewelry/handbags/perfumes like other ports plus cameras and electronics and booze - the typical duty free stores. Lots of t-shirt stores too. What are you thinking when you say "local shopping?". Groceries are all brought in on barges so a bag of potato chips is 30% higher than the mainland but there are grocery stores.
  17. There are local tourist attractions near the shopping and port area where they are open to non-cruiser tourists. The beach area at Mahogany Bay has traditionally looked for a Carnival cruise card to pass the checkpoint to the beach. Couple of caveats - I've not tried flashing a Royal SeaPass card at them to access the beach and it's been several years since I've been on a Carnival ship so it's been a while since I've been to Mahogany Bay. However the animal park and zip lines is available to anyone in a taxi (or was).
  18. For all the guesses posted above - this is why 2021 will be a great year to cruise! I've sailed on a ship where 2/3 cancelled because of a hurricane. It was fantastic! No lines, few crowds, lots of space. 2021 is shaping up to be an awesome cruise experience! In 2022 and beyond people will be like... "I should have cruised more in 2021 without normal capacity".
  19. The unknown is how long this will last or if it will become permanent.
  20. Just to clarify a Concierge Club is not the same as a Suite Lounge. For a suite guest they appear to be similar but for members of the Crown and Anchor Society there are differences in access permissions between the two so invoking one term does have some differences to long time cruisers and you may see different answers based on that subtle difference. No Oasis class have a Concierge Club (anymore). On older ships the concept of a Concierge Club has been around for a long time. In 2015/2016 they introduced the concept of a Suite Lounge. Most ships were moving to the Suite Lounge name and access rules pre-Covid but we aren't there yet across the whole fleet. Technically the complimentary beer & wine is not offered in any Concierge Club since there are no Concierge Clubs on Oasis class. As you continue to research and plan your cruise just be aware of the Suite Lounge name to look out for in other threads.
  21. There is complimentary beer and wine available 11am to 11pm. It is a small selection of house wines and basic beers. I'm not a hard cider drinker so I might have glossed over and ignored if hard cider is included as part of this suite lounge offer. It is only the Oasis class suite lounges that do this. This is separate and distinct compared to the daily cocktail happy hours 5pm to 8:30pm (or 4:30pm to 8pm on some ships).
  22. Not going to lie... so great to be able to start planning dining and first question was... What night is the filet served in Coastal Kitchen? Looks like night one...
  23. Correct. Initially it was inserted in the process to give the CDC another choke point where they could halt cruising or drag their feet for months. If it were not for the Florida lawsuit I am pretty confident that would have been the outcome.
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