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  1. No you all will get Royal up offers and they will resell the lower cabins
  2. OP was worried about getting to ship later then her check in time , thats why the " hurry , but don't freak out ":D
  3. saw these on one of the tour sites , listed as seranade of the seas
  4. OP were reporting 10/22 experatian date begening to show up on tests ordered thought RCI , so ordered ours for February cruise yesterday ,even with holiday delays they should still arrive in plenty of stress free time and YES I am that person. text conversation with Granddaughter this weekend " grandma , i can't believe it 60 days to cruise !!! " " I know , are you packed yet ? don't laugh some of us might be " "Hahahaha It's had not to laugh at you <3" " you laugh now , but just wait , it wont be so funny when your sitting by the pool in a sweatshirt and I'm in a swimsuit !" I'll never tell her that some of the stuff has been in the suitcase since I switched out summer for winter clothes
  5. I agree , a TA isn't for the easy stuff you could do your self , a TA is for the tough stuff you don't / can't handle 1000 miles from home on a cruise ship , in a foreign country when things go to caca . thats when a good TA is worth her weight in gold
  6. I do as well . Hubby laughs but it has saved us and fellow passengers countless times ! we're bring the Grands with us this time , there will be a basket with assorted " goodies " on the counter , and speaking of Midol , with a 16 year old grand daughter that needs to go in the basket too
  7. Serenade of the seas 02/19/2022 Officialy headed to Costa Maya instead of Grand Cayman
  8. We were on the Freedom of the Seas ( 02/2019), southern Caribbean out of San Juan , hubby purchased cubans in multiple ports and smoked them on the pool deck in the smoking section with out any issue . He is a very quite smoker , a book, a cigar and a couple fingers of bourbon and he'll sit there all day
  9. if we get switched to Coasta Maya we'll just hang out on the ship for the day
  10. refreshment package on our cruise went from $23 to $17 , $42 a piece X4 , that'll pay for a couple of hubbies cocktails ( excursions & dining stayed the same )
  11. So I don't have to feel bad Hyjacking post to add other packing tips ever since i watched a bag take a suicide leap off the lugage cart into the water I have used waterproof packing cubes , I'm sure the cruise line did a wash and dry for them but thats no way to start a cruise
  12. Spectrum of the Seas® Anthem of the Seas® Symphony of the Seas® Allure of the Seas® Harmony of the Seas® Oasis of the Seas® Freedom of the Seas® Independence of the Seas® Liberty of the Seas® Adventure of the Seas® Explorer of the Seas® Mariner of the Seas® Navigator of the Seas® search FAQ on the RCI page for all PADI information
  13. after it was mention I did try all of the above , I am on one of the serenade / rhapsody cruises early next spring. it took RCI a couple months to get the rooms switched over & it looks like it may take that long to get ready for excursions ( drinks , dining , spa are all available ) , I already know what, ( same as one's canceled from rhapsody ) and only 1 of those is space/guest limited so there is really no hurry we have 162 days but it would be nice to be able to get on to site and dream
  14. they told me last week by " sept 2 " told my TA the same thing , yeah it's the 5th now
  15. whoa , didn't mean to imply anything , young man informed me it would be quite, my mistake. I'll delete comment
  16. I see a new travel agent in my future !! mine isn't even on vacation and I'm still fussing over the Rhapsody / Serenade in February !
  17. us too ? but FB is sounding like they may switch everything over to the serenade of the seas ??????
  18. Griffin is a SCOUT , used to sleeping on the ground ? he would be all set hanging a hammock on the balcony
  19. we're on a small island off the coast of cape cod Ma. gathering scollops in October is the only Dive time available Haha but hoping they get bit by the bug , Papa would love a dive buddy and an excuse to travel
  20. we're in a 2 bedroom grand , 17 grandson drew the short straw to his 16 sister , he gets the sofa , but would be just as happy on the balcony lounger ?
  21. thank you , hubby and I are both certified and have been diving for years , just looking for a way to expose the grands to diving , grand son has Major vision issues so we are ordering a prescription mask ( as close as possible ) for him. every port we visit has some sort of " learn to dive or resort diving " at this point in time I JUST want to go ? don't even care where ?
  22. we have a " learn to dive " class set up for Grand Cayman for our feb 22 , but if they are still closed due to COVID I was trying to avoid changing plans for our other ports ?
  23. when last we were on the Freedom of the seas there were PADI classes offered on board , does anyone know if this is available on the Rhapsody ?? I have the Grands signed up for class in Grand Cayman but more and more I think Grand Cayman will still be closed in February 2022
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