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  1. The royal website still says we need a supervised test for transatlantic cruise from Europe, the rules are different than for “regular” cruises from Barcelona. the drop down menu here has a selection for Transatlantic from europe https://www.royalcaribbean.com/aus/en/the-healthy-sail-center/getting-ready-to-cruise
  2. Yes, I booked a manicure & pedicure on boarding day in July (Anthem) - it was a great way to start the vacation!
  3. This was an interesting read, thank you @MattG for asking! I have UDP for the first time ever on my solo TA this Fall, so I’m hoping being only one person they will find space for me (unless they would prefer to keep tables for more people = buying more)…
  4. Wh had the Taste of Royal lunch on Anthem last week, it was on the last sea day in Wonderland. No tickets delivered to the cabin, but a phone message the day before. The menu was seafood-centered, and I had hoped for the World dessert, but it wasn’t. I have gluten intolerance, had informed them ahead of time, but still they did not have a substitute for the first course. And one of us is 17, and they did not offer the kid an alcohol free option for welcome drink, which was really surprising. Here’s the menu (photo) and a picture of my seafood-free risotto and main (sorry about the flipped pictures)
  5. Hopefully @ticoman got the cabins sorted, and the family are enjoying their cruise.
  6. Have you guys been able to book onboard activities or shows? I’m on the same cruise , we are three families in four balcony cabins on deck 11. The younger ones want North Star and escape room, but they are not showing up in my cruise planner. The entertainment and onboard activities are completely empty… We are booked on Path of the Trolls excursion, which doesn’t show up any longer, and the tour departure in my cruise planner is a few hours before we dock. So let’s see of that one will be cancelled. It os the tour we are really looking forward to. OTOH, it will be great to finally (hopefully) be able to go on a cruise! As long as the cruise tests don’t throw any surprises our way!
  7. I received two messages from Orange15, didn’t open the link. Spam/phishing
  8. @twangster, thank you from a fellow Numbers user ?
  9. Ohhhh, any chance you would care to share your spreadsheet layout and formulas? I have been thinking of making one, but would love a basis where to start ?
  10. European cruise with a topless sunbathing area, first time the son, then 12 or 13, and his friends were on a cruise or topless beach. Their disappointed looks - reality didn’t live up to their ideas ?
  11. Thank you for the quick reply! I will keep just the one cabana for all of us, and the thrill-seekers can rover around ? This is the first cruise I'm feeling hopeful about, two have been cancelled and am still unsure about the one we have booked in July 2021 from Italy.
  12. Hi, I am busy planning our March 2022 cruise. It stops in Coco Cay, and I am having a difficult time figuring out how large the “island” is? Is it feasible to set up our “home base” at South Beach/Coco Beach Club, and the people wanting more excitement could still walk over to/from the waterpark, and stop by the beach back and forth?
  13. I’m in northern Europe, and the nearest dive centre is 4 hours away with dives in an old quarry... I guess it would mean getting used to a dry suit, hmmm..
  14. Thank you for writing about your experiences. I had planned to do my PADI certification on a transAtlantic cruise this fall, that didn't happen... I have been thinking if I should plan to get the certification during a western Caribbean cruise to these porta, the dive sites sound nice. But I probably won’t, since we are travelling with another family, have the drink package and suites etc, and I am our translator (we aren’t native English speakers), since it sounds as if me doing PADI will men the others are doing a “traditional vacation” while I’ll be off doing other stuff. And with the others not wanting/daring to do excursions without me... not fair on them. I guess the best plan will be for me to di PADI on a solo cruise, no stress or guilt...
  15. That is a good price for OTW, they are 1931 usd for my march 2022 Oasis sailing... and with my luck I would probably get one on the far left, which from videos look really close to/on BreezyBay. So I will stick with my land based one ? Land cabana might be better if the weather is not too hot, also... Happy to help, hehe ?
  16. I decided to spend money this Black Friday, doing my bit to keep Royal going ? so got a Coco Beach Club Cabana for 1518 usd (yikes!), and the Deluxe Beverage Package on our Oasis March 2022 sailing... it dropped to 50 usd per person (6 adults), and the Refreshment Package to 18 usd for the two kids, so a decent saving for the 8 of us. Although it means I let Royal store my money over a year... All I have left to do is keep watching if the two 2 bedroom suites next to eachother become available, we are on opposite sides of the ship now (although on same floor)
  17. If someone is very particular to the products they use, they should bring their own. I am sensitive to fragrances, so always bring my own in travel size containers. Much easier and less worry.
  18. ??? This thread finally got me, a long time lurker, to register. And to answer the hypothetical question: nope. Too much hassle with travel restrictions, I’m also high risk for covid and I don’t have the possibility to spend a week or more of my vacation time on a “working holiday”. I was thinking that test cruises with highly motivated test subjects wouldn’t give the correct info for how passengers act in various situations. Thinking the test subjects would be self-selected to people who read and follow instructions, extra careful etc. But who knows.
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