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  1. Makes sense. Maybe a better chance entering Ecuador as its non-EU. Right now air travel is open from US. You need a C19 test to enter the country.
  2. This is a pretty standard USG RFI format. Long list of questions - the lines have to build a story and rationale for each one. Its a lot of work. At the working level all those cruise directors will all have to recreate their entertainment programs with the output of that RFI in mind..
  3. I didn't see masks in the RFI nor did I see any restriction on silent disco and cleaning headphones.
  4. Very interesting list of questions. Answering all the questions gives you the "plan". They even give you a hint on the sections of the plan: a. Embarkation and disembarkation? b. Safety drills and trainings? c. Dining? d. Onboard entertainment events? e. Shore excursions?
  5. I smiled when I saw that story. Ever since they went to the on-board app, thought that would come.
  6. Bingo! Totally agree! Used to showcase the chef and his team's artistic license.
  7. Followed a Celebrity email for some sails on Oct 2020 Galapagos sailings. Are they able to sail that region? The prices on Expedition were lowest I've seen. Even Flora had a tempting price point after some discounts.
  8. Sometimes the ship can be the destination, especially on Carribean itineraries you may nave visited frequently. Our going forward philosophy is if we're traveling to spend a lot of time off ship site seeing, then we'll book on a ship with less amenities. If we're on a repeat or near repeat itinerary, we'll take the ship with the most bells n whistles.
  9. Classic RC brand design. Interesting how all the fleet evolved the basic silhouette and Viking lounge area
  10. Thanks - found the article - guess they'll start end of August https://www.travelweek.ca/news/bahamas-paradise-cruise-line-to-return-to-sea-in-late-august/
  11. Any guesses on which cruise line(s) will be the first to have their back to sail plan approved by the CDC?
  12. I've said it many times, I feel safer sailing on ship than being on the aircraft to get me to the port.
  13. My Nov Edge cruise is obviously at risk. We'll pay up when required. If cancelled we'll move the fare to the next one.
  14. THANKS! Like reading from those who have sailed them. Sounds like the kind of change we're looking for once we get back to normal. Are they more formal on dress code? In the past we always enjoyed formal nights, and dressed accordingly, but as the standards loosened we no longer pack all the extras for those nights (now like packing light). Is it necessary to pack the extra formal wear for these cruises?
  15. I believe you're right on. All these future cruise deposits are needed just to help with the minimum staff still working to process refunds for cancelled activities. They're hanging out on recent bond issues - think around $2B, which keeps the business alive maybe a year without operations. Selling off two ships they repossessed from Pulmanar. Surprised they bought the remaining interest in Silverseas, but high end lines can generate a lot more profit/per passenger. They're going to need to get something moving, even if its running some pilot cruises that just stay at sea for a few days or just visit private islands. I read Aida will start that way in Europe. Not sure we'll see things trend better until a vaccine is announced. There are nay sayers that are just ready to pounce on this industry.
  16. Found out, FCC 125% incentive only applies to cruise fare. Extras are refunded to credit card,
  17. Anyone know if the 125% return on FCC includes pre-paid purchases such as excursions, dining/drink packages? Or are those given back at 100% OBC or credit card refund?
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