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  1. Read rumor is Edge is dropping to 77 crew members for a period of time. Things are looking like this operational shutdown is going to be a long time.
  2. Just saw that. 2020 has almost disappeared! Thought RCL would wait until after Monday's earnings call. Wrong on that one.
  3. As we're at a stand still with no end in sight, started to discuss alternate vacations with my wife. When I started to put them together, all the pieces food, hotel, travel, attractions what to do on what day? - I actually have to think about it. Guess that's why cruising became the "go to". Just find an attractive itinerary, pay up, and your whole vacation is put together. Just need to get to the port - but the lines can help with that too.
  4. So the library is now in Central park . Very good - looks like a nice area.
  5. Great insights. Its on our list, but who knows when we'll get spun up again.
  6. Never thought that day would come. Used to live there when you could get the cheap prime rib at any of the casino hotels. Didn't gamble but ate out a lot.
  7. Agree with Ray's moving hotel theory aspect. The hotel moves you to a new location. We started because of the "all inclusive" nature of cruising - room, food, entertainment for one price.
  8. Freshly caught King Salmon in Sitka AK. Once I started having King Salmon, it makes the stuff you get in the lower 48 pretty lame. Same with fresh haddock.
  9. Not the friendliest region on earth. Several lines sail from Dubai UAE. It has a lot to offer - very cosmopolitan. Haven't looked to see their travel status.
  10. I have it because I enjoy the industry and like the benefit. A year ago they did quite well, but these times are really going to stress the industry because of the debt they must carry. Really didn't hold for the investment value (especially in these times). I think they issued a bond yielding 12% when they were raising capital this spring.
  11. Anyone fly kites when they visit? Did you bring your own or buy locally?
  12. This isn't a MDR item, but we find it difficult to find onion rings. You can get them at Johnny Rockets, but can't order a la carte. Once I bought a meal just to get the rings. I'd take them at the Windjammer.
  13. Apex is still chilling in the French ship yard. Around Oct 10th its supposed to make a trip along the French Rivera and port in Barcelona. Oct 22nd the schedule shows it will start its trek to Ft. Lauderdale to begin the Carribean season. Wondering if we're still shut down if it will stay in the Med or quarantine in Carribean waters, just incase things open late in Q4. They're still selling Q4 Carribean cruises and its a ship I'm sure they want to start collecting revenue if the green light turns on.
  14. I think its positive that he's at least messaging. (Everything subject to change)
  15. Although we have a hurricane season every year, at least this year we don't have to experience cancellations, itinerary changes, and missed flight for that reason..
  16. That's why it was interesting to get the emails for Oct 2020 sailings. Had not seen the prices that low. If you can't get into the country (without quarantine), how do you sail. Just marketing to pull in more deposits/paid cruises that will get cancelled?
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