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  1. Sounds more straight forward. How do you get the daily pricing info loaded into the spreadsheet? Is there an app that can pull it? Or it software that only a TA would have?
  2. Its really a 2 step process, because as you observed, you have to see the discount on the right category. I get an alert, then I go to the cruise line website and go the the mock booking process for the same room type I currently have. If I see a reduced price, I call the TA or the line and execute the discount (or in another case, was able to get an upgraded room). So the CL alert just gives you a generic ping so then you need to dig down to see if its real. I only will use the cruise line website after that because its verifiable with the agent. Its easier to use it as a filter/alert so you're not logging into the website and doing mock bookings every day.
  3. Thanks (forgot to ask also) - is there a walking/jogging path around the island?
  4. Actually before the C19 outbreak Richard Branson was going to introduce the Scarlet Lady in NYC as a restaurant for a weekend. You would pay a fixed fee/pp to get on-board and eat at the buffet. Was a good marketing move but cancelled.
  5. How often does the transportation run? Are they crowded or run frequently enough to avoid having to wait for a ride?
  6. No need to leave the suite - has everything!
  7. Scratching my head too. They do need lots of cash to keep things warm. The uncertainty of restart - another quarter, two, a year? No one knows and carrying the debt long term can sink everyone's fleet.
  8. We've seen them as early as 90 days out. (After you've paid)
  9. Anyone with experiences to share? Most curious about the different cabin levels and how to distill from the marketing. Thinking we'd like to try them out once the ocean opens up again.
  10. Guessing the CDC oversight is because cruise ships deal with international clientele , itineraries across boarders, etc. Theme parks are located in a single state and subject to the home state rules and regulations for food and health safety. A cruise ship touches more than the port it calls home, but every port it touches and anyone who comes in contact with the ship's compliment.
  11. I use cruiseline.com. You can select any cruise for a price alert. You'll get an email if the price drops from the date you set up the alert. I've saved $$$ with this automatic feature but getting the updated rates and working through my TA or when I don't use a TA, the cruise line directly. Works as long as we have not made the final payment.
  12. Actually being on a ship at 50% capacity could be a good deal. Less lines, more space, no need to hog deck chairs - probably better service.
  13. They can social space on the larger ships. I'm curious on operations cost. Read one place that the newer ships are more efficient from a fuel perspective. Guess you pick the ships that you can make the most profit with the lowest number of people. I'm sure they'll fill the sub-capacity ships - lots of penned up demand to get back on the seas.
  14. I would guess they focus on keeping the higher priced rooms. Balcony/Concierge/Suites as they have a higher margin. I think those with "outside" air will get priority. Will be interesting to see what that translates into capacity - 50%, 75%? If you get on-board with the lower loading, obviously no fighting over deck chairs. It could end up being a more pleasant experience with a better passenger to crew ratio. If shuttering lower deck cabins, the ships would not need as many in housekeeping, so could save some labor. This will be very interesting.
  15. Three major classes in service from small to large: Millennium (Millennium, Infinity, Summit, Constellation), Solstice (Solstice, Equinox, Eclipse, SIllouette, Reflection)and Edge (Edge, Apex). Then there are 3 smaller explorer class ships that sail the Galapagos. Passenger loadings about 2,200 for M, 2,800 for S, and about 3,000 for E-class. So not close to the Oasis or Quantum class. Celebrity is lower key, demographic is a little older. Service has an uptick in elegance as there are less passengers and a slightly better guest/crew ratio. The S-class ships have a lawn area on the top deck. M-class have 3 elevator areas so less congestion moving through decks. Edge is a game changer. It really focuses on diversity of dining opportunities, theater and art. MDR is split into 4 different venues with their own specialties, plus a number of specialty restaurants that are over the top. Branded with the Magic Carpet, which is a moveable deck extension that serves as a bar and restaurant depending upon the weather. Its pretty cool, but you find out not very practical because of the wind restrictions for its use. It is nice sitting out there on the evenings when its in bar mode. After sailing a number of lines, we've settled on RCL family. Tend to sail Celebrity because of how they package "perks" like drink packages, internet, gratuities, OBC etc. If you book an entry suite with Celebrity you get all the perks. On RCL you have to go up to Star level on Oasis to get everything. Celebrity doesn't have toys, but is fine for families. Think RCL does a better job for all ages.
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