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  1. Ahoy shipmate! Yup... After a six month deployment on the Constellation I remember feeling the sway for about a week.
  2. Might have figured it out, I have always used Google Chrome (which wasn't working.) Dug up Microsoft Edge out of my computer's dusty corners and logged in that way. Everything works.
  3. Been on hold with the RC tech support number for 15 minutes so far, guessing it's an all-over issue.
  4. I'm able to sign in, but when I click "Plan My Cruise," it takes me back to the main page with sign in... Looks like the 40% Off add page is screwing things up.
  5. One day closer, one more thing to worry about... My wife and I have passports, but we did not get them for our children. I understand they will need their Birth Certificates to board when we get on and off the ship in ports. Do we need to carry Originals or can we take a copy? Can we take Notarized copies? A little concerned with taking their original birth certificates off-ship in ports. Thank you guys for all the help! 13 DAYS!!
  6. Just wanted to say Welcome Home to him and thank both of you for your service! -Navy Vet
  7. There are 14 of us who all booked at the same time for our upcoming cruise. We all got different boarding times and for three of us, it says Expedited. What does expedited mean and why would they give us boarding times that are several hours apart? All of the times are after noon, can we still show up at 11:30 and board, as was mentioned in another post?
  8. 18, 13 & 11, all girls... I'm guessing there's going to be a lot of sun tanning and boy watching.
  9. My thoughts are this; we can go to a water park, about 20 miles away, any time, for much much less. We're going to be an an island in the Caribbean, I want my kids to play on the beach, go snorkeling, etc. Things that they can't do at home. No way am I paying $150 for three kids to ride on water slides when there's a beautiful beach just yards away.
  10. Yeah, dug it out of the junk drawer, lol. We've always said wait until high school, but with this trip coming up and a few other reasons, we've decided to break down and get her a cell phone a year early. Any experience with two-way radios on board?
  11. My wife and I have the RC App on our new Galaxies and it works great. I charged up one of our old phones, a Galaxy S5 with plans to let our 13-year-old daughter use it on-board so she can get a hold of us with the RC chat feature. However, I can't seem to find the correct RC app with that phone. Does anyone know if the app is only available for newer phones? Has anyone else experienced this? And I guess, is this a good way for the kids to stay in contact while on-board? I've though about buying some two-way radios if we can't get the app to work. Anyone have experience with them on-board? We'd like to give her and her 11-year-old sister some autonomy, but want them to be safe and able to get a hold of us and vice-versa.
  12. I've never used a travel agent, what are the benefits to using one?
  13. Looks like we're in Roatan the following day, the 20th.
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