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  1. One things for sure. If they’re telling you that it’s in to be “new and improved “ you can bet it won’t be to the customers’ advantage. ’
  2. The casino discounts aren’t as good as they used to be but they still beat full fare
  3. The casino accepts cash only unless you use you Seapass to get gambling money and there is a 5% convenience fee if you do that.
  4. Not only that but who doesn’t get their hair done just before a cruise, anyway ? I suppose that for a special occasion....maybe. I have honestly not heard any good feedback from this service yet. I don’t see this taking up Prime real estate for long...
  5. The water looks nice and clear. I’ve been seeing on TV that the seaweed is bad in south Florida. Glad to see it wasn’t an issue for you.
  6. According to what I’ve read they still have not implemented Luggage Valet at Terminal A yet 😢🤨
  7. Oh we are definitely related, for sure ! I purchased the UDP almost exclusively so that I could get a CANNED Coke and not have to endure that horrible Coke spewed from the Freestyle machine. I will drink nothing before I will drink any fountain Coke.
  8. Yes, unfortunately, once your sailing is completely sold out it disappears from the website. I really dislike this feature and wish they would keep the sailing on the site and just list it as "sold out". It is very disconcerting to have your sailing completely disappear !!!
  9. We did the bumper cars on Anthem - once - just to say we did it. I did not particularly enjoy it. I am just too old and grumpy to have someone ram me in the side going full speed. This is supposed to be fun ? 😲
  10. Yes, when we bought the drink package in the past (we no longer purchase it b/c my husband no longer drinks alcohol) it was always for convenience vs savings. Neither of us were big drinkers - even when we were drinking alcohol - but it was very convenient #1 to have the expense behind us, having paid it ahead of time and #2 to be able to just order whatever we wanted whenever we wanted it without having to be concerned about a bit bill at the end of the cruise. We drink for free in the casino anyway so what little I may choose to drink I can either get in the casino or in the Suites/Diamond/Concierge lounge so I do not miss the UDP at all.
  11. There may be beautiful beaches in Curaçao. I have never looked ! I love to walk around town. There are really nice shopping areas they created from fortress ruins. Nice restaurants and bars; even a casino. Walk across the floating bridge into town and take a tuc-tuc tour. Drive past the floating market.
  12. The very fact that they are now holding embarkation lunches in the MDR vs in Chops sees to indicate that they have expanded the population of Key recipients.
  13. Yes. That will be more than adequate
  14. Yes, you can definitely ask your specialty restaurant waiter to bring you anything that they are serving in the MDR that evening. You can also ask the waiter to bring you something from a different specialty restaurant but I don’t overuse this amenity.
  15. The chance of your room being ready at noon is nearly 100%. I wouldn’t even worry about that. As others have said, the SC rooms are the top priority as immediate occupancy is one of the SC perks. I agree that Chops is probably no longer the first choice for embarkation lunch....especially with a big party. CK is not a bad choice but it’s not the kind of WOW Start to the SC experience that you’re really looking for. As long as you don’t plan on eating before noon, there is no reason why you couldn’t have lunch catered in your suite. Just remember that in-Suite catering is only available during regular restaurant operating hours regardless of what day it is. The nice thing about having lunch catered on boarding day is that you can take the time to eat and unpack kinda simultaneously. I am never really relaxed until I have unpacked. Eating lunch “out” only delays unpacking unless you’re eating to pass the time until your room is ready.
  16. You would only have your carry-on luggage with you as your big bags would have already been checked at the curb with the longshoremen. Since you have the UDP, you would have to take your carry-on bags with you to whatever specialty restaurant you eat at on embarkation day but that’s not a huge inconvenience. They always have a place to leave luggage by the door. Then, after you eat lunch, if it’s still too early to go to your room, you can always take your carry-on luggage and go to the Concierge Lounge. That’s not nearly as impressive on Anthem as it is on the O class ships but it’s somewhere quiet and convenient to wait for your room to be ready. Chances are, though, that by the time you finish eating lunch, the rooms will be ready.
  17. In July we rented a car from National for a few hours on a B2B on NAV. On turnaround day they picked us up at the port, took us to the airport where we picked up the car, conducted our business, returned the car to the airport and the shuttle took us back to the ship. I used loyalty points so it was just a couple of dollars for taxes. The service was perfect and it was very convenient.
  18. I believe that if the ship knows why someone has been delayed and it is a reasonable wait, they will wait. It's those folks who just don't come back on time and haven't bothered to try and signal "we're on our way !!" that get left. If they are aware that an excursion has been delayed (even if it is not one of theirs) I think they will try and accommodate. I will never know b/c I will never be that brave !
  19. Welcome to the Blog, Rui. Congratulations on the Royal Loft Suite. I know you're going to LOVE Star Class.
  20. As others have mentioned, the Key is really a waste of money if you are Sky class. Since you have the Ultimate Dining Package, you will already be entitled to the embarkation lunch - somewhere. The absolute ONLY Key amenity that you will not get with Sky class is the one where you are permitted to drop your luggage off at the theater and have it delivered to your suite. If you think that is worth $419.86, then by all means, keep The Key.
  21. I love holiday sailings. I know you will have a blast !
  22. Yeah ! Great job. Mine looked nothing like these 😞😞
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