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  1. Just my opinion, but I wouldn't believe a SINGLE WORD about anything coming out of China. Just sayin'
  2. Re: elective surgeries....I feel so lucky to have gotten this knee replacement when I did. The surgeons that did this knee are now postponing all such surgeries. We have just been ahead of this awful wave in so many ways...I feel so blessed.
  3. We had RCCL stock but when we divested out of the market in October 2019 (hallelujah !!!!!) we got rid of everything. We never tried to use it to get any OBC b/c by the time they loosened the rules for getting OBC we were already out of the market - or pretty close to that time. Have we been tempted to get back in ? NOPE. We are as happy as 2 clams to be seeing our "safe" investments increasing every day rather than going down, down, down. We both still have a little "funny money" in the market but it's less than 2% of my portfolio so I don't really care what happens there. Trust me when I say...that the best decision I ever made in my entire life was to get out of the stock market last year. Dan and I calculate that we would have lost more than a million dollars together if we had stayed. Will it come back ? Yes, I'm sure it will but I haven't got that kind of time !! This is all the retirement money I will ever have. If I had lost close to 30% (or more) of it in these past few weeks I would be devastated financially. No cruise stocks for me !!!!
  4. Thanks so much for the pix of 10324. These 2 (10324 and 10724) are the only 2 GLS that we had not seen. We had 10720 on the second half of our B2B and were so disappointed with it. We were in 8724 on the first half of the B2B and that room was incredible !! Nice to see that the "interior" GLS on 10 were nice size.
  5. Welcome to the blog, Alvie. I have noticed that, since the halt in cruising began, the Cruise Planner prices have gone up and remained there. There’s really no way to know whether there will be any “sales” forthcoming or not. We just have to keep checking. You are wise to check daily. We do the same. Hang in there !
  6. Any FCC will be made to the cruisers. You and your husband will both receive one. They don’t care who paid !
  7. Thanks for taking the time to do this. We need a good distraction right now. I love Yen. We have had her as our Genie twice (Feb 2019) and we saw her a few times on our recent Anthem cruise (the shortened cruise ending 2/15/20). She is a sweetie.
  8. Of course, try and upgrade !! Why wouldn't you ? Even if the cruise is cancelled in the end, you will be no worse for the wear. Maybe we will all be lucky and be cruising by then !! I have a Majesty cruise out of NO May 16 and I'm still planning on going !! I would upgrade, too, if I could...but the prices on that one have stayed very high.
  9. Yes, the big windows are certainly dramatic but I think the biggest advantage to the CLS is the location - deck 17. Being close to the CK/SL is very nice. Personally, I would also choose the OS over the CLS. In fact, I DID choose the OS over a CLS for the March 2021 Allure sailing. Subsequently, I was able to grab a Star Loft Suite so I gave up the OS, but I prefer an OS to a CLS. The stairs are a problem for me and I feel there is much more room in an OS than a CLS.
  10. Correct. Free internet only on Oasis and Quantum class ships with GS or higher. You would have to pay for internet on Freedom regardless of what cabin category you have.
  11. I certainly don’t know for sure, but I thought Cadiz was the only dry dock capable of bringing an O class completely out of the water. Maybe Southampton has such a dry dock. I really don’t know.
  12. By “casino credit”, I assume you are talking about something that you purchased through the Cruise Planner ? Any Cruise Planner purchases (excursions, food or beverage packages, Internet, casino credit, etc) will be refunded directly back to the credit card used to purchase them. If you rebook another cruise, you would have to repurchase any Cruise Planner purchases you wanted. Welcome to the blog !
  13. The article states that the "he cancellation of this contract for this ship". That does not mean that a new modified contract could not be executed. Cadiz is one of the only shipyards in the world (in the west, anyway) where the azipod work can be completed so it would make no sense to send the ship back to Hampton. No dry dock work could be completed at Hampton. I agree with @jeffmw that, if the ship does go to dry dock, they probably will do SOME of the amplification work, but certainly they will not have the full amplification that had been planned.
  14. Honestly, I think this ridiculous paperwork requirement is going to have much longer negative impact on cruising than the CV19 will. How short-sighted ! The only thing this did was make the bean counters feel better in the short term. In the long term it's going to ruin cruising for the cruiselines' bread and butter. Utter nonsense.
  15. I’m perplexed by that, too. I would have thought that your FCC would have been for the full value of your cruise fare. It’s very surprising to hear that you had a 50% cash refund and a 50% FCC.
  16. That is also what I have read....so it may have to be "OKed" by the CLIA to get it removed. I still think it is completely impractical and a bit discriminatory.
  17. This is just a personal opinion....based on nothing more than common sense. It is my belief that the "Dr. note" scenario will quietly slip away. It might have sounded like a reasonable plan when some bean counter devised it, but honestly, it's not workable. As you said, MOST doctors are not going to declare that a passenger is "fit to cruise" - there's no way to truly verify that. What does it even mean ? It's too broad of a declaration. If they quietly change the form to remove that declaration and only ask the HCP to verify any chronic ongoing health issues, it might work. Then the passenger could sign a statement not to hold the cruise line liable (I also realize those are not worth the paper they are printed on) and leave it at that. There is always risk for both the passenger and the cruise line. Ship happens. But this Dr. note thing is not workable in the big scheme. IMO. Is this REALLY the time to be asking HCP to sign silly waivers for cruisers ? I think they have waaay more important things to do right now.
  18. She is ? I thought she was locked out of Cadiz until the 26th.
  19. Something to keep in mind. A cruise ship cannot “make” fresh water unless it is underway. I’m sure they probably all have plenty of water, for now, but if they need to make fresh water, they will have to sail around. So chances are these ships are going to have to move about, from time-to-time in order to make fresh water and reprovision. It’ll be an interesting ballet to watch.
  20. The first half of my Oasis B2B in Jan 2022 (Jan 9) has dropped by over $400 PP. But as Denise said, the cruise planner items have gone up and stayed there. Hopefully Michelle can grab the price adjustment for me on Big O.
  21. I've done the butterfly farm in Aruba. It was ok...but I definitely would not expect it to be a highlight excursion for the day.
  22. Correct on everything up to the excess part. If it works the way they usually work, any FCC that exceeds the balance of the cruise would be paid back to you in the form of new FCC’s for each person. It should not matter whether you have a refundable or non-refundable deposit.
  23. NOW you’re thinking like a real addict ! Great job !
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