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  1. So sorry to hear that your husband tested positive. Will you have time to re-test ?
  2. Repricing can be pretty confusing b/c there are so many factors that have to be considered. This is the sequence that I use to see if there has been a price drop or not : 1. Has the base price of my cruise changed ? This is the original, retail per person price before any discounts have been applied. 2. What are the current discounts ? This is the hard part. You have to be able to determine what the current offers are and that can be confusing but the bottom line is all that matters. If the base price has gone down but the current reductions are also less than your original price then there may or may not be an actual overall price reduction. Check each one to see if it still applies or if there are any new or different ones. 3. When you call make SURE that the agent applies ALL of the effective promotions and discounts. I had an issue with this very recently. The agent (this was a casino comp so I was working with a casino agent) told me that my current price was lower than the “new” price but I knew that was wrong b/c the base price had gone down and they were still offering all of the promo/discounts of my original pricing so I knew there HAD to be a reduction. After a few minutes of discussion she realized that she had not applied one of the discounts. She made that change and sure enough, the overall price went down ! This can really get confusing when you start talking about Kids Sail Free or Single Supplement pricing and since none of those ever applies to me, I’m useless !
  3. I really don't know the answer for sure, but I think there is a very good chance that the cruisefare would be repriced if you removed pax at this point. The advice that I think you will receive here is to simply have the 2 young'uns be no-shows at the pier. Basically, do nothing...but they simply don't come along. You would be refunded taxes and port fees for them but the cruisefare would not change. I would discuss this with your TA if you booked through one and there's no down side to calling Royal to ask them if you booked directly.
  4. Don’t forget about those of us who want to cruise but are being prohibited. …or maybe we are being included in your “…lack of qualified…”.
  5. This is why Dan and I both get individual Internet packages. It isn’t intentional, but it happened constantly on the one cruise where we tried to share. Nope.
  6. I love that little cinema. I hope they never remove it. We loved going there to watch a movie on the long sea days on our TA many years ago. I think we were on Jewel, but the floor plan is the same....
  7. Me three. We are on the 9-4-22 TA (Voyager) from Copenhagen to Boston. We are also on the 8-19-22 Jewel British Isles cruise which is RT Amsterdam. So we will end the Jewel cruise in Amsterdam on 8-31-22 and have 5 days to get to Copenhagen for the Voyager TA. So we need recommendations for both Amsterdam and Copenhagen plus ideas for getting from Amsterdam to Copenhagen.
  8. The second BR is the same size as a regular interior room. It’s small. The way it’s configured it can sleep 4 with 2 of those being elevated bunk beds. The lower bed(s) is a standard adult queen size bed that can be separated into 2 singles. Keep in mind that there are also sleeper sofas in the living room that can be used as well. Unless your dad would enjoy sleeping with the kids, he might be more comfortable out in the living room. I think (but don’t know for sure) that the room attendant can get safety rails for the elevated bunk beds.
  9. I found this. Not the docs you’re looking for though https://www.wtsp.com/article/travel/florida-federal-appeals-court-overturn-cruise-line-vaccine-ruling/67-d9a3f590-a0ed-463e-ac9b-777646a33ef4
  10. There was a buffet in the MDR for breakfast ? I don't remember that at all....but it's been a really long time since I had a MDR breakfast.
  11. Not sure what you might be shopping for....but I will just say...the only place I buy diamonds is in St. Thomas. It's no different from any other port in that you still must bargain, but the prices are really the best I've found anywhere else. I shop at Dynasty Dazzlers, but there are other good places, too. I do recommend that you steer clear of the cruiseline jewelers such as Diamonds International. It has been my experience that the prices are higher at these shops than at the local shops.
  12. OMG that is horrible. Scram from the start to the finish. I learned my lesson about buying "pharmaceuticals" in Coz too. I had read of so many people buying their Z Pak's in Mexico so I bought 3 of them on one of our trips. When I used them, they were absolutely 100% useless. Obvious fake. Never again.
  13. Score ! Congratulations. Those suites are sooooo nice
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