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  1. I continually get confused about which perks are related to D+ and which are related to being in a suite...so I cannot be sure whether the bridge, galley and entertainment (theater) tours are related to being in a suite or not. I believe that suite guests are invited to do the tours though. I would ask this question when the suites Concierge contacts you prior to the cruise (usually 5 days prior to sailing). They will confirm it for you then. Others with better memories will probably answer before then.
  2. Not that I'm trying to "extra" you to death, but I believe that the Unlimited Dining Package on NAV is a great deal. I LOVE Hooked...if you, your brother and father enjoy seafood, it's really a treat. Not only do you get all of your dinners in specialty restaurants, but you also get lunch on embarkation day and on any sea days. We even found that Izumi was open on some of the port days so there is a lot of value (IMO) in the UDP on NAV. Since you're all in suites, you will get breakfast daily in Chops, which is a huge step up from any of the other breakfast locations. I hope your dad is super surprised and that he feels completely pampered. Does your brother know you've upgraded everything ?
  3. I know I'm a dinosaur, but in the past I have made spreadsheets that showed planned events and the "openings" for when I wanted to schedule meals. In the long run, this proved to be too burdensome and I abandoned it but it does work....it's just a lot of extra effort. I don't know if there is a way to print out the Cruise Planner information, if that is what you are asking. I guess the second best option would just be to jot down the times for which you already have events planned.
  4. What a great trip for you 3. It makes my heart happy to see a family trip like this. Enjoy it ALL !
  5. Yep. Thanks. I figured that out when reading the other thread. I should have looked on the deck plan but was just too lazy !
  6. Almost certainly it would be the fact that the lifeboats would be directly beneath you and would cause a partial block of the ocean view below you. I don't find these obstructions to be a problem at all. It only blocks your view if you are looking over the edge of the balcony and looking straight down.
  7. We have done the SLS and loved it. We had the oceanview version and we had friends who were in the aft facing one (both were on Harmony but the suites are the same as Oasis). Both are awesome. We aren’t huge fans of the loft suites (stairs are a PITA) but they are beautiful and impressive suites, for sure. The balcony on the aft facing is bigger but the balcony on the oceanview is more private. Don’t hesitate to book either one of these suites !
  8. Good luck. He’s very elusive. 🤭🤭
  9. While we have never done an Escape Room, it is my understanding that they are included along with cupcake decorating and sushi making classes.
  10. Yes. All are included. The only thing that is not included are the pastries and snacks at Starbucks. All drinks at Starbucks are included though. All food, complimentary and specialty is included. If you want to attend the Chef’s Table, you will be charged $25 PP for the wine but nothing for the food.
  11. On the Oasis and Quantum class ships, there are high level suites (Star Class suites) that have, as part of the service/amenities, Royal Genies. They are personal assistants to the suites and provide extra services like reserving personal seats, making reservations, expediting certain activities, etc.
  12. Nothing wrong with your post or your request ! Sometimes you can purchase the ship models on eBay or other similar sites. Sometimes folks on this site will be willing to buy one for you, have you reimburse them, and ship it to you once they return. I’ve seen it happen numerous times. Good luck !
  13. Welcome to the Blog !!! I am not a fan of Belize City so I don't even get off the ship there. No help. For Costa Maya, I recommend that you take the free shuttle from the port into Mahahual (maybe a 5 minute ride) and just find a good place to plop and spend the day. We always go to the Krazy Lobster (formerly Coco Loco) but most of the places on the beach are basically the same. They will provide you with a lounger or a chair, ok food and cheap beer. What's not to love ?? The free shuttle only runs one way so you will have to get a taxi back to the ship but it's not much money. Can't remember how much. I'm not sure if they are still having issues with seaweed in CM or not. I have been lucky and never had any problems with seaweed but I have read many accounts of massive amounts of seaweed washing up on shore and causing icky problems....most notably, stench. You can always choose to just stay inside the compound in CM too. It has one of the nicest pier and dock areas of any cruise port I have been to. The beer and food isn't quite as cheap as out in town, but if they are having seaweed issues at the beach, it might be best just to stay near the port. There are plenty of places to go in COZ that are close to the port. If you go to the International Terminal, you can walk to the Grand Park Royal, which is a resort very near that pier. For a very reasonable amount (I think maybe $40), they will give you all day access to the beach, the pools and facilities. You have to purchase your own food and beverages but the facilities are very nice. If you dock downtown (Punta Langosta) you can still reach Grand Park Royal but it's a further walk. There is really no shortage of beaches to choose from in COZ, especially if you are willing to take a taxi. We have gone to San Francisco beach, which is a free beach directly next to Paradise Beach, which is a paid beach. There are lots of all-inclusives in COZ like Mr. Sanchos and Nachi Cocom.
  14. Is this your first cruise on Anthem ?
  15. Welcome to the SC snobs' club. All are welcome ! I am definitely going to bow to Lovetocruise2002 here. She did an excellent job of personalizing their gifts to their Genie on her first SC cruise. I guess the only question is whether or not you have time to do the kind of personalized gifts that she did... On our last SC cruise (Dec. 8 on Oasis) I brought back some things that I had gotten on a recent trip to the Middle East, which included a lovely (smallish) Aladdin's Lamp. Come to find out, the Genies are all given small genie lamps when they enter the program, so it was kind of a bust, but I tried.... The thing to keep in mind is that they have very little personal space in their cabins so whatever you get, be sure that it isn't big !! I usually give the female Genies something like a pashmina wrap, which I also gave Joyce along with her lamp...for the guys I usually give them something from a favorite or local sports team like a ball cap or a jersey. Interestingly, on our Dec. 8 Oasis cruise, our Genie did NOT give us gifts, which is the first time I have had that happen. Honestly, the gift-giving (on my part) was initiated b/c I felt bad that the Genie gave me a gift but I had nothing (except for money) to give them in return. Frankly, if I had known that she wasn't going to give us anything, I wouldn't have bothered. On our first few SC cruises, the Genie (happened to be Reyno, both times) went way out of his way to give us personalized gifts. It seems that Reyno had gone so far as to go online and track down Dan's Facebook and twitter accounts (I have neither) and learned that Dan was a Marine Corps pilot in his younger days and had gotten a gift that reflected Dan's background. Reyno, is, himself, a milit'ry (spoken with a dashing South African accent) man...so they had a lot in common right off the bat. After that first time, I made sure I had something to give back ! I think you're going to love being SC on Anthem. We did B2B SC cruises on Anthem last Feb. and it was the best trip(s) ever. There are many activities and events for which having a Genie really makes a big difference. If you have children along who will enjoy things like bumper cars and roller skating, it is particularly awesome. The downside is the lackluster Coastal Kitchen and lack of Suites Lounge but you will be spending most of your time in the specialty restaurants anyway....so it's not a huge deal. Make sure Romina gets you reserved seating in the Music Hall and 270 for the cover band concerts. She will probably tell you, officially, she cannot reserve seats in the Music Hall, but privately she will make sure you are taken care of. I am still an Oasis class lover, but for being SC, I think it is really extra helpful on the Q class ships...there are so many special activities. Which deck are you on ? the GLS on Deck 8 are amazing !!
  16. I think this is a very astute observation. The more people that panic and cancel up front, the less money they have to refund if and when they decide to cancel or modify the sailing.
  17. Yikes ! Glad you were there last week and not yesterday. Good thing you got a picture when you did. It may no longer exist. Scary.
  18. Depending on what service was provided, we generally tip between $500-$700 for a 7 night cruise. It’s just the 2 of us. In the past, when we have had the Genie arrange large get together for us, we have tipped a bit more.
  19. Welcome to the blog. Have a great cruise ! ...and Congratulations!
  20. If this is from the Suites Lounge (and I assume it is, from my post) then anyone who is in a full suite or a Pinnacle Club member can go to this lounge. They serve water, wine and beer all day (11-11) and liquor during the “happy” hours.
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