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  1. We have been on 2 cruises since the restart of cruising both Freedom of the seas. Concerning mask wearing most people were adhering to the ships policy. every now and then we saw somebody without a mask no biggie. Guest services all ways gave us a mask when we asked. Do not worry to much about your check in time. Get there as soon as you can I guarantee you will board the ship. Have a great cruise!
  2. I will be on the Allure January 22, 8 nights and January 30, 6 nights B2B. Looking forward to a great vacation. Hope to see you all aboard but if no one shows up I will enjoy my own private Yacht! Signed Masked, Mask less or whatever
  3. RCL is relying more on massive family oriented ships as there destinations than actual ports in the Caribbean.
  4. Ah someday maybe I too will have an annual travel policy.
  5. I wonder how Super Mario handles his health insurance? Does he buy travel insurance for every cruise? I have many more ?s
  6. I find that most of the time RCL customer service is good. But a call back for a second opinion never hurts!
  7. If you don'tgets satisfaction from a Royal Caribbean customer service agent call again and talk with another. Seems like everyone has a different answer or result.
  8. The link to C & A benefits https://www.royalcaribbean.com/content/dam/royal/resources/pdf/crown-and-anchor-society-benefit-grid.pdf
  9. Thanks, We were on the September 20 Freedom cruise. I back up everything you posted RCL did an excellent job!
  10. Hi, We just got off of the Freedom Sept. 20 with 2 stops at co co cay. On the ship as others have said getting around inside requires a mask in halls and elevators. I saw a few without but no biggee. No masks outdoors on ship or coco cay! We had a Great time. Enjoy!
  11. Almost every mixed drink is 13 dollars.
  12. Hi, We just booked this cruise. We were on the the Sept. 20 4 nights with 2 stops at coco cay. The ship is great they sailed with 1200 passengers very roomy! any questions? Mitch
  13. Formal is all but dead at this time.
  14. Just got off of the Freedom no traclets just a blue wrist band for the vaccinated.
  15. So Far so good no change in RCL policy! Be ready to board Review our health and safety protocols. Vaccination All guests 12 and older must be fully vaccinated prior to sailing and must provide documentation of full vaccination (for example, a COVID-19 vaccination record card) prior to boarding. Guests must have received the final vaccine dose at least 14 days before sailing. Pre-cruise testing All guests 2 and older must bring the negative result of a COVID-19 test taken within 3 days of sailing. Sail Day Testing Kids ages 2 to 11 are required to take a complimentary PCR test for COVID-19 when checking in at the terminal. Registration details will be emailed in advance. Denial of boarding Failure to meet or comply with any of our health and safety protocols may result in denial of boarding. Questions? Visit our health center
  16. Question Are all the people that work on Coco Cay RCL employees and if so wouldn't everyone be vaccinated?
  17. So does this mean all RCL ships that have a Bahamas port after September 1 will be rerouted or canceled due to the fact that they accept passengers with no vaccine ? These conditions include: The ship transmits a full passenger manifest which discloses the vaccination status of all persons onboard All passengers who are twelve years old and older were fully vaccinated prior to embarking on the cruise ship at the start of the voyage The health protocols previously submitted to the Bahamian government have been complied with.
  18. I Hope RCL enforces all the rules and regulations as good as they enforced the chair hogs!
  19. We are sailing Mitch and Patty we have a guaranteed balcony. I see we will be joined at coco key on both days by the Mariner of the seas. see you onboard!
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