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  1. 3 hours ago, Tira04 said:

    I would wait. You have a long time still and airlines are constantly changing itineraries at the moment.  I would set up a fare alert for the route you're looking for. Sky scanner offers this on their website,  I think. It will send you an email when fares change for dates and route you are looking for. 

    Agree with this.

  2. I just wanted to share some good vibrations. While I had two cruises cancelled this year (May, Oct), and I am still waiting on taxes and fees to be refunded, I have made the best of a bad situation. I gladly chose the 125% FCC and the 125% cruise planner credit. I have done all the bookings myself, mostly through email using RCI sales reps I have used in the past, because I’m in the UK and don’t really have a goto travel agent.  So the good news is I have been able to go from an 8 night sailing to a 12 night sailing (with nothing but gratuities, taxes, and fees to pay) using the 125% FCC and have amassed $1400 OBC to spend. I have lost out on about $125 OBC credit but considering the 4 extra nights and the itinerary (Canary Islands, Portugal, and Spain) I am super excited! I didn’t even have to pay a deposit, as FCC was reinstated while I was on the phone finalising the booking.  So yes, it has not been ideal, I am still looking at a much better cruise than I started out with in my opinion. The new booking is for July 2021, so hopefully 3rd time lucky.

  3. Well after my second cancellation I booked again for next summer! 3rd time lucky? 

    So I’m back to 327 days and counting. I have never booked this far out before. Can anyone tell me when the Royal App starts to let you explore your sailing? Or has COVID 19 disrupted this as well? 

    Back to waiting for my 90 day check-in, stalking the blog, and watching cruise planner every day. 



  4. 56 minutes ago, Mike.s said:

    Ray, I assume by booking via the US we lose out on ABTA/ATOL protection but get the benefit of being able to reprice?

    Yes, you lose any UK protections like ABTA/ATOL when booking through a US or out of country agent. I personally have done it in the past, but with the way things are going this year, I'm glad I am protected.

  5. Posted on RCI website:


    • Explorer of the Seas’ revitalization will take place August 2020 given the closure of shipyards along with the disruption to the supply chain caused by this pandemic. As a result, Explorer’s August 2020 sailings will be cancelled and the revitalization will be a technical dry dock where only routine maintenance work will take place.

  6. 27 minutes ago, Traveler said:

    11 am flight might be a challenge   and a gamble , the security lines and even more problematic the  immigration in Rom airport 

    I concur. You would have to get off ship early, uneventful trip from port to airport, and then deal with normal airport stuff. As a frequent visitor to Italy i can tell you there is a thing called "Italian Time", meaning they get things done when things get done, not a place I know for it's promptness or rushing, in my opinion of course.

  7. I am sure there are lots of "official" exceptions. The UK has lots of these. For example if you work in the EU one day a week, you are exempt from the 14 day travel quarantine. Drive a delivery truck, exempt. Essential healthcare, exempt. Military, exempt. I believe some of these new policies are just for show. 

  8. 1 minute ago, PieEater said:

    I’m due to sail on Allure of the Seas on 9th August out of Barcelona.

    Just weighing up my options before final payment date as I honestly can’t see it sailing and don’t want £4000 tied up with RCI for next 12 months.

    if I “Lifted and Shifted” to a similar sailing next year which RCI have offered to me - do they transfer my cruise planner purchases (drink package / photo package) to my new cruise (effectively same itinerary in 12 months time) or do they just refund them and you have to book them again at the prevailing rate?


    Cruise planner purchases are refunded, and you have to repurchase them again at the prevailing rate.

  9. 13 hours ago, Andrew72681 said:

    I’m really hoping the beginning was a Good Place reference as that may be the best show in the last decade. Otherwise this is totally Forked Up. 

    No, I'm not ash-hole, Definitely A Good place Reference, re-watching the whole series this week.

    5 hours ago, Andrew72681 said:

    Ok. So let’s analyze this as Paul pointed out we were looking at it wrong. None of these are Royal Caribbean Ships. Explorer, Navigator, voyager, Mariner are all regent ships. 

    That seems like a better explanation.

  10. 2 minutes ago, daha699 said:

    Yes you are correct , But what i am curious about the other specialty restaurants like Samba Grill Brazilian steakhouse is not listed on cruise planner and that used to be there , so i am curious there taking restaurants away with out replacing them ??

    I understand, I don't think anyone will have that information. 

  11. 17 hours ago, daha699 said:

    Any idea what specialty restaurants will be on allure after dry dock  i am debating on the UDP or 3 night package but as of right now it is very unclear what restaurants will be on the ship ....

    I believe Allure is just having maintenance and certification done at the moment. She was planned to have upgrades but these have been cancelled due to COVID 19 and the shutdown in an effort to save RCI money. 

  12. 13 hours ago, Okgladgal said:

    FCC and Cruise Planner refunds at 125% have truly been a trying experience. I'm happy to say my FCC came back to me correct (after the first wrong one) to within a dollar. My 125% cruise planner refund came back on the nose. I realize I didn't have anything complicated like others but just wanted to bring some good news to this thread.

    Same here, Just waiting on taxes and port fees now, but I have no expectation of receiving before July, so very positive experience for me as well.

  13. With regards to my 125% FCC. Not sure if I just got the wrong advisor (or if it's a UK thing), but my booking in the UK they would not refund my deposit (FCC paid for the entire fare), and they used the deposit to pay most of the taxes and port fees. I still haven't received my taxes or port fees back from the cruise they cancelled, but don't expect them until end of July. 

  14. Tricky one for us as I don't smoke (ex-smoker) but my wife works for a vape company and vapes. She is not an obvious vape user, and by that I mean she does not create clouds of vapor, in fact she is very conscious of others and does not release any vapor at all if she chooses not to. If we were told she could not vape at all, I think we would have to go elsewhere:( or she would have to flaunt the rules by vaping in the cabin, the toilets, or by concealing her habit.

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