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  1. My family booked an April 2022 cruise on Mariner of the Seas and we currently have 2 balcony rooms. We started out with 5 people, one person already backed out but we were able to cancel them with very little hassle and actually got a price drop. We intend to put 2 people in each room. My 74 yo Mom is already considering not going now, which would leave just me and my two teenage kids. Obviously we wouldn't be able to keep both rooms since you have to have an adult in each room so what happens if she decides to cancel? I might be able to put someone in her place but if we can't will we have options? Mom has already said she wouldn't want a future cruise credit because she doesn't know if she would ever use it. Could we drop one room and get a credit towards the remaining room? On board credit? I'm realistic that there wouldn't be a refund but we're hoping for something. Thanks for any info. Kate
  2. I just went ahead and called. I needed 2 connecting rooms, 2 people in one, 3 in the other. For some reason it wouldn't let me do it online so I called and the really nice young lady at RC made it work. Way easier and you skip the step of having to do it online. The wait on hold isn't to bad right now either. Kate
  3. I'm a little confused. My 2 teenagers and I will be sailing in April 2022 and of course the teens want internet, which I'm fine with. Here's where my confusion comes in. If I put it under just my name and chose 3 devices its $147. If I click all three of our names and click 1 device It's well over $200. Obviously it makes sense to just click one name and 3 devices but I'm worried it means only one device will work at a time. I've tried to get through to customer service but they're a little busy right now and the wait would've been way to long. Any insight into what the difference is? Thanks, Kate
  4. We're going to Cozumel (Woo Hoo!) in April and my 16 year old has mobility issues but would love to do one of the shore excursions. On good days he can walk a fair amount but sometimes uses a walker or wheelchair on bad days. Does anyone have advice on a good activity for him that would be fun for a teenager but won't wear him out for the rest of the cruise? He's pretty good in water since it's less impact on his hips and less likely to pop his other joints out. Thanks for any help! Kate
  5. With all the crazy information I figured I would come here and ask the experts. We (My 2 kids, 72 yo Mom and I) will be cruising on Independence in July. My Mom has health/breathing issues, only 1 lung, COPD, a few other issues and has already said she's not going. She is very definite in this. The kids and I are going no matter what (desperate for a vacation). We all planned to stay in the same room but now we will be 3 instead of 4. So my question is, do I see about getting a credit for her fare? Will my room cost go up if we do this? Should we just do her as a no-show and if we do this who do I tell and when? Right now we're booked into a balcony room but not a Jr Suite. I'm happy with the room and don't want to change unless it's an upgrade, of course. Since we're still so far out I'm sure a lot will change and it's really like being in an auction and wanting to hit the timing just right to maybe get perks or avoid pitfalls. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Happy Sailing! Kate
  6. I'll be cruising in July to Jamaica with a stop in CocoCay and was wondering if they offer snorkeling there? It's been a while since I've been and I would love for the kid to get a chance to do it. The cruise offers a snorkeling shore excursion in Jamaica but I would rather spend that day exploring. Thanks for the info in advance. Katie
  7. I was on the 10th floor on the Brilliance of the Sea and I can confirm the rolling cart noise under the dining areas. Do not book under them. They rolled until 2:00 AM and were back at it by 5:00 AM. It was awful!
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