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    amanx got a reaction from PRebecca in The Key? Is it worth the price?   
    I have bought it for $17 pp/pd for a cruise in a months time/ 
    As i was buying internet anyway, and we get the Chops lunch, reserved seats and debarcation day Bfast (we are driving home so planned on leaving late) i feel it will be worth it.
    Will let you know when i get back
  2. Thanks
    amanx got a reaction from raahc in Insurance - repatriation - how much is enough?   
    I think most important is to have repatriation of your Live body, for proper medical treatment.  So make sure your insurance covers that, and if ther is a cap.
    Getting flown home can be like 50K.
  3. Love
    amanx got a reaction from Rhason B. in RCCL Mattresses   
    this was uncalled for.  i read your thread as i am interested in how people felt about the mattresses, but am aware everyones preferences are different.  for instance, didnt know you could get a quilted topper.
  4. Confused
    amanx reacted to Rhason B. in RCCL Mattresses   
    And as I stated before and in the post itself, I am aware of people's taste, and that they vary. And as to being careful, I am free to feel what I want and respond how I want.  You being upset by response does not change how his response seemed sarcastic. We all have opinions😁😉😊
  5. Like
    amanx reacted to PG Cruiser in RCCL Mattresses   
    From this reply, I could see that mattresses will not be your only problem when you sail.
  6. Sad
    amanx reacted to Rhason B. in RCCL Mattresses   
    There's no need for the sarcasm Matt, I'm aware of this moot point. However, I wanted people's opinion. And I wanted other people's experiences overall and possible remedies if they in fact did experience a mattress that was  uncomfortable to them (I Am Brand New To Cruising). If there's not any helpful information that you can offer, please can you refrain from posting to my comment section.
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    amanx reacted to Oliver in RCCL Mattresses   
    I don’t believe Matt was trying to be sarcastic. He was trying to point out that people’s taste in mattresses are indeed subjective. And I would be careful about being rude to him because he is the creator and maintainer of this entire site and blog. He may not get offended but others trying to offer you advice might. I myself am already upset at your response to him.
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    amanx got a reaction from misslottie in "New" MDR Menus   
    I actually quite like the look of the menu above.  Hopefully something similar for my upcoming cruise on Explorer
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    amanx got a reaction from gmanager in Cococay - Cat 5..   
    You are right not to buy a package for a child that young, it is bad for their health all that sugar.  Buy the the odd drink with dinner or lunch or share a sip.  Better for them.  Milk water or juice is fine.
    Been a member of CC since 2002 and yeah gets a little rough at times.
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    amanx got a reaction from cdixon22 in Cococay - Cat 5..   
    Me too but at least they will have guaranteed employment to re set the island and then work there.  unlike those on other islands
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    amanx reacted to AGSLC5 in Cruise this weekend from Miami to Nassau & Perfect Day at Coco Cay - HURRICANE DORIAN   
    UPDATE: I got the Email from Royal at 6:19 Eastern time.. The Navigator cruise will be Saturday Sea Day, Sunday Nassau and they are offering a 33% future cruise credit for the inconvenience.. 
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    amanx got a reaction from TJ! in People With Unpopular Opinons?   
    I have to say I take loads of vacations all over.  from driving the wine country in France, to traipsing around London, the beaches of Brittany and Gulf coast florida and visiting the Keys.  I used to live in Nassau and i hated when cruise ships came to town- too many people.  So just avoided town those days.
    But then I tried cruising and i loved it- esp when cruising with my kids.  Sure it is different from land based vacations, but i find different good sometimes.  And the value is decent with all that is included.
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    amanx reacted to TJ! in to Key or not to Key?   
    with everyone in such a lively and friendly mood due to vacation I can't imagine there would be any segregation or vibes of it.
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    amanx reacted to FManke in to Key or not to Key?   
    Huh? People paying for extras, equals segregation?
  15. Thanks
    amanx got a reaction from mark.s in Aft Staterooms   
    I stayed in an Aft Balcony on Navigator.  It was splendid, I liked it better than my JS on Explorer.  It was so big it fit all 5 of us (my 3 kids were in an interior cabin just a few doors away).  We had breakfast there a few times, plus sail aways.  It was deck9 or 10, cant remember.
    Wish I was in one this time, but i only booked 95 days out so there were none left.  So i'm on the Hump.
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    amanx got a reaction from monctonguy in My Vegas On Board Credit Purchase and Redemption   
    You CAN redeem 2 awards for the same booking- if another occupant if your cabin is also a myvegas player with their own acct.  The OH and i both did this yesterday, so 2x100 OBC
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    amanx got a reaction from SpeedNoodles in The Key Program   
    I just booked my Nov cruise this week,  and i booked the key yesterday for 19.99 pp. only just over 90 days out. 
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