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  1. See? This board is a veritable mine of highly specific and useful information.
  2. Okay, continuing on my recent trend that are extremely limited and scope and probably affect very few others, figured I'd throw another one out there. The success rate so far has been 100%, and hopefully the information might help someone else out there! So, I have some OBC credited to my upcoming cruise from my RCCL Visa through My Cruise Rewards. Does anyone know what happens to that OBC if the cruise gets cancelled? What about if I end cancelling through the Cruise with Confidence program (not what I'm planning to do right now, but could be a concern as time goes on)? Could I reass
  3. Okay, there's been a million FCC questions flying around, so why not one more? Let's say my cruise gets cancelled and I take the 125% FCC. Can I use that FCC on a cruise with a different Travel Agent? I presume that the agent (or agency) isn't tied to the FCC and I'd be free to use someone else, but with so many specific rules involved with these things, figured I better turn to the experts! TIA!
  4. Nope. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/04/01/no-royal-caribbean-did-not-extend-its-cruise-cancellations-until-september
  5. So, no I think? You'll get back your original 125% FCC to use towards another cruise, and then 125% of any extra money you've spent on the new cruise (Cruise Planner purchases or cruise fare beyond the initial FCC). But not 125% of the original 125%. I think. Or, perhaps, the opposite of what I think is true. Which is possible...
  6. Exactly. It's one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't spots...
  7. We have some of these idiots up here in Jersey, too. These clowns are a few towns over from me: https://kywnewsradio.radio.com/articles/news/police-break-up-house-party-with-dj-in-ewing-township
  8. Since it's a fantasy cruise, can I take an around-the-world trip in an Oasis-class family suite (I'm not picky, any one will do! )? Perhaps I could even move some bridges to create a more port-intensive itinerary! More realistically, and I know this is a controversial opinion, but I'd like to take a cruise where we hit both Labadee and Coco Cay. I'm a fan of "beach break" days, and like the idea of being at a beautiful location where I can still utilize Royal's amenities. Maybe a 7-day out of Galveston or Canaveral hitting those two, Cozumel (LOVE Cozumel!) and one more island not in
  9. That's @CHRIS WONG, and he's a regular poster here! All of his Vlogs are interesting, but I agree that these ones have been particularly so! You can find links to a bunch of his other stuff directly on YouTube or via this thread:
  10. Thinking in terms of supply & demand, and assuming the COVID-19 situation settles down by then, I would think prices will start to go up considerably. Not only will you have the normal cruise population booking, you'll have all of those people who cancelled right now trying to book and use their vouchers before they expire in December of '21.
  11. If you have a TA, I would absolutely let them have at it. Save yourself the time and frustration of being on hold with Royal PLUS let an expert work out the details for you. Win win if you ask me!
  12. I couldn't agree more! The product sell is the most infuriating part of all, I feel every bit of tension that had been released during the massage creep right back in as I parry and dodge every pitch. Cruise ships have a ton of entertainment that they do I right, so I stick with that and keep my massages on land!
  13. In my sailing days, this would be referred to euphemistically as a missile hazard.
  14. Hey Gwen! There have been numerous threads on the Royal Up program, all of which loaded with answers from cruisers both more experienced and eloquent than myself. One of the largest and most diverse threads can be found here:
  15. Oasis in August has also consistently been $119 except during the Black Friday sale where it dropped to $104. Did a lot of repricing that weekend!
  16. You're correct, that price is per bed, not per person.
  17. For just a short, four year commitment, he can get paid to "cruise" on one. I can make a few calls if you'd like!
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