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  1. This is the second time I've posted this reaction today, so I apologize for the lack of creativity, but the message remains the same:
  2. As an educator, I've advocated for a schedule like this (although in my preferred design Winter Break 10-12 days and there is a 3-5 day Thanksgiving Break) or the "45/15" model for years. It's not so much for the vacation scheduling, but it's a nice fringe benefit.
  3. It really gave it a sense of personalization, didn't it? This is an excellent idea, I wish I had thought of it 23 years ago!
  4. I got one in 1997 and bought a replacement in 2014. They never ripped, snagged or failed on me. It also serves as the IDEAL laundry bag once you're there. Easy to spot on the carousel, too. Lacks some mobility features of newer models.
  5. And as per usual, I'm a few moments behind @WAAAYTOOO with the relevant info.
  6. While I don't know for certain if everyone does all destinations, but I do know that Kathy also does Disney, so they're not RCI exclusive...
  7. I was randomly assigned Kathy Geiger from my inquiry and I couldn't have been happier with the service she provided!
  8. Have heard anecdotal evidence of some particularly dogged TAs getting Royal to reconsider their math on split FCCs. Can neither confirm nor deny personally, but a number of recent threads have indicated some successes. Best of luck to you!
  9. Here's what's available in Naples on Allure this September:
  10. If you want to see a list of "typical" excursions available, you can select a sailing that's a bit closer in and see what's offered. It's not guaranteed that all of the same excursions will be available in April '21, but it should give you a decent idea.
  11. -Masks on cruises -MDR dress codes -Passports on excursions
  12. You can go this route, you just have to know a ship sailing an itinerary stopping in Naples: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/beforeyouboard/shoreExcursions/downloadBrochure/
  13. My guess is the e-mail you got after cancellation was automated, it's been my understanding since the launch of L&S that Casino fares were ineligible. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. http://creative.rccl.com/Sales/Royal/General_Info/CWC_Enhanced_FAQs.pdf
  14. Had much the same feeling about August! Good luck to you whatever you end up doing!
  15. Just curious how a Junior Suite guest goes about making dinner reservations for CK (assuming that perk continues, I've read rumors of potentially no more JS access to CK at all)? I'm assuming it's not available in Cruise Planner, so do you have to actually walk up there once on board? Can you do it on the phone?
  16. This is exactly what I did, and mine was even more "questionable" than your situation because I upgraded my oceanview to a JS GTY on my 08/2020 cruise because it was so cheap, THEN did a Lift & Shift to 2021. Took 3 calls and a supervisor for my TA to get it done, but I'm here to tell you that they CAN get it done!
  17. Was supposed to be on that same cruise! I L&S'd it to 8/8/21.
  18. If you've never been to NYC, it's a great opportunity to double up your vacation. As a local, I fully agree with @WAAAYTOOO, EWR is the way to go unless you can find SUBSTANTIAL savings into JFK. Only go to LGA if it's life or death. Now if it were me, I'd fly in a few days early and find a nice hotel in Jersey City to home base in for a few days. The rooms should be significantly cheaper, and as long as you are comfortable on public transportation, taking the PATH into NYC from Jersey City is a fast and easy way to get in and out. See the sights, do the tourist thing, and getting a shuttl
  19. I'd have your TA call back & ask for a supervisor if necessary. As with all things RCI, if the 1st rep. doesn't give you the "right" answer, there's a decent chance the next one will! Good luck!
  20. While I would believe that Royal would try to avoid taking any actions that would reduce revenue streams if possible, I think this is a really good idea!
  21. Was in this exact situation. They did L&S my GTY Suite reservation, even though it wasn't even an option on the August 2021 itineraries I was eligible for. Original rep said they couldn't do it. Took my TA two days and literal hours on hold to finally get a hold of a supervisor, but long story short, they were able to do it.
  22. FWIW, the bus system (https://www.gotobermuda.com/sites/default/files/bta19-bus-schedule-may.pdf) and ferries (http://www.rccbermuda.bm/ferries_about.aspx) are both very easy to navigate and very affordable (https://www.gov.bm/bus-fares). @JLMoran is right, outside of departure day, the biggest reason to do cruise line-based excursions is gone. We managed to do Horseshoe Bay and St. George's on our own at a fraction of the cost of organized excursions and had a good time getting there and back, especially skirting along the north side of the island on the Orange Route ferry out to St. George
  23. I just checked out the website, this is really cool! It's also definitely the closest I'll ever get to playing on anything remotely resembling a PGA course!
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