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  1. KimV

    Miami - Airbnb

    We sail in March and I am finding "good" hotel rates to be $325+. I booked the Hampton Brickell (we stayed there before and really enjoyed it) but the cost is $425. Seems kinda high for a hotel.
  2. Website is telling me it is down for maintenance and to check back later....have not been able to see any of the deals being offered
  3. is there a charge to access the beach?
  4. For those that have stayed near the airport the night before a cruise in Miami, are there things to do in that area? We have always stayed near the cruise port and enjoyed walking to Bayside but the cost for the hotels downtown have really gone up. Just looking for hotel recommendations and what might be in the area.
  5. We stayed there in February 2020 (right before the world shut down) and had a wonderful experience. However, pricing is now pushing $500 for one night...hard to justify spending that kind of money for one night.
  6. We have looked at an Airbnb but the check in times do seem to be until 4 PM...we arrive in Florida at 10 AM....not sure what to do with our luggage during that time.
  7. Looking for hotel ideas either by the port or by the airport. Which location did you like best? What are the best hotels at a decent rate that are clean and well maintained?
  8. Just wondering if anyone has used an Airbnb instead of booking a hotel for their overnight stay in Miami. Can be a big savings, just wondering if anyone has done it. Looks like most of near the cruise port are in high rise buildings.
  9. We are sailing on Harmony March 18, 2023. In looking at our cruise planner, there does not seem to be many shore excursions on either St. Marten or St. Thomas. There is nothing listed for Coco Cay, not even the Beach Club or water park. Will Royal Caribbean be adding additional excursions for either island before March and will Coco Cay be appearing in the near future?
  10. Wondering if anyone has done this tour on St Thomas. Looking for on if this worth it
  11. Wondering if anyone has done the Honeymoon Beach cycleboat tour on St Thomas. Looking for feedback on whether it is worth it
  12. We have used SAS Transportation a number of times and have always had good luck with them
  13. Looking for the difference between a CB type balcony cabin and a 2D type of balcony cabin on the Harmony of the Seas. Could someone tell me the difference? I have tried to find information online and have had no luck.
  14. For our cruise in June and also February 2020 we used SAS Transportation....no problems at all with them and a little cheaper than UBER/Lyft.
  15. We were going to use a private company, SAS Transportation, for $15/ea. How does that compare to the cost to book on the ship?
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