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  1. You all would hate us. 3 Grand Suites on Anthem, all Bermuda sailings so total of 15 days at sea ... 2 dinners at CK. Not that we don't love the restaurant, but sailing with friends who aren't in a suite sometimes you "lose" the benefits to enjoy time with them. Mix that in with specialty dining and quick breakfast and lunches ... We just didn't take advantage. If Oasis in September is a go I'd like to have breakfast there a few times, in addition to a few dinners. Lunch? Depends what the Windjammer would be like.
  2. Matt's blog post should help explain the suites on Anthem: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/category/category/royal-suite-class
  3. Go with the Grand Suite if budget allows, it's really the first / lowest real suite. Jr. Suites are larger balcony stateroom with a few perks but probably not the ones you care much about (well maybe dinner at Coastal Kitchen if it's available both venue and seating).
  4. I'm sure having that view was worth the few minutes of 'awkwardness'. We've done the Viking Crown at sunset, it's awesome. I actually love the views at night too, looking over the clam pool deck and sea at night.
  5. That would upset me honestly, the prices for these events aren't cheap and to feel uncomfortable...I would have complained. They could have suggested a different time for your event, or shifted karaoke by 30 minutes to avoid that. I understand Royal did all they could to keep everyone out of your event but, idk... I am just picturing the conference room awkwardness where the next group is standing around the hallway waiting for current occupants to leave.
  6. That puts a new meaning to "rinse & repeat" when talking about your job.
  7. As others have stated, the groups department can help here. If you don't have a group, maybe it's not too late to convert the bookings to a group? Although, I think they all will need to be part of your agent/agency first. I have personally worked with the groups / events department back in 2016 when I did something similar (just took a cruise to destination & married on island) they aren't easy to work with. This is where a travel agent is worth their weight in gold, from knowledge of what can and cannot happen to dealing with the "no contact this person - no that person - send an email to [email protected](dot)com, et cetera, et cetera. It was added stress I didn't need while planning a destination wedding. We had a wedding planner but didn't go the travel agent route, dumb mistake. Good Luck & Congratulations!
  8. I wouldn't mind a little extra time to decide but being someone with a September cruise out of Bayonne I'm currently all-in anyway. If my quick and dirty math is correct, currently the same room (Grand Suite) for September 2022 is 28% higher so I need a Royal cancellation to shift and preserve the price. With that said, I'd much rather shift my $500 deposit than over $4000. Then again, if it sails and there is a restriction I'm not thrilled with, like mask while sitting at pool, I'll be sitting on a $4000+ voucher. Luckily I expect by July (my final payment) we will know a lot more than we do now.
  9. I was just coming to post this LOL. For me, there was an ad the size of a Rockefeller Christmas tree on the front page taking me right to Adventure and they even slid in the Vision of the Seas under the same ad. Then change to departure port of Nassau under South America & Caribbean like @John Blahnikmention above. Slightly different link, same results: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruises/?departureCode_NAS=true&shipCode_AD=true
  10. Traction Park? I WISH! LOL. I LOVED that place. I actually lived in NY and the drive to Action Park would have been too far, plus didn't get my license until 1996 (after turning 18 - I was a year+ learners permit guy - dad didn't think I was mature enough, probably right ?). I still remember the little seated car on the single rail taking you over 94 to go back and forth from the "motorway" section. They had a few different go-carts and the ones that required a drivers license, they let me drive them with my learners permit - fun fact, that's how I memorized my drivers license ID from going on that ride so much. The alpine slide, bungee jump, the wave pool, insane slides, what I wouldn't give for 1 more day in a place like that! ? I was talking about Speedway 17 on route 17 North in Upper Saddle River. It originally had two go-cart tracks one was for the little guys, small little orange electric cars. They turned the electric car track into the paintball section. We would use the little electric cars on the other track when needed (usually just bday parties). The other track had the larger go-carts sprint style. We would toss this powder on the track so it would be slippery. We would purposely let it "dry up" to get the cars to go faster. It was indoors and propane, when the ceiling fans broke, oh boy, it got smoky. They were regular Honda - lawnmower style - engines. The owner also owned the big arcade in Paramas, Sportsworld I believe was the name. I still have the t-shirt, wanted to frame it LOL.
  11. Just a guess, but going to assume a "Hilton" buys a hotel in Nassau. Before (or even after) they implement the Hilton way, it's still run the old way, by the same management. At the core it's still a run down hotel. I remember trying to save people money for my bachelor party. The best man and I found a hotel next to the Tropicana in Atlantic City NJ. It was a hotel property owen by the Wyndham group. The photos looked nice so we gave it a shot. The hotel definitely didn't live up to the Wyndham name, it was trash, 2 stars at best. Everything from wacky parking, a messed up reservation, shady staff, and possible mold. Years later at an RV show at a local community college there was a booth for Wyndham. I stopped for a second and looked. The nice gentleman called me over. I quickly explained my experience in Atlantic City and how I'd more than likely never stay at one of their properties again. They actually acknowledged some of their properties aren't what you'd expect from a wyndham experience.
  12. Outside of Royal we've been on two other cruise lines, once each, Carnival (first cruise, 3 day, themed, lots of lessons learned), other was NCL. Overall, we enjoyed the NCL product, freestyle dining, etc. We were NOT a fan of the ship, we sailed the GEM and it just had a weird layout and flow. We've discussed trying the newer ships and will as soon as things normalize. They had me at go-carts! One of my favorite jobs when I was a younger lad, worked for a go-cart place that also had paintball and a small arcade. The go-carts ran on propane, oh the stories I have... Any Bergen County NJ peeps?
  13. I started to type something similar yesterday but decided not to post it. My comment was that an important announcement like cruises restarting wouldn't be delivered via "coffee chat" no matter their position in the company. However, everyone was still being so optimistic about the (sorry to say) "click-bait" "must tune in to my podcast" title I decided to let everyone have their moment. ?
  14. As stated definitely ask the Coastal Kitchen host, the worst is a no, but for 1 night, toss in a celebration excuse, with a little "thank you" and it might happen. I've heard someone doing a b2b one leg Jr Suite one leg Grand Suite and the host extended some Grand Suite perks on the Jr Suite leg. So, it's not uncommon. Good luck and report your experience. Most of all enjoy CK. I've sailed Anthem 3 times in a GS and ate at CK twice. Biggest reason was friends and family onboard in steerage.
  15. Great news from the doc! Fingers & toes crossed for you! I couldn't agree more about ensuring this procedure can last through the quality of life you expect from it. What your sister-in-law is doing for so many people and giving up all her free time to do it is just amazing.
  16. My guess is September 1st with 1, maybe 2 ships. Still pessimistic about my September 2021 sailing on Oasis will go.
  17. Poor Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) was only over by $132 dollars!
  18. It's a duct tape passport wallet. I bought it years ago from thinkgeek(dot)com but it seems to be on Amazon too. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M06PHIC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_RXD3KM67X03Z4Y1BCSMT
  19. I used to always take it off the ship, then I stopped for a bit. I too had a fear of losing it or it being stolen. I bought a neat passport wallet that holds passport, credit cards & cash so now I'm back to always taking it off the ship. It's not required to reboard the ship, but walking around a country without your countries passport doesn't seem like a good idea to me. I bring photocopies for record of passport information. My driver's license is enhanced so that helps closed loops (if passport was stolen) and I'm finally embracing a password manager (1password) and will start storing copies of these sensitive documents there.
  20. Yeah, if I did book it would be refundable for sure. I know my vacation allotment for 2022, same as 2021, 2020, etc. This trip would cost me at least 10 of 19 days, not horrible but significant enough. At present, my wife would have a difficult time getting two weeks off if she was dead LOL (they are short staffed). She is also in the market for new opportunities, so who knows what her new vacation situation will be. All options are on the table :).
  21. I've been eyeing the October 2022 cruise @twangster mentioned above. I'd pull the trigger but cost & vacation time uncertainty is keeping me away. But, the Panama Canal is a big bucket list for me, I'd even be happy with a "u-turn" sailing. Luckily, while Royal is my preferred cruise line, I am willing to cheat. ? edit: heck, I'd go through in a rowboat.
  22. It's not a matter of "if" but "when", May isn't happening. NCL and Carnival cancelled so RCL will too.
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