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  1. Very true. But, I'm talking the low calorie Michelob Ultra, Miller Lite, etc.
  2. Not a craft beer person, when I am not on a "diet" (drinking diet beers) I'll indulge in a nice Guinness, Smithwicks, or similar; I do enjoy a nice Irish Whiskey too. Vacation mode, pool deck, I always enjoy a fruity beverage, whether from the Island Oasis machine or a non-frozen fruity beverage like a Rum Punch, Mai Tai, or similar. Just something about Pina Colada I thought I wouldn't like, then my friend "made" me try one... glad I did! Something about a fruity frozen beverage to put me in a good mood too, even if it's in my backyard looking at my dying grass! LOL
  3. Last cruise I learned an interesting fact...I enjoy Pina Colada's. I am also becoming quite creative. Here is my Pina Colada with a Strawberry Daiquiri "swirl" it was delish! We are planning a little beach getaway end of July / beginning of August ourselves, cannot wait. Anyway - Cheer to you too!
  4. I cannot speak for the ports of call, but Central Park can be romantic at night, small crowd so not overly embarrassing, and there *should* be a ships photographer there that you can alert to your idea a few ahead of time; a small $20 dollar tip will go a long, long way here. My wife personally wouldn't have wanted a big spectacle, so what I did (which can easily be applied to a ship) was propose in the hotel room in Las Vegas. I went to a local florist and asked to buy rose pedals (most will have tons they sell as they are destined for the trash anyway), a ton of mini led lights, and a p
  5. I sure did, Jr. Suite to Grand Suite on Oasis next September, just under $4500... Cannot beat that!
  6. I also remember (thanks Gmail) being able to book my January 16th, 2010 sailing on September 3rd, 2008. I followed everything closely back then but don't remember timing of announcements, but as @AGSLC5 mentioned I recall them giving little teasers along the way. I still have some of the photos saved LOL.
  7. @Mrs. Thomas Ugh. Sorry, sounds stressful. My only contributing suggestion is Google his name (assume you did that) and maybe one of those sites where you can get a record of someone for his contact information (not sure if I am allowed to post site names like that but a quick Google and you'll find some). Good luck, hopefully someone has solid advice for you!
  8. Yep. Out of boredom and curiosity, I just took a quick look and I am sure one of the first three under "7. show parental consent" will apply in your specific situation. Good luck! https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/need-passport/under-16.html
  9. I did a reprice once that eliminated an OBC, Royal gave me a week or two to pay the difference, and kindly reminded me daily with an email.
  10. I was under the impression it would be a new booking, but guess it makes sense to just be a reprice.
  11. I have a similar question as @Ian T mentioned earlier with re-pricing a refundable to non-refundable: If I booked a refundable rate and saw a "too good to be true" cruise planner purchase like an $18 dollar drink package, would that drink package be lost in the conversion to a non-refundable rate? My assumption is yes, they would be cancelled since it's not a re-price but a re-book.
  12. @steverino I'm sorry you're going through this stress with refunds. If you take an hour or so out of your day and flip through various threads here you'll see many of us are all in the same ship (pun intended but pet peeve, it's a ship, not a boat) with slow refunds. I am personally waiting on around $1500 USD for cancelled cruise planner purchases and another $500 FCC (future cruise credit). It's a bit unclear if you requested a refund/credit before Royal Caribbean announced the 125% FCC but, if you did, I'm sorry to say, they aren't Bed Bath & Beyond and going to honor expired coupons. I
  13. I've always made reservations. It's a restaurant only for suite guests. As a Jr. Suite you'll have access for dinner only. I've found the food delish and the ambiance similar to specialty restaurant but it's included. Doesn't cost anything extra, go check it out.
  14. As the saying goes... no news is good news.
  15. In the past I've seen refundable fares increase the cost by $400 dollars or so, paying $400 to protect $500 (really $200 for change/cancel fee) isn't something I am interested in doing. However, just did a mock booking on an upcoming (well not soon :() sailing and the refundable option raised the fare $206 dollars. Normally I still wouldn't because again I am paying $206 to protect a $200 change fee. (Personally wouldn't mind a FCC if I cancelled and we think long and hard before pulling the trigger so not planning on changing ship/sail/etc). However, if I was booking today and had the option
  16. @crisgold52 I'm so sorry your agent has put you through this, I too am a control freak and the vacation planner (I joke that's why my wife married me, outsource her vacation planning). I've mentioned this before, but my wife and I planned a group cruise for our wedding in 2016. I was the group contact. Never again. I had to direct my family and friends through the groups department to pay (with restricted hours), nothing could be done online, I received 5 different answers to the same question from 3 different group "specialist" and had to manage the entire thing. Way more stress than a groom
  17. I'm talking the wife into upgrading now, at current prices, as I think they're good and that "prices going up" worked on me LOL. I agree, possible tactic, but I'm not taking the chance.
  18. They don't make comedy like they did in the 80's and 90's!
  19. Don't Tell Mom The Babysitters Dead! Edit: 1991 just checked IMDb.
  20. I would have done the same in that situation. Good Luck! For the record, I was thinking 10 or 11 would have been that sweet spot, little away from the floor but not so far away you lose the ambiance.
  21. Two days ago I looked in "upcoming cruises" and had one ~90 days away and other ~166 days, now I see just one for 452 days
  22. I feel you there. Just had my agent mix two into one and now after seeing @Matt's blog about price increases, I have my spreadsheet out deciding about an upgrade now... If it's a yes, she's going to kill me :). (of course there is only one left on the floor I want too). In your shoes, I'd do a mock booking and see how many rooms are available, maybe enough that you can wait a few days, then bug him :).
  23. Don's rant at the end of the video is what is upsetting to us all (at least me) ... even a simple "I'm right on top of that Rose!" just so we know there is conversations happening.
  24. Phew on only a few bucks! Surprised to hear all about the price differences, thought the entire point of L&S was to preserve price, but guess it wouldn't be fair to have Royal pay a tax or port fee so it makes sense. I've never stayed in a Central Park Balcony but looking at floor plans that does put you under the pool deck. I'd want to be a few floors lower, personally... Again, never stayed and don't even have the desire, I just share your "too high" (<-- Major League anyone?) concern.
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