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  1. We also are booked on an Oct 24th cruise out of Florida, been tested for the antibodies of which came back positive. And according to Cleveland Clinic the antibodies are better then the vaccine. Currently Cleveland Clinic is following people that had it 11 months ago and still have the antibodies. I really think this needs to be considered. As far as I know people going to places such as Disney, Los Vegas do not have to go through what the cruise have to. If the requirements don't change we will be canceling. We are seasoned cruises, 35 of them, and will truly miss going. But I am not up for an experimental vaccine when I personally know someone who almost died from getting it. I believe vaccines do work but this is way too new for my liking and they (the government) is pushing way too hard, something is not right. They are also undermining the cruise lines, as they always do!
  2. I understand that now Royal Caribbean has implemented that if a person is not vaccinated they MUST have travel insurance if leaving out of Florida. My question is that RCL has had a Royal ship with vaccinated crew aboard that all tested positive, I believe there were 8 or 9 of them. And the Celebrity ship had two vaccinated passengers that tested positive. My conclusion here is if someone is testing positive and are vaccinated, shouldn't they also be required to carry insurance, since they would need to be removed from the ship? So for all concerned maybe it would be a good idea to require ALL passengers to carry insurance, since they have experienced vaccinated people testing positive. Or is RCL going to absorb the cost of disembarking the vaccinated positive people? Which if this is the case the cost of the cruise will go up for all passengers.
  3. I find it very interesting that the ships that have recently had 2 passengers and another ship with I believe it was 8 crew, and everyone is fully vaccinated STILL had cases on board. With this being said with the amount of reading we have done, testing positive can refer to anything from a cold all the way up to Covid 19. So for those who have posted they will NOT cruise on any ship that passengers that are not vaccinated, this proves that even with 100% vaccinated it can still be on the ship. Possibly some of these people may only be asymptomatic. Or there have been people who have had Covid 19 and have the antibodies. Of which we read that Cleveland Clinic has said the antibodies are as good as having the vaccine. So is it fair to treat those folks with the antibodies different then those who have been vaccinated? My thoughts have always been the US government and the media have never support the cruise lines, the media never talks about the virus that have sicken large numbers of persons in Las Vegas. But let something go wrong on a cruise ship and it is all over the news, they can not talk about it enough. Also, last I heard people are able to go to Disney now without masks, my question there is are the asking for proof of vaccines to enter? Or are the testing everyone that enters Disney? There are more people in Disney at a time then on a cruise ship. If you read the print on a box of masks it states that this will NOT prevent Covid 19, masks don't work. It is sad to say but the government has used the virus as a political control button and has terrified people to the point that most have forgotten the majority of folks do have an immune system. I completely understand there are also folks who have very low immune systems and by all means should take all precautions. I also understand the cruise lines are trying to get up and running again and to accomplish this they will have to cave to some of the demands of the CDC, hopefully with the courts ruling in favor of Florida over the CDC this will get things to calm so everyone can cruise again. Look at Florida's track record through this pandemic, they have done a fantastic job, and did NOT follow the CDC or government guidelines. Also, to those who said they will not cruise unless everyone is vaccinated, they may want to think about everyday life next time they go to a store or a game I guarantee there are more the 50% of the people there are NOT vaccinated. Besides if you are vaccinated this is YOUR protection from getting the virus, so you are covered. Don't worry about others around you because once again you are covered! Just some thoughts that you might consider.
  4. We have cruised 35 times, favorite and ONLY vacation since 1996. Masks and vaccines - absolutely will NOT be cruising. Actually we have one booked on CCL, RCL and NCL we are getting ready to asks for refunds. Masks in 90 degrees what idiot thinks that is okay, experimental vaccines NOT approved by the FDA (only approved for emergency use) nothing okay with that either, the CDC is just trying to shut cruising down permanently. But yet people are in Vegas gambling in casinos and as we know they are allowed to smoke in the buildings, but that is okay because the US benefits from that directly. Go to any restaurant and no one is sitting and taking and bit and putting a mask back on. It is ridiculous what they are requiring. My heart breaks that this is being done the cruise lines, I believe so much in them I also hold the stock. That could be the next thing to go. I certainly hope enough cruisers speak up to help the cruise lines fight this fight!
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