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  1. Just got back from a 3-night on Mariner. Night 2 was "Dress Your Best" night and one of the reasons the hubby and I took my mom and my sister on their first cruise--they love getting dressed up in really nice dresses. Personally, I love getting dressed up too; my husband is not so keen, but does it for me.

    All this to say, if it's your thing, great. If not, no worries as the "dress code" is more of a "dress suggestion."

  2. Clorox wipes are good and you can get a package from the Dollar Store that work great. (Green package, as they're the ones that kill viruses.) And throw the wipes in the trash, not flushing down the toilet. Healthcare wipes are even better.

    That said, be smart and you should be fine.

  3. Self-disembarkation is definitely the fastest way to go when getting off (as mentioned, the trade-off is that you have to carry your bags off the ship). If you choose for the crew to carry off, you have to put your bags out the night before and they will give you tags to find your bags. (Make sure to leave clothes for the next day if you're having the crew take your bags, otherwise you're walking off in your PJs. ?)

  4. 21 hours ago, JLMoran said:

    I also got the unlimited pass and just like AshleyDillo, was able to go a bunch of times with basically no wait. But, it's important to note that this doesn't generally apply if you wait until the afternoon. My wife and kids also had the unlimited ride pass, but because they were on the zip line in the morning, they didn't get a chance to try the coaster until after lunch. By that time, the line for the coaster was long, and they were only able to go twice in a span of about 90 minutes from when they first got there. So if you want good value for the unlimited pass, go in the morning and then spend the afternoon relaxing on the beach or doing something else.

    I have to agree, much better to do the coaster in the morning before everyone makes it to the back of the island and save the beach or other activities for the afternoon.

  5. On 1/26/2020 at 9:40 AM, JSECKR6 said:

    Does a CPAP need to fit into your carry on or can it be separate? I plan to bring my two bottles of wine and 12 bottles of bottled water.

    Trying to plan carry on for extra clothes, camera and those items too.

    We managed to fit a CPAP in a carry on with clothes in the same bag too, but it depends on the size of the carry on. Fortunately, RC not really fussy about how much stuff you put in your carry on. Airlines are a little different...

  6. No experience on WOW Bands, but from what I understand...

    They function the same as your Sea Pass card: opening your room and charging your onboard account. (Think like the wrist bands given to you at some place like Great Wolf Lodge.) As I've heard, they are not available for pre-purchase. You have to go to guest services on board and purchase there. I've heard repeatedly that they are $5.

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