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    CDunninTX reacted to mom2mybugs in Cruise Director list   
    I found the cd on allure to be absent a lot too...I’m totally chalking it up to big ship and can’t be a million places at once.  Jane
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    CDunninTX reacted to Skid in Cruise Director list   
    I think @Joe01 has done a really good job with this. However, with his Harmony B2B almost here, I'm sure the Harmony CD is the only one he cares about right now.
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    CDunninTX reacted to Chris_SAT in When is your next cruise?   
    Heading out
    27 October Liberty of the seas
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    CDunninTX reacted to Newyorkjoe75 in When is your next cruise?   
    Thank you.. Can't wait.
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    CDunninTX reacted to HeWhoWaits in When is your next cruise?   
    Welcome to the boards - enjoy the sailings.
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    CDunninTX reacted to Texas cruiser in Galveston Nearing Deal On Oasis Class Ship, New Terminal!   
    Galveston is already LNG capable with an LNG plant located just south of Galveston in Freeport. Also they are in the process of building a plant in Texas City. Port Canaveral gets their LNG from out of state. "BA" Bermello Ajamil & Partners the company that has been hired to build the new terminal states the following in their brochure: https://www.bermelloajamil.com/flipbooks/MaritimePublication2019/36-37/index.html
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    CDunninTX reacted to twangster in Galveston Nearing Deal On Oasis Class Ship, New Terminal!   
    Only rumors.
    Icon class will be powered by LNG and requires special refueling facilities that can provide LNG in bulk to a ship.  So far no port in North America has this capability.  Carnival also has plans to build LNG ships.  Initially Port Canaveral is known to be thinking about or working on LNG fuel facilities but there is local opposition from residents who fear it may be unsafe and blow up.  Local fire departments seem to support the concept.  Since Carnival also has an interest in LNG it would be logical for the Port of Galveston to evaluate LNG fueling capabilities.  
    If we hear that Galveston is exploring the concept of LNG fuel capabilities that would be a pre-cursor to the possibility that Icon class MIGHT come to Galveston.  No LNG on the Port roadmap is a sure bet that Icon class is NOT coming to Galveston.
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    CDunninTX reacted to twangster in Allure & Football Season   
    I should have included that Monday, Sunday night and Thursday games should be available since there is only one game playing at those times.  
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    CDunninTX got a reaction from Skid in Allure & Football Season   
    Back in 2012 we went on the Allure of the Seas during Thanksgiving. We watched the Redskins beat the Cowboys on the big TV at the Aqua Theater. It was pretty nice.
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    CDunninTX got a reaction from Skid in Allure & Football Season   
    Yeah, we are NHL Hockey fans. Dedicated Dallas Stars STH as well. We could not get one game on at the sports bar for any hockey games on the Mariner of the Seas first December weekend sailing last year. We opted for watching the games on our phones with the Zoom Streaming internet package. Worked out for us. All good.
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    CDunninTX reacted to Vacation Crazy in Communicating with family on board   
    On our last cruise we used the app with the chat feature.   It did not work out well for us with no push notifications.   I found myself using the phones throughout the ship to call into our room.  My lazy teenage son would get a wake up call from "housekeeping" to get up and meet us somewhere.   He would never check the app but always answered the in room phone!
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    CDunninTX reacted to Skid in Communicating with family on board   
    Welcome to the forum @brneuberg. All the walls, ceilings and doors are metal. Bring some little magnets to hold notes on the doors...the post its may blow off. Also get some heavy duty magnets like these for hanging cover ups, bags, etc. This will give you a lot more organized storage.
    In addition to the apps suggested in @Matt blog, we have successfully used Voxer for several years. It's free, but you can also pay for an upgrade to have a live walkie talkie option. It's available for both Android and Apple. Of course, to use it you will need access to the ship's wifi (Voom).
    Happy sailing!
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    CDunninTX got a reaction from CFL in Bungee breaks on Mariner   
    My husband calls me a wimp, but there's a reason I don't zip line, rock climb or surf rider. I stick to ping pong and putt putt. LoL
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    CDunninTX reacted to kjhgarden in Allure of the Seas medical emergency   
    Thanks for your reply and answer.  Glad to hear safety is a top concern for Royal. I have learned a lot from this blog and we are looking forward to sailing on the Allure of the Seas in 14 days! 
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    CDunninTX got a reaction from Skid in Galveston Nearing Deal On Oasis Class Ship, New Terminal!   
    Absolutely. I'm a terrible flyer. The drive to Galveston from Dallas is not terrible either. I hope they come to an agreement and get this done. I guarantee we will be on that first oasis class out of Galveston.
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    CDunninTX reacted to Galveston Steve in Galveston Nearing Deal On Oasis Class Ship, New Terminal!   
    Thanks to @Wilson for tipping me off to this!  Today's Galveston Daily News is reporting that the Port is near a deal with Royal Caribbean to bring an Oasis Class ship to Galveston in late 2020.  The Port says Royal Caribbean would build the terminal on land leased from the Port of Galveston. 
    The full article from the Galveston Daily News requires a subscription, but here is the full text:
    GALVESTON - July 15, 2018
    Port of Galveston officials are nearing an agreement with Royal Caribbean to build a third cruise terminal at the Port of Galveston that could cost $85 million and bring the world’s largest passenger ship to the island in 2020.
    “We’re working toward a really good agreement,” said Ted O’Rourke, chairman of the port’s governing board. “It’s a great opportunity if we are able to put it together.”
      Port Director Rodger Rees in March announced that Royal Caribbean wanted to bring an Oasis-class ship to the island, but that doing so would require a new cruise terminal.
    The port already is home to two cruise terminals at piers 25 and 27, but the size of the Oasis-class ships requires additional support, officials said.
    Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships, of which there are four with more planned, are more than 1,180 feet long and capable of carrying more than 6,200 passengers.
    Officials are discussing putting the third cruise terminal at Pier 10, next to the Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics and BMW vehicle processing plant, Rees said.
    “Right now, the talk is about having Royal Caribbean come in and build the terminal themselves, then we’d have them lease the land from the port, sharing in revenues with them. We’d control the parking aspect of it,” Rees said.
    Royal Caribbean officials did not respond to a request for comment by deadline Friday.
    The proposed facility would have to be about 155,000 square feet, port officials said.
    The BMW facility would not have to move under current plans, Rees said.
    The benefit of having Royal Caribbean build the cruise terminal would be that the port wouldn’t have to take on substantial debt and would, instead, be able to focus on its substantial infrastructure needs, Rees said.
    Ever since the Carnival Celebration made its first voyage from the island in September 2000, the port has come to depend more and more on the cruise business for revenues.
    The port depends heavily on revenues from cruise ships. Port officials anticipate about 55 percent of revenue budgeted for 2018 will be cruise related.
    Port officials are projecting operating revenues of about $37.4 million in 2018 against operating expenditures of $37.2 million, according to documents.
    “This doesn’t use up our borrowing power to build a new terminal,” Rees said.
      Addressing dilapidated facilities at the island’s public docks could cost as much as $250 million, a problem exacerbated by the fact the port is projected to bring in only about $250,000 in net income in 2018, port officials said.
    For a third cruise terminal to be ready to host an Oasis-class ship in the fall of 2020, officials will need a project planned and designed by about November, Rees said in a previous interview with The Daily News.
    There is not yet a final agreement with Royal Caribbean, and all details of the proposed third cruise terminal could still change, Rees said.
    The Wharves Board of Trustees must approve whatever agreement is eventually reached with the cruise line, Trustee Elizabeth Beeton said.
    The Port of Galveston is a landlord port, which generates much of its income from lease agreements with maritime tenants and fees related to ship calls.
    The port is home to three year-round Carnival Cruise Line ships, one year-round Royal Caribbean ship, one seasonal Royal Caribbean ship and a seasonal Disney Cruise Lines ship.
    The Carnival Vista, the cruise line’s newest and biggest ship, will arrive at Galveston’s docks Sept. 23.
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    CDunninTX reacted to Matt in Bidding for upgrades   
    My advice is if you really want to move up, is to have your TA price an update by changing your reservation. The upgrade program leaves too much to chance.
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    CDunninTX reacted to Susie in Bidding for upgrades   
    Does it come with a piano player too? 😜
    If it does not come with a piano player we will not bid on it LOL.
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    CDunninTX reacted to AlohaLivin in Bidding for upgrades   
    BUMMER 😔 I used to do a special “spell” when hubby was on call as we went to bed to try to ward off late night calls - it usually worked 😂 So shoot me a message the next time and I will see if I can’t abracadabra something up for you! 😬🙈
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    CDunninTX got a reaction from Ala_Paul in When is your next cruise?   
    Our daughter is getting married on the Allure of the Seas - Sailing September 22, 2019. There are 11 of us now.
    We signed up for the Prohibition Event for the first time ... looks like a blast. I'll send pics. 🙂

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    CDunninTX reacted to Mr. Candyman in Would you bother your TA with a $90 price drop   
    Mine uses software that alerts when there's a price reduction but I've caught a couple reductions that my TA didn't so being self diligent is definitely best.
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    CDunninTX reacted to melmar02 in Would you bother your TA with a $90 price drop   
    LOL... I was just thinking, how many drinks of the day is that? 🍹
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    CDunninTX reacted to Andrew72681 in Would you bother your TA with a $90 price drop   
    Think of how many shots @Matt and @mpoole3 could buy with that 90 bucks. 
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    CDunninTX reacted to Sweety in When is your next cruise?   
    Happy cruise day.
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    CDunninTX reacted to Oreocruiser in When is your next cruise?   
    July 26, 2019 Ovation to Juneau, Skagway, Victoria, BC for the first time.
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