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  1. Just confirm via RCCL! ALLURE OF THE SEAS Galveston dates to be released later today! WOOOOHOOOO!
  2. That is the rumbling I have been hearing for months... BA even mentioned the Icon class to Galveston in their recent brochure. Make perfect sense considering the current ships sail at capacity year round.
  3. Galveston is already LNG capable with an LNG plant located just south of Galveston in Freeport. Also they are in the process of building a plant in Texas City. Port Canaveral gets their LNG from out of state. "BA" Bermello Ajamil & Partners the company that has been hired to build the new terminal states the following in their brochure: https://www.bermelloajamil.com/flipbooks/MaritimePublication2019/36-37/index.html
  4. I have heard Galveston is getting not just an Oasis class ship, but also an Icon class. Anyone hearing the same?
  5. I keep hearing that Symphony of the Seas will be moved to Galveston, replacing Liberty of the Seas by Fall 2021, so I assume she will be replaced by the new Oasis-class Ship currently in construction. It would not shock me at all if Odyssey ends up going to Galveston as well replacing Adventure of the Seas with the Grand opening of the New RCCL Terminal. Just makes a lot of sense due to the fact that RCCL is investing a lot of money with the new terminal, and the Galveston cruise industry is booming!
  6. South Padre Island is trying to build a port to be a port of call. I think New Orleans would be a better port of call, but with Galveston and NO in competition with each other, I don't see it happening. I think a great itinerary would be a 7 day sailing out of Galveston going to New Orleans, Key West and Cozumel (Alternate Grand Cayman).
  7. I found out by a local cruise forum. Takes captains no time at all to get from Freeport to Galveston via the intercoastal canal.
  8. 1. I believe Celebrity is coming and will use terminal 2 because RCCL still will have the use for terminal 2 based on the new contract. 2. Regarding LNG...Isn't there an LNG plant already in the Freeport area near Galveston. 3. It has been reported that the Symphony of the Seas is the ship that will be coming.
  9. Most likely Florida...Reason being most of the amenities of the ship are intended for warmer climates. I believe RCCL will deliver an Oasis-class ship to Galveston before the new RCCL terminal is completed which may cause a bit of an issue because Carnival uses terminal 2 on Saturdays...Hinz the reason for Liberty Leaving. Once the 3rd terminal is completed I suspect another freedom class ship will arrive to take over the Saturday departure itineraries with an Oasis-class ship leaving on Sundays.
  10. From what I am hearing from local threads is the Liberty will leave Galveston in 2020 to be replaced by the Symphony of the Seas... Again nothing officially confirmed yet, just what I am hearing. As of right now, I would consider this only a rumor, but it does make sense if you look at the Oasis moving to Miami in late 2019 after drydock. Looks to me that Oasis may replace Symphony until the Oasis 5 arrives in 2021.
  11. I do agree that RCCL needs to spice things up a bit. I have heard the reason for the smaller class like Enchantment and the Vision are there not just for the 4 and 5-day cruises, but eventually Cuba. I hope that RCCL will do some Bahamian cruises, but they don't want to take away the revenue from Florida ports. Also, regarding the third terminal announcement... Word is that the announcement will be made when they release the 2020-2021 deployments which happen in late November or December.
  12. $379??? Where are you seeing that price? That is the price for booking the Vision, or Enchantment in the offseason. Lets put this discussion to bed...Do you really think RCCL would add additional ships to sail out of Galveston if they were not filling the boats and making profits? Also, You do know that the POG and RCCL are in serious negotiations as we speak to build a new terminal in which RCCL plans to build it with their own money. You would not do that if you are not selling out the ships. I work in the cruise industry, and I have to disagree with your statement regarding Galveston. Cruise industries give away free cruises all the time. Carnival is doing it right now for the NFL season. Chances are if you were at a casino in Lousiana, Galveston is the closest port of departure for RCCL until they return to New Orleans. Smart marketing by RCCL...If you vacationed to a casino, chances are you will spend lots of time in the ship's casino as well.
  13. When RCCL does a sale on cruises they are usually always fleet wide. Not just Galveston... If there is a difference in price it usually because of duties and port taxes. All the cruise lines out of Galveston sail at capacity every sailing. Which is why RCCL wants to put an Oasis Class there.
  14. GALVESTON - July 15, 2018 Port of Galveston officials are nearing an agreement with Royal Caribbean to build a third cruise terminal at the Port of Galveston that could cost $85 million and bring the world’s largest passenger ship to the island in 2020. “We’re working toward a really good agreement,” said Ted O’Rourke, chairman of the port’s governing board. “It’s a great opportunity if we are able to put it together.” Port Director Rodger Rees in March announced that Royal Caribbean wanted to bring an Oasis-class ship to the island, but that doing so would require a new cruise terminal. The port already is home to two cruise terminals at piers 25 and 27, but the size of the Oasis-class ships requires additional support, officials said. Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class ships, of which there are four with more planned, are more than 1,180 feet long and capable of carrying more than 6,200 passengers. Officials are discussing putting the third cruise terminal at Pier 10, next to the Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics and BMW vehicle processing plant, Rees said. “Right now, the talk is about having Royal Caribbean come in and build the terminal themselves, then we’d have them lease the land from the port, sharing in revenues with them. We’d control the parking aspect of it,” Rees said. Royal Caribbean officials did not respond to a request for comment by deadline Friday. The proposed facility would have to be about 155,000 square feet, port officials said. The BMW facility would not have to move under current plans, Rees said. The benefit of having Royal Caribbean build the cruise terminal would be that the port wouldn’t have to take on substantial debt and would, instead, be able to focus on its substantial infrastructure needs, Rees said. Ever since the Carnival Celebration made its first voyage from the island in September 2000, the port has come to depend more and more on the cruise business for revenues. The port depends heavily on revenues from cruise ships. Port officials anticipate about 55 percent of revenue budgeted for 2018 will be cruise related. Port officials are projecting operating revenues of about $37.4 million in 2018 against operating expenditures of $37.2 million, according to documents. “This doesn’t use up our borrowing power to build a new terminal,” Rees said. Addressing dilapidated facilities at the island’s public docks could cost as much as $250 million, a problem exacerbated by the fact the port is projected to bring in only about $250,000 in net income in 2018, port officials said. For a third cruise terminal to be ready to host an Oasis-class ship in the fall of 2020, officials will need a project planned and designed by about November, Rees said in a previous interview with The Daily News. There is not yet a final agreement with Royal Caribbean, and all details of the proposed third cruise terminal could still change, Rees said. The Wharves Board of Trustees must approve whatever agreement is eventually reached with the cruise line, Trustee Elizabeth Beeton said. The Port of Galveston is a landlord port, which generates much of its income from lease agreements with maritime tenants and fees related to ship calls. The port is home to three year-round Carnival Cruise Line ships, one year-round Royal Caribbean ship, one seasonal Royal Caribbean ship and a seasonal Disney Cruise Lines ship. The Carnival Vista, the cruise line’s newest and biggest ship, will arrive at Galveston’s docks Sept. 23.
  15. No...I hear ya, but I have sailed out of Galveston several times from both terminals 1 and 2 and have never had any issue with embarking, if anything it is usually debarking that is slow.
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