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  1. I am not feeling too confident on August sailings. Remember, no cruises can sail until the CDC deems it safe and notice all the media hype over the raise in virus cases in Florida and Texas. Where was cruising supposed to startup again...That right Florida and Texas...We will have to see.
  2. I agree 100% with most everything you said, and I always enjoy reading your comments as it obvious you know what your talking about.
  3. RCL will never mention anything publicly until all is agreed too and no it was not a mistake. I have been hearing lots of chatter throughout the industry about this. Here is the article she is referring too: https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2020/04/27/port-of-galveston-meeting-week-discuss-delay-new-port-construction-and-anthem-of-the-seas
  4. It can happen...I think the city and the port are concerned about traffic flow around the port.
  5. I respect your families service to our country. Galveston is the 4th largest cruise depart port in the country is a "FACT." https://blog.cruise.me/top-10-busiest-us-cruise-ports-86558be3f44 As for everything else we will agree to disagree and hope things get back to some sort of normal asap.
  6. You are missing a very important point. You have 25+ million people that are within driving distance to Galveston which is why it will be one of the first to open and why RCCL is building their own terminal. It not about distance as it is itinerary options as to why more sailing go to COCO Cay from NJ/NY than Galveston. Royal has limited options out of the northern ports, so that is why more sailing go there than Galveston. I do think that royal is making a huge mistake not sailing more cruises from Galveston to COCO Cay and the Bahamas....I really think it has to do with not wantin
  7. Not offended....Just don't get your argument. My point exactly about Adventure....It's already there and is an older class ship. Smaller and would not be the PR nightmare it would be if it was Anthem... Liberty is moving to Florida now??? If all stays the same..Liberty is not set to head to leave Galveston until October 2021. The highest density of Covid Cases in the US and you think RCCL will sail 4 ships out of Cape...really how does that make good financial sense? My thought process is based on actual evidence of things to possibly come...Anthem was in the latest Powe
  8. Also...you do realize when he says Oasis Class....He means the fleet not the ship (Oasis/Allure/Harmony/Symphony)....That is why I see RCCL moving the entire Oasis Class fleet at least in the short term to Florida....FYI. I saw it and last I checked NJ and NY area are little down the list of cruise ports in the US...1 2 and 3 being Florida and which port is 4th...oh that right...it's Galveston, TX. Which is why Carnival is opening in those states first...
  9. Reread my post....Where did I say that Anthem is an Oasis class ship class? One of the smaller class ships at first..... Adventure Of The Seas. What's not to get....Ships move all the time.
  10. Things will look as normal on the website and the call centers until final decisions are made....Plus not saying this will happen...just saying don't be surprised if it does. The Norht East opening at roll out....Yeah Good Luck With That....It will be one of the last ports to open. I am hearing chatter that it could be January 2021 before sailing resume there. Why would RCCL risk contaminating some of their newest ships in the fleet....That makes no sense at all. You have to look at from a marketing stand point. Image if Anthem or Oasis were to be come infected and constantly on the even
  11. I"m in the industry...so I know what ships are what class. Most likely what I think may happen is all Oasis class ship will move to Florida for the foreseeable future. What I am saying regarding Galveston is that terminal 2 in Galveston can already house an Oasis Class ship in theory based unless the concept art for the terminal 2 revamp is wrong....If royal decided to bring an Oasis class to Galveston this would be a good time, because the CDC most likely limit the number of passengers which would help the port ease into passenger increase. I think it is very possible for ships not to sail fu
  12. I personally don't see any cruising out of West coast and Northern East coast until Fall at the earliest. I think royal will take the same approach as Carnival with one exception.... I see massive ship deployment shake-ups very possible as the president of RCCL said they will be taking baby steps to restart the company. That is why I see Anthem moving to Galveston asap....If your Royal you need those newer ships sailing ASAP! This one may be a stretch, but another option RCCL could be considering is to bring Oasis to Galveston at limited capacity which will most likely be mandated by the CDC a
  13. If Anthem moves to Galveston I believe she will stay until Allure arrives. It's marketing 101....You need to draw excitement and people back to cruising and Galveston is probably going to be one of the first ports to open not to mention its importance to RCCL. With 25+ million people within driving distance of the port and people scared to fly it makes perfect sense. Also, as I have said time and time again just because terminal 3 has been delayed doesn't mean Allure is not coming. Terminal 2 can already house an Oasis Class Ship. Don't be surprised to see some major ship deployments shake up
  14. Not sure....But it would make sense, because Galveston is one of RCCL most popular ports.
  15. Adventure is not set to arrive until much later this year.
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