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  1. Hello:

    Just a minor question that is not a big deal either way.  We board tomorrow at 10:30am and our rooms are supposed to be available with our Seapass by 1:00pm.  We have the deluxe drink package.  Does that mean we cannot use our drink package until we get our Seapass at 1:00pm?  I know this is a minor point but I thought I would ask.  😜

  2. Looking for some valuable feedback from anyone who has taken a RCCL southern cruise departing from San Juan.  The itineraries look very interesting with islands that we have not been to in the past and the prices appear to be very competitive.  I feel like there has to be some drawbacks that are behind the curtain which we cannot see.

    Is the cruise mostly full of Americans traveling to San Juan or does it have a a more Latino flavor?  Or is it a mix of guests from many countries since it departs from the Caribbean?

    Help please.  🙂

  3. Thanks everyone.  We are probably overthinking the dangers of Nassau.  We are there from 12:00 till 12:00.  Plan would be to get off as a family for 2 to 4 hours during the day and shop, drink and maybe go to Junkanoo beach for a bit.  Then we would return to the ship for dinner.  afterwards maybe the adults will get off for a few craft beers at Pirate Republic Brewing:


    Sounds harmless and safe enough.

  4. I think the fact that there is (or was recently) a US State Department Travel Advisory warning about safety has us concerned.  We really just want to walk around the extended port area, head to the small beach on the right of the dock and drink some beers at a few bars.

  5. I am normally not a nervous person but I have heard that Nassau is not as safe as many other ports.  We are considering not getting off the ship in Nassau for this reason.  Any feedback from recent visitors?

  6. 4 minutes ago, KLA said:

    This close to the date, unless there happens to be a pop-up sale, it'll probably stay where it is. 

    One thing to note, if you go ahead and book it at the current rate ahead of the cruise and you see it drop again ahead of your sailing (you can book this up to 3 days before you sail), you can cancel your current Drink Package and re-book it at the better rate. 

    You can at least guarantee that whatever you see on the cruise planner will be a better rate than what you get once you board. 

    Thanks.  Completely annoying but it is what it is.  It burns my bottom to give them another $48 for the two of us.  I am really re-thinking if the drink package is such a good deal for us.  8 nights is $982 is a ton of money for the flexibility to drink as we see fit.  At $10 a drink that is nearly 100 drinks!

  7. We are on the Adventure of the Seas in 20+ days out of Bayonne.  We have been watching the pricing on drink packages and excursions change almost daily and at times by a large percentage.

    We decided about a week ago that, darn it, let's just book the premium drink package for my wife and me.  I swear that ever since we decided the darn thing has been steady as a rock at $52 per day plus gratuity.  For months it changed all the time between $49 and $52.  Now, we are not seeing any changes (or any changes in other packages).  Is it standard RCCL practice to freeze the discounted package prices as the cruise draws near?


    Is anyone else seeing this as well?

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