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  1. Lanyard, yes it may look a little goofy but just remember you in the company a few thousand others with lanyards and wrinkled clothes
  2. Good to hear, thank you. Sailing out of UK in 3 weeks
  3. Received an email stating that as a result of speed restrictions, we'll arrive in Paris (Le Harve) France at 12:00PM instead of 10:00AM. it goes on to say that in the next few days their Shore Excursion Team will reschedule any Royal Caribbean impacted Excursions. I understand it's no fault of RC. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen, if so, did you have to pay the original price or the current price as it has almost doubled?
  4. Now over $500.00 more. Double the original price
  5. Yes they have cancelled it for Sept 27, but future dates are undetermined
  6. Are there lockers in the changing rooms, if so do you need to provide you own lock?
  7. Yes it is. Our British Airways flight is 22 days out, just waiting to break the 14 day mark to feel at ease.
  8. Fingers crossed, possible double whammy with Thomas Cook and British Airways Pilots labor dispute. Hope all works out.
  9. If you are still worried Pacsafe makes a Travesafe 3L Portable Safe. Its a canvas bag with wire mess inside you can secure to your chair with a lock
  10. I think the Key price also depends on the ship, the ports of call and how many have been sold. We are taking the French Dutch Adventure out of Southampton aboard the Explorer of the Seas departing 18 Oct and the key is still $19.99
  11. Try using garment folders or packing folders (not cubes)
  12. If your paying for the ship tour excursion that would be very interesting. What gimbal did you get?
  13. Defiantly not good and also not what Ive experienced. Have a great cruise,.The game starts in 45 min, are you able to watch it aboard ship?
  14. Agree with those that have recommended the iPhone X ( I prefer the X over the XR because of the dual cameras and stage lighting in portrait mode) or maybe the 11. Additionally you may want to get the DJI Osmo mobile 3 gimbal ($119.00) for you phone if you want to shoot lot a stable videos.
  15. Anyone affected by the strike, if iso was Air2Seaor your travel agent able change your flight?
  16. e-docs , the Guest Ticket booklet which includes Cruise Summary , Travel Summary, Embarkation Letter, preparing for your journey, Port Directions, Things to Know, Cruise/Cruisetour Ticket contract, and Airport transfer
  17. Received from RCCL x4 days ago so you could probably argue for it
  18. Agreed, very confusing and mixed information. The above blog and policy page clearly state you can bring water and other drinks aboard. However, for my October sailing out of Southampton my Guest Ticket Booklet states "guests are not allowed to bring beer, hard liquor, fortified wines (vermouth, sherry, sake and port wines) or nonalcoholic beverages onboard for consumption or any other use." it goes on to say you can bring two bottles of wine.
  19. Trying to manage my expectations also, but after 23 years in the Navy and cruise ship is better (maybe not liberty ports) First cruise was on Carnival and the ship was just ok but the entertainment was horrible (never again). Next, Oasis, fantastic ship and the entertainment was top notch. This time it will be the Explorer of the Seas out of Southampton, going more for the ports of call and hoping the entertainment will be worth seeing
  20. Really nice video, the best one I've seen. Thank you. If I may what camera? gimbal? software? did you use.
  21. 0n the 18th of October Explorer of the Seas sailing out of Southampton, Individualized Personal Training is $88.00 for 60 minuets
  22. Southampton was one of the fast and easiest ports in which to disembark. It was very smooth. One warning: We booked an RCCL excursion on disembarkation day that took us from Southampton to Stonehenge for a few hours and then on to the Heathrow. We planned it that way and it was great for us so we didn't have to rush. We were spending the night at Heathrow (lovely hotel and great French restaurant) and leaving on our overseas flight early the next morning. The DAY BEFORE disembarkation (while at sea) RCCL cancelled the excursion. We were stranded with no plans on how to get from Southampton to London. I had to scramble around making calls (with at-sea satellite charges) to arrange transportation. Then we were stuck at Heathrow all day instead of having the planned excursion. RCCL has cancelled many events on us at the last minute. That was kinda the last straw. Bummer, We have booked a post cruise tour to Stonehenge through International Friends in October. Only problem is the tour departs Southampton at 8:30
  23. Alot of people really enjoy specialty dinning.The MDR usually has good food . I have never gone hungry on a cruise and choose to spend the money elsewhere.
  24. Did you do regular disembarkation or self walk off
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