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  1. Easy peasy - As long as they are bought in the US, you can use them worldwide. As has been said, all you need is an internet connection and something to prop your phone/tablet up against as the proctor needs to see you taking the test - but around 25 minutes total from start to results on your phone/email. I won't do testing any other way. The convenience is well worth the price.
  2. I've included a copy (sans personal info) of what was loaded to my Navica app in March (test taken on 3/2/22 at 6:55am for my Wonder OTS 3/4/22 cruise), notice, the date, time AND time zone. (And yes, I see that the specimen was collected a minute before the result was recorded per the app, but I was never questioned about it) So, if your cruise is on 6/4/22 (example) and you take your test without changing your phone to the destination time (Italy/Spain for example), the date of the test will show from where you are. (Example - if you take the test on 6/1/22 at 9pm EDT 6/1/22, that will be the recorded date of the test and invalid per Royal's pre-testing rules) Now, if you change the time on your phone/tablet to UTC or a European time zone (there are a few, see below) and you take the test after midnight THEIR time, you should not have issues. (Example - Phone is changed to reflect CEST or Central European Summer Time which is UTC+2, which Italy and Spain are in), and you take the test on 6/2/22 at 1 am CEST you will be ok as the recorded test will show 6/2/22 which is valid as it is 2 days prior to sail date) As has been said many many times, the DATE is what's important as that is what the port agents look at. (Before anyone asks, I'm going with a logical assumption here, as how else would the proctor know the date/time - I've never been asked where I am when I'm taking my tests)
  3. Dara - when you get a minute, can you advise what the drink package price on board is? Thanks
  4. This exactly - I can book everything myself without issue. I choose to use a good travel agent (2 actually) because of the service I get and that I don't have to call royal to re-price cruises on price drops or deal with finding FCC or missing deposits or Royal losing my money.. wait.. off track sorry.. A great travel agent will take care of all this for you. If you're the type that enjoys the booking process and planning your vacation and you don't mind calling royal for re-pricing and whatnot - maybe a TA isn't for you. If you don't mind someone handling that for you - maybe it a TA is for you.
  5. I was on the 1st sailing of the restart (Adventure from Nassau) and Wonder Inaugural. Was it perfect, no, not by any means, but it wasn't a disaster either. I think, as with all things, having expectations in line is key. If you want the wizbang, everything running "smoothly" and all entertainment up and running, you'll probably want to wait 3 or 4 cruises for that to happen. But an Inaugural has certain swag (small stuff, but still cool) they give out and it's nice to be among the 1st to test out the ship and crew. That's another thing, for a new ship, they recruit their best for it. Wonder being the example here (and Adventure to a lesser extent), the service for her 1st cruise, was better than expected. It is a bit of a novelty and usually more expensive than the other cruises that year (minus holidays). YMMV, but I wouldn't hesitate to book an Inaugural again. If you do book it, book it quick, as in as soon as you hear the sailings are live quick.
  6. This is from the Canadian Travel website. Royal's Website lists nothing for Canada (even from Seattle) for US Roundtrips. My understanding is that the App is needed prior to embarkation if the cruise ship enters Canadian waters. COVID-19: Cruise ship travel – Travel.gc.ca This is also from Allie, who writes with Royal Caribbean Blog - while this specifically mentions Alaska as her trip, it references all of Canada as well. How to use the ArriveCAN app for your Alaska cruise | Royal Caribbean Blog
  7. Details!! Besides.. if they don't look.. why can't I put the cork back in??
  8. With its location in the promenade, I'm beginning to lean towards it being a multi deck bar - something unique, kinda how Rising Tide is unique to Oasis Class
  9. My experience has almost always been less than a week - usually the Thursday/Friday after a Saturday/Sunday departure.
  10. Yes, only one device can be logged into the account at a given time, but it's not limited to the original device.
  11. No one has ever asked me, nor have I ever mentioned it to anyone at the terminal as I usually have the bottle in my backpack. Now that you mention it, IDK what would happen if I tried to bring something else in those bottles in tho. I supposed I could empty the wine/champaign whatever bottles and fill one with Kraken and one with Tequila - If (yes, that's the thing) no one asks/checks - who would know?? :X
  12. If you carried them on, I would presume they would take them to your room with the rest of your carry on's as part of the Key as they are carry-on. However, all carry on luggage must go through an x-ray machine at security and these are similar to the x-ray machine at the airport for your carry on luggage. It would need to fit through the x-ray machine. Not to mention, you'll be carrying them, with the rest of your carry on luggage (if you have any, I am asuming you will) from the terminal entrance, into a queue t to go through security, up an escalator, into a waiting area, then up the jet bridge gangway to the ship and from there to the MDR for the drop off. There's a lot of walking involved. If you leave your golf bags with the rest of your luggage before you enter the terminal, as long as they have a baggage tag on them, they should make it to the room no later than 6pm. (Yes, I know bags usually get delivered earlier, but allowing for delays.) If you have a travel case for your golf bags, I would HIGHLY recommend that as bags are put into containers to be transferred to the ship and they try to maximize that space. Keep in mind, getting off the ship, you would either have to leave the golf bags outside the night before to be collected by ship staff to be collected in the baggage claim area of the terminal, or carry them off yourselves - involving taking them with your other carry-on luggage from your cabin to the baggage claim area in the terminal without assistance. Porters are available in the terminal to assist with luggage from that point. Personally, especially if I had a travel case for my golf clubs, I would let the porters handle it and not deal with lugging it around. Hope this helps!
  13. Oceanview Balcony Guarantee just guarantees you at least a Oceanview Balcony Stateroom on the ship. Could be any of the Oceanview balcony staterooms. The only thing you want to be aware of with Guarantee Staterooms is that if you want a certain deck or location, I would change (upgrade or cancel/rebook) your reservation to reflect that choice. If you have a travel advisor, they can help you through that process.
  14. Certified Travel Counselor and Master Cruise Counselor
  15. Well.. I guess Royal Math isn't exclusive to the Cruise Planner and Cruise fares.. lol
  16. Wow, when did PCN expand? And yes, I realize he more than likely meant the Florida East Coast seeing 11-15 cruise ships on a Sunday Night - still tho..
  17. Crown and Anchor points are per person. So, your wife would have a separate account (if she isn't already signed up or doesn't sign up pre-cruise, she'll be automatically enrolled) and will accrue points based on sailings. Typically, if you are sailing with 2+ people and staying in a standard cabin (Inside, Oceanview, Balcony) you get 1 point per person per night. If you are travelling by yourself in a standard cabin OR staying in a suite with 2+ people, you get 2 points per night and if you are travelling by yourself in a suite, you get 3 points per night. I don't know if this will work as your last cruise was so long ago, but if you log into Royal Caribbean, you should see an option for past cruises - And it will tell you how many points you've earned for every cruise you've been on Here's the link to the Crown and Anchor section of the Royal Website for more info. Crown and Anchor Society | Cruise Loyalty Program | Royal Caribbean Cruises
  18. Paper copies are also at Guest Services
  19. If you're with a group of 4 or more.. the Oasis Cabanas (and cabanas in general) are worth it as it's a place everyone can safely drop off their stuff, relax (in the shade) and have lunch delivered.
  20. Can Confirm - I gave him a box last September - he was ecstatic! Chris is really personable and loves to chat if he has time.
  21. You do NOT have to upload the vax cards, or really do anything in the app, except pick a check-in time as a Royal rep will verify all the documents (set sail pass, passport or ID/Birth Certificate, Negative Test and Vax Card) anyways before officially clearing you to board the ship. All uploading the vax cards (and everything on the app frankly) does is speed up that time so it's a more of a quick verification of your information and you're on your way, instead of the royal rep doing all that work. (Adding your personal info, CC info, vax card info, picture, etc). In my experience since the restart, it takes 4-7 days to validate the vax cards (tho based on comments, YMMV). If it's not validated, they'll validate it at the terminal.
  22. Really depends on what you like to do. Personally, a water park is a water park - good to do once (Unless you have kids, or love slides/wave pools) so I would gravitate towards the Beach Club - However, I value the pricing around $89 USD. That being said, the food is some of the best in the fleet, anywhere and it's a more chill/pampered environment as opposed to the Oasis Lagoon (which is a party) or Chill/South Beach (nice/free beaches, but no pamper and no pool). Both are nice areas, and I cannot think of any Cons, except the current price point.
  23. I actually had to cancel this week due to a new position at work. Sucks as I was really looking forward to it but.. life! Have a great time!
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