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  1. Anyone know what is going on in Port Canaveral with shore excursions? I have booked 4 different excursions and all have been cancelled. As well others that had been sold out are cancelled as well.
  2. Does anyone know if this sailing has a theme? I read on another site that it will be an Easter theme. Easter Sunday will be disembarkation day.
  3. Don't forget to reserve the ifly and Northstar as soon as you board. The slots fill up very quickly.
  4. I will typically prepay my gratuities because I like to not have a bill upon return home. But we also will bring cash with us to tip the porters and shore excursion folks a few dollars. We also give extra to anyone who goes above and beyond for us. On Anthem we had an amazing waiter who actually came and found us in the hallway with some cookies that just came out of the oven. He was over the top all week. We felt he absolutely deserved an extra tip! Enjoy your sailing and welcome to the boards.
  5. Welcome to the boards. You will enjoy Anthem, she is a very nice ship.
  6. I just got off of Odyssey and total with gratuity was $4.13
  7. RCARD, We had a great cruise! All ports allowed us to entry. COVID protocols are followed pretty well by most passengers, although I only saw enforcement on the last night in the theater. Spacing requirements are pretty good, most people are cautious and avoid each other as much as possible. We felt very safe and comfortable throughout. I believe we had around 2300 onboard. Enjoy your cruise!
  8. Trying to get through our wellness check and they can't find us in the system. We won a royal up and they put two parties in the same room so it kicked us out of their system. They made it right and got us our room.
  9. Hope everyone is healthy and can sail tomorrow!
  10. It has been a few years since I was on Harmony but I believe you can access the solarium from the port side hallway of deck 14
  11. See you next week. I will be on Odyssey on Sunday.
  12. Don't care how or if it works. Just something that I thought would be fun to have. Didn't know I had to create the feature as well.
  13. I think it would be nice to have a "You are here" on the deck maps like they do near the elevators on the big screens with other ship info.
  14. I seemed legitimate. We had some seniors in our group and they got the cc every night. Although they had a different room attendant. We did request it and it came every night after. I am not quite to the AARP age yet still have 2 more to go.
  15. I was on Anthem around Thanksgiving and was told by the room attendant that you could request it to be delivered to your room each night. She said they have only been bringing it to senior citizen cabins since the restart.
  16. 1. Purchased: Emed. 2. Ordered: 1/1/2022 11:01am 3. Approved: 1/1/2022 11:08am 4. Shipped: 1/3/2022 12:40pm 5. Received:1/4/2022 1:35pm 6. Expiration date:11/21/2022
  17. Can someone help me understand please. I am looking at the Optum and Emed websites. They both show a differently boxed test. Can someone verify the correct test to buy through Emed as they seem to have newer production dates available.
  18. Did you make reservations for any shows or other extras while onboard? I have some older family that want to cruise but do not have a smart phone. They only have a desktop computer at home and are concerned they won't be able to go. Thanks for the information!
  19. I have checked in at 530 am and gotten an 11 am time. I think if you do it fairly early you will get a early arrival time
  20. Ask your travel agent. Mine usually lets me make a couple payments up to final payment.
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