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  1. Anyone with suggestions on my original post about visiting Blue Lagoon in the Bahamas? Thanks so much!
  2. I saw recent posts with inquiries about the Blue Lagoon excursion in Nassau. We've had a couple cruises now with stops in Nassau and the fam is starting to get the feeling that they are over it, and would rather just stay on the boat, esp given it's a short cruise we have coming up. In the past we've done Pearl Island (only so-so, would not do it again) and a private chartered snorkeling boat trip. However, I am wondering if Blue Lagoon (beach break with lunch - not the sea creatures) is worth the seemingly longer boat ride (to and from), or should we just walk the straw market and perhaps down to Junkaroo Beach or the slightly further one (we haven't really walked around much in Nassau). Or just stay on the boat? I wouldn't mind snorkeling again on the RC excursion but there are no details provided regarding what kind of boat it is (a catamaran or not). Sorry for the rambling note - thanks in advance for any recommendations including those that have now completed the Blue Lagoon excursion in update to the March posts.
  3. Thank you for this feedback! I have booked a water park cabana!
  4. We are cruising to Cococay for the first time in the fall from Port Canaveral. We have my in-laws (70-80) and our teen boys (14-15) on this trip and we're in our 40s. The water park including wave pool sounds amazing even w/ reviews from adults. I am therefore wondering if it's advised if we all get tickets to it, or if just the boys should and us adults can lounge on the rest of the island (and save some $)? Note my 80 year old father in law is young at heart and in great shape - he recently went on the zipline in Labadee with all of us and can keep up. Thanks for your insights!
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