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  1. We are arriving at Port Canaveral as a port of call at 1PM. I do not want to go far so I was thinking of walking to Jetty Park/Beach. I am assuming that Oasis will dock at the new Royal Caribbean terminal so my question is has anyone walked to this beach from the terminal and is it doable for a somewhat overweight guy. Is there a better way to get there?
  2. Being a New Englander I have learned never to worry about the weather but always be prepared for it. We cruise with sea sickness remedies (although we have never needed it) different levels of warm/cool clothes, rain gear, etc. You just don't know what will come at you weatherwise when you book. I believe the odds are in your favor for a calm weather cruise regardless of when you book it for.
  3. I know there is usually the "Black Friday" sale but is there normally any big sale on drink packages between now and October?
  4. We are at level two and absolutely dreading level three! After two cruise cancellations over the last two years and no vacations for three years I am not sure we can survive another problem with this one. The anticipation used to be fun...
  5. If you are looking for a classic historic hotel I recommend the Omni Parker House (home of Boston Cream Pie and Parker House Rolls)(also where JFK proposed to Jackie). Classic panelled dining room, beautiful lobby, etc. Near everything. In my opinion it is the best in Boston. A bit pricey but worth it!
  6. I am sailing on Oasis July 1, 2022... what is the earliest I can get covid tested? We will be on the road to NJ the day before we sail so if we test the day before we start travelling to the port we will not get the results until we are already in NJ. There are 9 of us in our group so I was hoping to have everyones results before we hit the road and I guess it takes 24 hours to get the results. So if cruise departs July 1 can we test on June 28 or does it have to be June 29? I do not want to get to NJ and have to turn around to bring people back to Massachusetts if they test positive and then return to NJ to catch the cruise.
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