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  1. As of this past Monday, Uber is now allowed to pick up passengers in Galveston. They have been allowed to deliver passengers, but not pick up. Now that they can pick up from Galveston cruise terminals, that gives us more options leaving Galveston.
  2. I have time on my hands. 8 1/2" around at the bottom to 11" around at the top. 7" high for main body to 8 1/4" high including lid.
  3. I have a deck cabin site and if I count back from one I know for sure every other one, I come up with bed near balcony.
  4. As has been mentioned, you get to the theater on deck 3 right in the center or on deck 4 you come in from the sides. To get to the deck 3 entrance you can go with elevator or come down large stairway near Sabor and Schooner Bar.
  5. The ones on the Freedom are different. They are in the front of the ship on deck 12. I had them on the Navigator when they first came out. The one's on the Vision are on the starboard side near center of ship, and my cabin is on deck 7. The windows are a little smaller on Vision, but still nice concept, from what I have seen when checking on computer.
  6. It is the Panoramic cabins, but I used the official name they are calling them. It is cabin 7582
  7. Has anyone stayed on the Vision of the Seas in a (PV) Preferred Ocean View Stateroom. We have one booked for the 14 day repositioning from New Jersey to Galveston later this year.
  8. I live in Houston and the airfare is not that bad. However we are flying to Orlando to get on the Oasis for a b2b first which ends on Sunday the 22nd, then catch flight to New Jersey for overnight stay and then get on the Vision Monday for the 14 day cruise. Great itinerary. The flight would have been about $400.00 total for the two of us from Houston to New Jersey and we will just drive home from Galveston when we get there.
  9. There is also another option to see the ABC islands. We are on the Vision out of New Jersey on 10/23/17 bringing the ship to Galveston for a 14 day cruise. It stops at the ABC islands as well as Labadee, Georgetown, Cozumel, Costa Maya and Progresso. Nice mixture of sea days and stops.
  10. The ship may fit and all, but right now there is no way the New cruise terminal can handle 6500 passengers getting on and off and the parking. Not yet anyway.
  11. This is to confirm what Galveston Steve mentioned. The Liberty arrived in Galveston at 3:30 this morning, new passengers started getting on ship around 11:00 and were sailing out about 4:15, so all good. Watched on cruise camera and talked to passengers on ship. The three Carnival ships had the main problems, but working them out.
  12. Texting is not a problem on any ship as long as you have Wi-Fi connection
  13. We are doing Freedom on 2/4/17 and on 2/12/17 we get off Freedom and walk right on to the Allure. 15 days total.
  14. Your onboard credit will show up automatically on day 2. If you check your account on the tv it ill appear on day 2. As the previous person mentioned, the total of your onboard credit will be used before it starts taking from your credit card.
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