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  1. Tough choice, I've been on both and both ships are very similar and I loved them both. I'd choose between the ports of call and I'm partial to which every goes to St Kitts over San Juan just for the water activities there
  2. Wife has a pair of cruise slacks she wears (some elastic in waistband) for dinners during the last half of the cruise
  3. Went on Symphony March 20, 2019 over spring break, and no issues with crowds, except the 2 for $20 t-shirt sale. That was really busy and crowded
  4. March 22, 2020 on Freedom of the Seas (2nd time) out of San Juan to the ABC islands for 7 nights June 14, 2020 on Harmony of the Seas (2nd time) out of Port Carnival to Eastern Caribbean & Perfect Day Coco Cay
  5. Any stateroom on a RCCL cruise ship is ok with me
  6. Following as well. Hopefully of the years, we can do a family holiday cruise, either Thanksgiving week or Christmas. The kids never seem to have a full week off from school in our district.
  7. 10 drinks for $89.95 or so was the price on our last cruise, they are usually offered midcruise and can be purchased at the bar. For light drinkers like my wife and I, its a good deal, since we can share the drink card.
  8. Thanks for sharing this summary. May consider another Celebrity in the future. We took a Celebrity cruise on Zenith a long time ago, not sure if they still have the ship. It was a 7 night out of New Jersey that went to Bermuda. Nice cruise, but it was really lacking in evening activities (it was either the casino or a lounge show). It was very dead in the evenings.
  9. Following as well. We've already had a few inches of snow in MN already this year, but 33 inches, Yikes and Yuck
  10. Glad its coming to Allure. Only heard about it for Oasis.
  11. That chicken sandwich really looks good. I may have to get at least 2 of those .
  12. Menu looks very tasty. Thank you very much for posting this
  13. I'm still waiting for it on Freedom by March 2020
  14. I hope the person is ok. I really wonder how this keeps on happening to people.
  15. We were on FOTS 2 yrs w/ connecting balcony rooms and on Deck 9 and it was fine for our Western Caribbean cruise . No issues with wind, only glare from the sun.
  16. Thanks for confirmation that I shouldn't sail NCL, didn't want to anyways
  17. Too expensive for my wallet and our family is not big into seafood, so this is an easy no thank-you for us.
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