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  1. Is the 18% gratuity applied per drink or applied to the price per day of the drink package?
  2. Thanks guys. It's not that I would need to eat fast, I don't like sitting around doing nothing. If I eat an appetizer and sit and wait 20 minutes for for the main course, and another 20 for dessert. If I get seated with some cool people it might go fast.
  3. Hi. I'm going on my first cruise in December on Oasis. How long does it take to eat a meal in the MDR? I think I've seen people say it can take up to an hour or more. I'm the type of person that likes to get in and out quickly and don't like to sit around and wait for my food. I'm ok with it the meal taking 30 min but if it takes a long time I might so somewhere else to eat.
  4. I'm trying do decide which one to do. I want to do something in the rain forest and both of these look fun. Has anyone done one of these recently? My cruise is in December.
  5. I too am going on a cruise the first week of December, my first out of Miami. I'm coming form Iowa where the high could be 40 or 0 at that time so 60's or 70's will feel nice. My question is what is the water like? Cold or warm?
  6. Is there a disco-sucks party at the same time somewhere on the ship. lol There should be at one of the bars. You know, playing Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Stones with the movies Detroit Rock City or Dazed and Confused playing. That would be awesome. I'm going on Oasis in December, someone needs to make this happen.
  7. I booked my first cruise last Monday for next December. I will be flying out of Omaha and snow is one of my biggest fear. I haven't flown that much so don't know how moving flights around works. I was planning to fly to Miami the day before, Saturday. Would it be a good idea to fly in on Friday? That way I could move it to Saturday if needed. I'm going alone and wouldn't mind spending another day in some nice weather.
  8. I'm trying to get an idea of the total cost of one of the Caribbean cruises from December this year to Feb next year. I plan on getting a hold of a travel agent to help I just want to see if I could find one under $2,000. A lot of the trips at that time are $500-700 per person with others a lot more. A plane ticket for me would be around $500. A cruise Jan 2020 on Liberty of the western Caribbean with interior room is $1,300 with the discounts for one passenger. What other fees are added to the cost that I might not know about being a first timer? I would plan to get the deluxe drink package and do some of the excursions. What would a TA's discounts be like?
  9. I haven't been on a cruise before but would love to. I was looking around to find a ballpark price for one. For example on their site there is a 7 night with the price of $609 per person. Is that price per night? Would the 7 nights be $4,200 per person?
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