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  1. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!
  2. I am sailing with several families on the Mariner soon. One of the families noticed that the names on the RCCL edocs don't match the names on their passports. They called RCCL and they were told to contact their travel agent instead (Costco Travel). What is the right way to sync all the information on these documents? Is this a big deal? It's only a 3-night Bahamas/Coco Cay sailing.
  3. How are the SeaPass cards used on the Mariner... insert/swiping or tapping/RFID?
  4. @CruiseLife72, hope you enjoy your cruise!
  5. No need to disrespect people who live in trailer parks. You could have just given your suggestion about plates.
  6. I've read suggestions and tips about taking food presumably from the Windjammer to the room for night snacks/meals. What's a good way of doing it... ziploc bags? plates from the Windjammer? bring your own containers?
  7. I hope Royal will allow me to make for switch "official" for the sake of the cabin steward.
  8. It's something I plan to do, given the chance. Here is the actual situation... I am booked (by myself) in an Ocean View Balcony room right now. I made a bid for a Grand Suite on Royal Up. I'm thinking, if I win the bid, I'd like to let one of the families in my group (of 8 families) use it instead. One possible family, a couple with their son (11) and daughter (4) is booked in an interior room.
  9. Do I get quadruple points if I paid the supplement for a Junior Suite? (I always sail alone)
  10. Here is a possible scenario. I’m in a stateroom by myself. I might give my “bigger room” to a family of 4 or 5 and I will stay in their interior room. I’m thinking the cabin steward will not like that. I don’t know how gratuities are computed for each crew member.
  11. I must have confused the double points with the exclusions for the Junior Suite. (i.e.access to the concierge lounge, concierge service or reserved suites-only areas of the ship.)
  12. The hanger/organizer is used to hold other stuff, not just shoes.
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