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  1. ... and then they play “Let’s Get Loud”... made me miss sail-away even more... ha ha ha
  2. I’m having a severe episode of post-cruise blues... so I decided to watch a movie on Netflix - “Poseidon”
  3. This is the bag I got on the Serenade
  4. The uninitiated may have a hard time making sense of these different cabin configurations, especially with the way the Royal website presents them. You see the word "balcony" and every modifier before or after it seems insignificant. How many times have you sailed before you really figured out how Royal works? It took about 2-3 sailing. Even up to now, I’m still learning.
  5. Only newbies will book them at these prices... thinking they're getting balcony rooms. This is from a mock booking for April 2021 on the Harmony
  6. Glorified interior rooms... I would price them just above an interior room, not an ocean view
  7. On the Ovation (August 30-September 6 sailing), I overheard a crew member and his supervisor asking a guest for a medical certificate to have an exemption from the drink package rule.
  8. It was their original plan, but the intern only typed in the information about the $50 OBC.
  9. Hi @Matt! Make sure not to miss my favorite activity on board that’s going on right about now (3:30PM) Enjoy your cruise!
  10. I wonder if I can get the free item from the BOGO offers at a later time or day. I almost always sail alone.
  11. Check out this Cruise Compass from a recent sailing. They had a Family Scavenger Hunt on Day 2 https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/cruise-compasses/anthem-of-the-seas/sat-2019-09-07-0000
  12. I participated in scavenger hunts on the Serenade and the Ovation. They were played at the Schooner Bar. I didn’t realize some ships have them as a show. Just like the Friendly Feud game. I played it in simpler settings but I recently saw a picture of it being played in the Royal Theater.
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