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  1. This. At most we would drink 2 alcoholic drinks a day and 2 sodas. It would be truly insane for us to pay for a drink package (so we don’t). 😬
  2. We use to pay $75 a day for ours for someone to stay overnight and come one during mid day (they had a doggie door and fenced yard). They were old and the one time I boarded them they were a wreck (and hoarse) when I returned so paying that was worth it to travel without feeling horrible. I can imagine 4 would be pricey ! It did keep us from traveling for quite some time until we found someone we trusted to that degree with our furkids and our home. Glad you found someone to help!
  3. I don’t think so, but someone else who has been at this a much longer time could say for sure.
  4. I must have 100’s by now, it’s semi insane (I got lucky and made friends with two women there running the big groups so I became a virtual magnet I think). Most people have playe profiles and are looking (it seems) for people posting little other than myVegas content (super easy for me since it’s my sole reason for being there 😂 ). Once you have a lot of people posting points it becomes relatively easy max your points everyday (although w a sick kitty this weekend I hardly turned on any device). The only people I exclude are the ones posting political opinions/memes. I will add you now. 😊
  5. Freeport was a dump in 1972...I cannot even imagine it now.
  6. Thanks for the info 😊 So I am now reasonably good at getting the extra points (tons of “friends”) who play a lot and joined some decent MyVEGAS groups. I can become “impressive” pretty quickly but even then I somehow burn through it pretty past MyVEGAS Slots. I also do that on blackjack. However, I can regularly keep chips on the 3-15 million level in Konami and Pop! Slots. I tried building max points slowly, but it likely is best to do it quickly? It’s all hypothetical at this point! 🤔 So far my tactic has been to spin low and frequently (1-2 of them on lower levels will run a while without me around). But that is building loyalty points very slowly! I assume there is some sweet spot in terms of amount bet but I have not found it yet. I know what I am doing isn’t working (or at least wouldn’t be close to worth it for me in the long run with a job, family and 91 year old mother to keep up with).
  7. I have been trying to build up loyalty points - I cannot imagine how much time I would need to play to get 1,000,000 points! If you have a secret let me know 😬 I don’t enjoy it, that is definitely going to impact it all, I still have made quite an effort this last week to see what it’s all about and the loyalty points build very slowly.
  8. HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎉 AND FAIR SEAS IN 2019 🚢 From the U.S. east coast (a little early, but making sure it gets done 😊), Lynn
  9. As long as you aren’t upside down at the end and had fun, you’re golden 😊 Happy Sailing ☀️
  10. Cool. So is it the wake from hell?! 🌊
  11. BUMMER 😔 I used to do a special “spell” when hubby was on call as we went to bed to try to ward off late night calls - it usually worked 😂 So shoot me a message the next time and I will see if I can’t abracadabra something up for you! 😬🙈 Lynn
  12. Ok daggumit... how do you have 30k in three days? I max out on chips every day and it’s taken me lots longer. 🙀 Unless you are buying chips? 😉 I just max out the free stuff (otherwise it might turn into something akin to playing real slots 😂).
  13. I completely agree, a govt mandate makes it quite different from an employer issue. We do have the official document which lays it all out clearly at least (or clearly enough). I think that our only option at this point is to cross our fingers. I was even up last night reading the wording to see if she had the option for leave without pay, but they don’t. There is some wiggle room for “brief or intermittent” time off ( not defined), but then a mid-level supervisor who is rarely given any independent decision making would have to walk that fine line so I don’t have a lot of faith in that (I have people in my office sometimes so anxious they cannot tell me if they prefer an appointment at 10 or 11). This is a 10 day voyage, time has been reserved, just so much to change. The real issue on insurance is that on paper her cost is tax only, I think these are issues that will become more frequent as fares are marketed as different percentages. Real issue.
  14. I really appreciate that you took the time to say you care. It is very nice of you We will go anyway, we do not have a claim for not going. But her portion is over $2800 which is a lot for her to give up (or us) in addition to the already expensive cruise. Clearly we never would have booked a 2br 2ba for just the two of us, but that isn't going to matter to anyone in the end. I have a minor update as of today - I phoned Chase and although it was someone from card services rather than claims, she voiced the opinion that the claim might not be covered as it was an "employer issue." I believed it was a lot more closely related to the jury duty situation (which is covered), but she was not in a position to say. She suggested calling the cruise line or the travel agent. I then called the travel agent who indicated that it was as I suspected, because she was officially a "free passenger" there would be nothing to refund (even if that were possible) although in truth she paid 1/3rd (the $2,800). Of course she would get the tax returned. She also suggested that the cruise line may allow someone to take her place (but those are very tight quarters and a lot of cash for short notice - I cannot think of anyone who fits that bill or could leave on this short of notice due to work or family obligations). There is no solution other than that the policy be changed or the shut down ended. I just have a hard time grasping just how truly wrong it is to do this to people without any real cause on top of requiring them to work without pay. The next time it could be someone else's sister in this situation.
  15. @Baked Alaska Thank you both 😊 I hope it does too Yaya, but I cannot say I have much faith left in humanity (sorry, present humans excluded 😃). I am a behavioral scientist and I would not want to wager on the likely actions of the players in this “game.” I will try to call and see - I assume that I will get the usual “submit the claim and see” that we see in my practice constantly. They often will not tell you if it’s covered, but give you the “if medically necessary” (to be determined by them at them at at that time but who knows which rules). I am really trying to be hopeful, but the next 3 weeks don’t seem like they will be too enjoyable.
  16. Thank you 😊 It is certainly a unique situation, but since it is s Goverment edict it seems closest to the jury duty than a pure employer situation and they do use that as an example of covered instances. Good idea on the swapping, although it could cause a few other issues (Certain benefits are for guests 1/2, also if 2 is a no show the effect on the 3rd passenger is unknown). ‘The 3rd passenger quandary (or 2nd for that matter) is one I hope has been run into before since that odd pricing is so frequent now that there surely is a way they typically deal with it, just not one I know!
  17. I am bringing this question here now because I don’t know who else to ask. It’s a super sensitive issue right now, I just cannot wrap my head around this - my family is feeling a huge mix of sadness, anxiety, and anger and I very much hope people will consider so I would ask that. 😔 We have a cruise booked for the 4th week in January. The cabin was an expensive one, but it’s going to be split with my adult (step) sister and so it made it more reasonable when it is divided 3 ways. It has been planned for nearly a year and we’ve all very much looking forward to it. The problem is that my sister works for TSA that is part of the government shut down. Essentially, they are now working for free (and this time, unlike past shut downs, Congress has not yet acted to ensure they will be paid later). What is worse, is that unlike every other shut down in history, this time they have been told that all vacation (leave) time is cancelled (no matter if for a serious illness or a prepaid vacation). Should an employee take the time off that they had scheduled anyway, they will be fired on day 3 for being AWOL. 🤯. As much as I would like to, I am not going to get into the ethics involved with the decision-making surrounding all of this, but as you can see it definitely could negatively impact this long awaited cruises for all of us if the situation is not resolved by the sailing date (and my faith is gone so we have to prepare for what is possible at this point). We have trip interruption coverage through Chase Sapphire CC that we used to cover the cost of the entire cruise (her portion and ours). It covers immediate family (I assume my step sister would be that). The policy does covers problems like jury duty where the person can’t be released so to me that suggests that her situation would also be reimbursable. My greatest concern is that our cruise happens to be one of those where the 3rd passenger sails “free.” It would be the same kind of problem if the cruise was one where passenger 1 pays 100% and passenger 2 pays 50%. We split the cost, despite the the odd way it is divided on paper for marketing purposes. Does anyone have any experience with how the insurance companies deal with those circumstances? I am assuming there is a general consensus with insurers on this issue, it must come up often, I simply have no idea what that might be. Thank you for any help that you can provide on how insurance deals with these situations - Lynn P.S. I realize that it’s bad timing, but Happy New Year to all of you.
  18. It is my iPad, my iPhone and my PC all playing MyVEGAS games simultaneously 😂 I just tried it for fun, my husband thought that I was mad (I tried to post it smaller so it wouldn’t take over anyone’s screen). @KLA the user groups over at FB are extremely helpful, actually shockingly helpful compared to much of FB. It won’t take yoy long to get it to speed, it would be much longer than a post to explain it. I have a UN just for play there, if you decide to try it let me know and I can link up with you.
  19. I think that you have created a monster! 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 Is there a cure?!??
  20. I want “Has Road Rage” under mine (or maybe “Stubborn American Crab”, I cannot decide). But “diamond” has a nice ring too 😬 😋 🤫
  21. Yes, I understood, we have cruised since I was quite young 😊 But I was saying that was on my wish list.
  22. I do wish they would award points on full payment at least. Booking a year and more out means that we don’t get the benefit of the status we would otherwise have. Old complaint I know, but I still find it irritating! Oh well!
  23. The sale somehow ended for me before the 26th; it was 16.00 for 2 devices (Voom basic) and jumped to 17.99 when I went in to finalize the purchase today (since I was waiting on info from our travel agent first). Geeez...
  24. Thank you for your reply, I was a little disconcerted no one had to be honest. The OBC is definitely 450 and from the agency vs Royal. I have written to the agency to try to figure out if it’s refundable (I assume that it is, but need to be sure). The agent did initially email back and say that the obc would not be provided until shortly before the cruise (a week or so); she did offer to reduce the obc and instead discount the cruise price by that amount and if they will do that for the full amount then that may be the best way to go...). I agree that it could be best to wait until we are onboard to buy it a (but even more the case if for some reason it isn’t refundable). But, I would never have imagined that an agency obc would not show up until day 2. Any chance you know the usual price of 2 device package of Voom basic? Currently it is $16.99 a day, but no clue how much it would be day 1 onboard. Thanks again for your help 😊 Lynn
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