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  1. What am I missing here? I guess that I didn’t read it as everyone else. I am sorry they had such problems. They are irritated, I am sure that I would be too. Hindsight is 20-20, but it might be less easy to figure it all out on the fly (especially for people who haven’t traveled a great deal) and they were just seeking assistance from some rep who might be able to lead them in the right direction. For what it’s worth.
  2. We did one years ago - when I checked recently it seemed many of them seemed super pricey (maybe because there are less of them?). We went in October and while you never know what the weather will be, we froze our tuchuses off! ⛄️ It just made it fairly miserable. Next time around I am thinking August...
  3. I guess people perceive these things differently, and I never claimed to be in the mid portion of the normal curve on most variables, but it is one day and to me it would be crazy to spend that much on 1 thing or even on 1 day. As you point out, someone could take a cruise for that price. But that is just how I see it. I can enjoy my day quite a lot either way 🏊🏻‍♀️ But, I am definitely not criticizing those who pay for those things at all, everyone has a right to their own priories in life and there are people that I like quite a lot that pay for cabanas (and such) regularly. And I had had lots of friends who have wanted one and invited us to join them (anyone who wants to do so in the future, feel free 🤣😂). But, in my “worthwhile” calculation those usually fail horribly here 15 years from retirement. I did find a bungalow for our coco cay visit in May that was just under $200 and that we went for since I had a carcinoma on my face in my mid 30’s because of how fair I am - guaranteed shade at that price (and them delivering lunch) made it a “go” 😬 To your first comment - the vast majority of the people here are super nice and very helpful. Sure, snarkiness and ego do occasionaly rear their heads, but it is rare and is far, far, FAR less than you will find anywhere else (and sometimes I think it’s from those who mistakenly think that dry humor translates in writing when it comes out seeming mean or terse). You will like it here, the members have a weatlth of cruise-related experience to offer. Welcome, glad you are here 😊
  4. Great review! I have occasionally gazed at those resorts (mostly when Delta travel sends me emails trying to get me to bite), but I have never booked one. I had heard that the meals were MEH, but it helps a lot to hear your opinion since those others were from random post and I “know” you 🤗😂 Funny that the “opportunities” for up-charging were plentiful there - it seems to be a trend in travel and every other product type. I would think that one upside to those would be for those who want to spent extra time in a country in which you don’t feel entirely safe given the enhanced security compared to non-exclusive resort travel (e.g., you won’t end up with as much of the constant pleas from pot dealers and self-styled travel agents 😏). We have friends who love these resorts since they love scuba diving, but they have noted there is a huge diversity in how friendly that the staff is across the properties (e.g., they said in one they felt ignored as compared to the European guests). Thanks again for that comprehensive peek in, it was very helpful 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  5. I think the “pre-gold” with your user name display is based on the number of posts you have made here and not meant to mirror your RCL C&A status 😊
  6. We use this if we need our passports or other items we want to keep safe and dry - https://www.leisurepro.com/p-dpk69/dry-pak-multi-purpose-case-6-x-9-1525-cm-x-229-cm As @twangster noted, they are not necessary in most ports (although we tend to go with better safe than sorry).
  7. We enjoy dressing up (it makes great photos for our Christmas cards!) - you can rent a tuxedo from RCL and we find it to be a great way for hubby to dress up with less hassle 🙂
  8. So, I was thinking the same thing... did that say “a” bottle and “a” can of Coke? For real? I don’t know how they will stay in business 🤨 I almost cannot believe that they put that out as a “benefit”. 😲 @princevaliantus - on the bottle of wine issue.... We also drink very little and I hate wine and champagne (sorry wine lovers). But when we have sailed in NCL’s Haven we always had 2 bottles of champagne in the cabin. At the end of our last journey with them we tried to give them to our Butler and room steward, but they said that they weren’t allowed to take it. 😒 So I told them that I would throw it off the balcony before I gave it back to Norwegian - the Butler then said they could take it for the crew’s bar and I happily handed them off. An option maybe?
  9. I don’t know, but that is insane! It is 1 beach day for heaven’s sake; I would not pay that for 3 (but I am not much of a beach person and usually leave early so a more expensive cabana is silly for us anyway). I do hope that number improves for you!
  10. You have made me so happy! I may still bring some just in case, but I am so glad to know that I can find it 😬 Now if I can find diet cherry 7up 🥃 Party in my cabin!!!
  11. Hummm this is a little spooky 👻 🙀 - the only soft drink that I really want available (and it never, ever is) is Diet Canada Dry Ginger Ale. It was actually part of our calculation in moving our loyalty from NCL to RCL (NCL has only regular ginger ale on tap that is disgustingly sweet and RCL allows me to bring 12 of them with me! 😬). In fact, I just sent an email to our driver from airport to B&B for this May asking if it would be possible to hit a grocery store on the way so I can get my substance of choice 😂). @Matt was in from the tap or in a can (fingers crossed for can)? Thanks!
  12. To my knowledge they are included in all the upgraded areas from “beds” upward. @MicDay I realize that someone has already mentioned this, but that number really looks like that you clicked on all the individuals on the reservation and so it multiplied whichever number for that number of people (when you click the links does it show you which person(s) are being added? You only need to reserve it under one person‘s name even though 6 to 8 can be there.
  13. I agree with @AshleyDillo in that there is zero chance of there being anything beyond basic masks. And you can’t wear glasses with a mask (and I would not even suggest contacts, but others may disagree). But please don’t give up! I love snorkeling and I would hate for someone to miss it because of the the “glasses” issues (I wore glasses from eighth grade on and only do not wear them now due to Lasix 10+ years ago). We use Cressi and Aqua Lung equipment and I know that they have prescription lens available for their masks. In fact, I think most of the better brands of snorkeling and diving masks do and at a more reasonable rate than I would have guessed (I have checked them out, hubby wears glasses). There should be a huge variety out there, I hope you find something that works for you !
  14. I always dread the tendering - my patience could fit into a thimble so waiting for the mass of people to board is past tedious (especially if I am on a tight schedule). I had been dreading the possibility of that for Coco Cay in May so I hope this will lead to a happier morning that day for me!
  15. What I remember about ages 15-16 is my mother saying to me repeatedly “you have a bad attitude.” Good luck, I have my fingers crossed! 😊
  16. It was a little spooky! See, I wasn’t going to say anything about that psychic twin link thingy, but..... 😬. @Solariumsnoozer - I would be happy to help, it was the best trip of our lives 😁
  17. I agree with what @SpeedNoodles said - I love to go in June (splits the difference with a litttle cool and sometimes a “little warm”) and we,much prefer a small or medium sized ship since those are able to reach areas such as Endicott Arm that I would not want to miss. We have only found real time for more lengthy travel in the last couple of years, so last summer was our first Alaskan cruise and it was the best ever! Because we have to fly all the way across the United States diagonally to get to either Seattle or Vancouver, we took an extra week and stayed in Vancouver. We absolutely loved it (I was the “tour operator” and I lined up a day at Bowen Island, a day at Stanley Park, and days and days of walking across Vancouver and we needed it since the food is fantastic). But Seattle is also an amazing city and one of my favorites (the people and views in the NW are great). You cannot go wrong with either - but if you decide to go to Vancouver let me know and I will be glad to share the details of our week of fun there! Happy Sailing 🧜🏼‍♀️
  18. Weren’t you going to send me some of that awesome sauce... it has not arrived as yet 🙄
  19. You know, either people didn’t scroll to the “see all” or the bungalows aren’t there! We have one reserved for a cruise late May and those are prefect for us since with just the 2 of us I would think it was a total waste of hard earned money to get a cabana for 1day (we love the water, but not a beach per se). I do hope they will still be available! 😲
  20. interesting! I have heard of people taking pictures of the passport so they would have that information if they had to get them in a rush, but it hadn’t occurred to me to take a photo of the birth certificate. I agree with @WAAAYTOOO that it may not work in all cases, but it seems advisable under the “it could work” playbook. 🤓
  21. It’s is $15 more currently for global, but when we first got pre-check was all quite new and we still had kids at home and less travel freedom, so....🙃 But next time we have to redo we will add global. I am all about adding on whatever I can I had to make things as quick as possible! When we got caught in the craziness that was gone Orlando airport in early Feb CLEAR cut off maybe an hour for us after standing in a mass of humans for 3.5. hours - you never know!
  22. The shampoo and condition (aka rinse) in the cabins isn’t bad, but I usually take my own since it would not be a good time to find your hair hated their’s 😂 And definitely she needs to bring curling iron, flat iron, or any other styling tools. I go back-and-forth on the hairdryer thing. I like taking mine, it dries my hair fast; and in case no one already said this, the ones in the cabins usually require you to hold the “on” button the entire time (a total pain) 😫 But, some people take zip ties and rubber bands to get around that problem.👍🏼 @SpeedNoodles mentioned the hotel issue and that’s a great point (she’s my twin, I’m not biased though 🤣). I save the samples that I get from purchases from Sephora, Ulta, etc. of shampoo, conditioner, face cleanser, face lotion, and about anything else to use for the hotel the night before and also the last morning of the cruise when they have taken your suitcases the night prior! I even found these great disposable toothbrushes at my dentist’s office that have toothpaste already in the bristles (Note. He has less of them now, but with 2 implants I more than covered their cost! 😳 😬).
  23. My understanding is that port Everglades (Ft. Lauderdale) has Global Entry, but that no cruise ports have TSA pre-check at this point. We have CLEAR and pre-check; the latter expires next year and I dread going through that process again (we need a half day off for it due to our location). This time we’re going to get global entry, it’s not even $20 more so it makes sense.
  24. My father was born in Toccoa and I still have a number of cousins there. He was President of Truett-McConnell College toward the end of his life and very much enjoyed being back near home in the beautiful Georgia mountains 😊 Hopefully we will cruise with you and @VolFanInGa some day ☀️🐠🏝
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